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Benzi 04-14-2005 07:32 AM

Re: Worried...trouble swallowing
Forgot to add that a lymph node damaged by RAI probably will not go down.

hilery79 04-14-2005 10:54 AM

Re: Worried...trouble swallowing
Gosh, now I'm really worried. My thymic mass was actually found before I found out I had thyroid cancer. I just found the report and it was done in June 2003. I would think that if it was a malignant thymoma...I would have a lot more symptoms by now. I have had the chest heaviness for almost 2 years now...that's why they did the CT scan in the first place. I'm also short of breath a lot, but of course my Dr. says that is anxiety related.

By the way, I went back to my Dr. yesterday afternoon(same one) and he still insists the node is nothing. He said that it will probably stay permanantly enlarged because I messed with it too much(which I did do when I first noticed it). I guess it's been almost an entire year since I first noticed it...I first mentioned it to him in June 04(according to my chart). He said that it would have grown a lot more by now if it were malignant. Unfortunately, he didn't make me feel any better. I know that some types of lymphomas are very slow growing...So, I'm planning on going to a walk-in clinic tomorrow for another opinion.

Benzi 04-14-2005 11:09 AM

Re: Worried...trouble swallowing
I would if I were you! I am not sure how much they can help you but its worth a try. Be sure to mention what the CAT scan showed tell them about the chest heaviness and lymph nodes and chronic sore throat and shortness of breath. I am beginning to have a problem with your Dr. myself. I would think he could at least do a chest x-ray to ease your mind. I really hope I am not scaring you but with your history (and elevated tg) it pays to be safe.

wxKathy2 05-08-2005 09:05 PM

Re: Worried...trouble swallowing
Hello Benzi and Hilery,
I hope you don't mind my replying/imposing to your posts from April - but I'm going through something kinda of similar and hoped you could tell me how you are doing - I have thyroid nodules that have never been biospsied and I am being treated with synthroid/cytomel. Nevertheless, I have gone from one nodule 1.5 yrs ago to 7 as of Jan 05. Last week they did a chest CT because I have this choking feeling/lump in the throat and they didn't think my nodules were causing it (largest nodule 16 mm). The chest CY radiology report came back like yours: "Anterior mediastinal mass. possible thymoma or lymphoma...thymic tissue and thyroid ectopic tissue less likely". I am 40, so not likely thymic tissue. I have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck since Jan too, but just figured it was sinuses and didn't report them to anyone. I will see an oncologist tomorrow. (what should I ask?) My endo thinks the thyroid shrunk (ultrasound) on Tues so he is not worried that it is lmyphoma. I think maybe it shrunk too, but wonder if it was the iodine in the CT scans (is that crazy?). I had two CT scans in two weeks...

Please tell me how you are doing and what they did about the "thymus tissue".....I would really appreciate your experience as people who have travelled this road - and Benzi thanks for all your earlier replies....
All my best wishes and prayers to you both,

hilery79 05-08-2005 10:34 PM

Re: Worried...trouble swallowing
Hi Kathy,
I'm sorry you're going through all of this. I finally had another chest CT done a couple weeks ago and the "anterior mediastinal" mass was still there, but it hadn't grown any since my scan in June of 2003. So, my Dr. says it's safe to assume it's benign. On the actual radiology report.. it said it was most likely thymic hyperplasia(in other words...just an overgrowth of thymic tissue). What a relief! However, I do have a couple lymph nodes in my neck that have been enlarged for awhile. One of them is about 2cm in size. I had an ultrasound done of the bigger one and I just found out they really didn't get a good image of the node. So, I'm hoping to have a biopsy done next. My Dr. doesn't feel they're related to my thyroid cancer because of their location. I, too, am worried about lymphoma because of some of my other symptoms...weight loss, night sweats, and low grade fever that comes and goes.

Good luck with your Oncologist appt. tomorrow. I'm sure they'll probably want to biopsy one of your lymph nodes. As far as the mediastinal mass...if your lymph node turns out to be ok(reactive), they'll probably take a watch and see approach to make sure it doesn't change. I had asked my Dr. about doing a biopsy of the thymic mass(before I knew it hadn't grown) and he said it would be difficult because of the location.

Please let us know how your appointment goes tomorrow. I'll keep you in my prayers. :angel:

wxKathy2 05-08-2005 11:24 PM

Re: Worried...trouble swallowing
Hi Hilery,
So kind of you to reply - my report says the mass is a "somewhat nodular soft tissue" but no percardial disease seen....there is also a "nonspecific" nodule in the left lung.

So glad there was no change in your scan!

I'll keep you in my prayers too!! Thanks so much!

Benzi 05-09-2005 08:33 AM

Re: Worried...trouble swallowing
Kathy, Hi let us know about the oncologist appt. I DO think all the iodine will cause swelling. I have been having more swelling after the WBS and all the CAT scans and some rashes also right over the thymus gland and over involved swollen lymph nodes so go figure! I asked Dr.s nurse and she says " nice try " meaning NO the iodine will not cause it. I can't take no for an answer however and looked it up on www and YES it can. Now who do we believe the government or the DR.????? Its all confusing my advice is not to get real worried about swelling until at least 5 days after scans let the iodine get out of the body and your body get rested. The thymus is responsible for sending out T-cells in response to infection, allergy and neoplasms, so to me it stands to reason that it could swell in response to the iodine. To answer your question about what they did with my thymus tissue is that they took it out since it was in my neck with my thyroid gland. I suppose I still have some left in the right location in my chest also. The thymus tissue in my neck was extra! I am still waiting on CT scan results and see an ENT tomorrow for the enlarged lymph nodes in my neck. Hope your Dr's appt comes out well. Kathy lets start a new thread for your oncologist appt. I will post in it also about the ENT appointment but probably not until Wed AM. Hilery do you know when you will get the biopsy?

wxKathy2 05-09-2005 05:13 PM

Re: Worried...trouble swallowing
Hi Guys,
The oncologist did a thorough exam and pretty much ruled out lymphoma! He is not sure what the "thing" is on the CT scan - so Wed I will have an MRI of the chest. I liked him and feel like it was right thing to do to see him. The MRI is supposed to help differentiate this "thing" as a mass or some abberation on the CT scan. He is leaning toward it being thyroid tissue I believe. If the MRI shows that it's a mass or real tissue - he will next do a radioactive iodine uptake scan which I have never had to see if it's indeed thyroid tissue. Since I just had the CT on 4-27, he said I have to wait 4 weeks for the RAIU. Do I have to quit meds for that one too? Anyway, one thing at a time - He also did blood tests for masthenia gravis (sp) for thymoma....So I am going to believe it's thyroid tissue and try to live life. If all those other tests show it not to be thyroid he said he would send me for a sternoscopy/biopsy - but I think I'll just try to cross one bridge at a time, right! So glad you guys are here - thanks so much for your support!! It means the world!
Please let me know how yours come out.....
Best wishes,

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