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Thebackspace 06-18-2005 06:52 AM

Confusion over advice of two doctors
My name is Sandy and in the mid sixties I had half of my thryroid removed. The surgery left one side of my voice box parilized. In May of this year I had the rest of it removed. My test result were calcuim 9.9, T4 Free 1.5, TSH W/Free T4 RFX TSH 0.18. The next test showed the TSH at .35 My family doctor looked at my test results and said to high, the doctor who did the surgery said its to low up it by a quarter. Me, I feel tried all the time, I could fall alseep at my desk and by 8pm I am falling alseep in the chair. I always had this problem of being tired at the end of the day but now I wake up and feel so tried. My head feels funny, I have headachs now. I really had hope this surgery and medication would make me feel better. What do you see my test result as? Thanks for any imput. I think I posted this in the wrong spot the first time. Again thanks for listening. SANDY

pixiek 06-18-2005 07:25 AM

Re: Confusion over advice of two doctors
Hi Sandy and welcome. Probably if you give us a little more information we may be able to help you better. The tests that are best to tell about hormone that you need in your body are FT4, FT3 and TSH and you must also list your lab ranges. Oh, just an edit for TSH, once you are on medication FT4 and FT3 amounts are much more important than TSH. I am sure you can get this information from your lab tests. If you list this information I think we can get a better idea as to medication...and do tell us what you are on now the name and the amount. Just a guess, but if you are still feeling tired and having other hypothyroid problems, you probably need some more medication. Hope this helps!

Thebackspace 06-18-2005 08:32 PM

Re: Confusion over advice of two doctors
Thank you, I have had only two test The following was requested by the doctor who did the operation, the sheet reads
calcium 9.9 (in range) reference range 8.5-10.4 mg/dl
T4,free 1.5 (in range) reference range 0.8-1.8 mg/dl
TSH W/free T4 RFX
TSH 0.18 (out of range) L 0.40-5.50 MIU/L

the second test request by my primary doctor show the following
TSH 0.35 (out of range) L reference range 0.40-5.50 mIU/L
In neither testing did they do a TF3 or a TF4 testing only the T4
The doctor who did the operation put me on a generic sub synthroid 100 MCG and after seeing the test results told me to take another 1/4 tablet(did you ever try to cut those tiny pills in to quarters) When I went to my primary doctor she looked over the test result and said my dose was to high and to not increase it, she said she would do another test at the end of June. I dont know how knowledgeable she is on the thyroid. It was another doctor who found the second round the tumors. I have never been on any thyroid medication before even though I have had so many of the signs. It always seemed to be in "the range" I was really hoping that the removal and being on medication would make things better, so far, I feel worst.

Thanks for listenting I hope I gave you enough to give me some opinions.


shellshocked 06-19-2005 03:43 PM

Re: Confusion over advice of two doctors
Listen to the doctor who is listening to you. That's the one that you can work with. Yes, it is hard to divide up those little pills. I take my one pill---then I nibble on another. After four days, I've used up that pill. It's kind of a pain----but that's the way the doctor wrote the script---and the pharmacist won't fill it any other way.

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