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Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

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Old 12-21-2005, 02:28 AM   #1
Join Date: Nov 2005
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Inferit HB User
Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

Hello everyone,
So far I have been on General, Anxiety, Inner Ear boards, and now here. I have searched EVERYWHERE for a answer with whats going on with me. I think my doctor is too quick to prescribe me anxiety meds.

A little about myself: I'm a 26 year old male who has never really had anxiety before. Maybe I would feel a little anxiety if I was on a plane but I think thats normal with everyone with phobias. I drink about 10-12 cans of Diet Dr Pepper a day and smoke a pack a day also. I was just one that was never concerned with heath issues. I havent been to the doctor in years and before this I did work out about 3 times a week.

How it all started: I was packing and moving boxes in the garage I came inside to have a smoke break. All the sudden I had cold chills and then panic attacks soon after. Went to the Docs and was diagnosed with a Upper Respitory Infection. One month passes and I start to feel better then suddenly my sinuses started to get stuffed. Went back to the Docs. Now I was diagnosed with Sinusitis. Since the sinuses started to act up I have noticed I was nervious most of the day if not the entire day. Now another month has passed and my sinuses are al ot better, still a little stuffed in the mornings but not a big deal, but I'm still nervious. For some stupid reason i'm affraid of stoplights... I have to force myself to overcome it. I never had a problem like this before. Especially something a sstupid as stoplights. Also taking medicine gives me a panic attack. I'm just so confused whats going on with me... I have heard some say that Sinuses has caused my anxiety and some say the Virus I got might of caused a Inner Ear problem wich is causing my anxiety. I mean, how is it possable for someone to have 24/7 anxiety out of no where but a stupid virus/sinuses? I was really hoping to get better by Christmas becouse I had to miss out on Thanksgiving.

Can a virus cause a Thyroid Disorder? I'll list my symptoms maybe someone can direct me to the right board or possably have some answers for me.

1) Blurred vision and hard time focusing
2) Puffyness around both eyes
3) Sensitive to heat/cold
4) Night sweats when asleep (wake up to a wet shirt)
5) Nerviousness most of the day
6) Headaches off and on (might be from cutting back on caffine)
7) White fuzzy tongue

My doctor wants to get me on Anxiety meds but i'm affraid to take them. I dont want to have to take medicine for the rest of my life. I also don't see how its possable for me to have anxiety from just a virus?...Becouse I never really had anxiety before.

Anyways, im still looking for soem advice thx in advance.

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Old 12-21-2005, 03:23 AM   #2
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kaciii HB User
A couple of thoughts...

Have they tested your thyroid and I'm wondering if it isn't some kind of
chemical toxicity from so many sodas. Basically the additives and artificial sugar in them?

The hot/cold could indicate an adrenal problem. I would ask your doctor to test your adrenals along with your thyroid. K

Old 12-21-2005, 03:37 AM   #3
Senior Veteran
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K9Mom HB User
Re: Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

Just a thought, many prescription and OTC meds for sinus problems have epinephrine in them. Epinephrine is a stimulant and can cause heart racing and other symtoms similar to anxiety.
Dx Graves 4/99, tx w/Tapazole & Atenolol - Remission 7/03; Relapse 1/06, back on Tapazole, remission & off meds again 11/06.

Old 12-21-2005, 03:48 AM   #4
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appleofearth HB User
Re: Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

the symptoms sound like they could be thyroid related... but then they could also be something entirely different, thyroid problems seem to have a different combination from the same set of symptoms for everyone...

Have a look in the information archive thread on this board, that has lists of common symptoms for hypothyroidism and a few pages later hyperthyroidism... If it still looks like it might fit then go and ask your doctor to test your thyroid function and post the results on here - the tests you need to ask for are TSH, Free T3 and Free T4...

Good luck!


Old 12-21-2005, 07:27 AM   #5
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clueless42 HB User
Re: Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

Hello Inferit,

Those symptoms sound very much like mine. I could only focus on one symptom at a time. So, when I started getting back to back sinus infections I went to an alergist, my primary had given me 2 doses of anibiotics and I still felt awful. He listened to all my symptoms and then palpated my thyroid and asked me if I knew it was enlarged. Ah, no, I did not! So, he did a whole mess of tests and it turned out my thyroid anibodies were off the charts! I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an aoutimmune desease. So, besides the TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 make sure the doctor tests you antibodies. One antibody indicates Hashimoto's (hypothyroid), the other Graves (hyperthyroid). I forget which antibody goes with which autoimmune desease.
You should post your results here, along with the ranges. I've had doctors tell me my labs were "within range" but due to the Hashi's some of those numbers needed to be higher/lower. ALWAYS get a copy of your test results!!!
Good luck!

Old 12-21-2005, 10:10 AM   #6
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jasmine1313 HB User
Re: Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

My suggestion is to completely STOP drinking/eating anything with Aspartame or Splenda in it!! Many of the symptoms you are describing have been reported by people using those artificial sweetners.

I personally experienced massive panic attacks, sweating & headaches the first few times I injested Splenda--it was terrible, but at least my reaction was strong enough that I realized what caused it and am very careful to not ever use it again.

This may not be your problem, but it couldn't hurt to eliminate this from your diet, just in case.

Good luck!

Old 12-21-2005, 03:22 PM   #7
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Inferit HB User
Re: Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

I really should test for Thyroid... Its just that my Anxiety has been so bad that I'm affraid I migh have a panic attack right when I get stuck with the needle and jerk away =(

If this is all from the soda I drink why did it start at the same time my sinuses started? I have been drinking soda for about 5 years with no problems before.

I haven't taken any antibiotics, I got some whith my sinuses infection but I kept getting panic attacks every time I took the antibiotics. I took about 3 doses of antibiotics within 2 days and then I couldn't take it no more. I came to a point I was affraid to take the medicine when I was alone. I just kept having bad thoughts and this led me to a panic. I'm lucky that my sinuses was able to fix itself on its own. I think this has started my fear of medicine. I noticed the same problem before I went to the doctor when I bought over the counter Sudafed PE to clear my sinuses. Took one of those and had a very bad panic attack, luckly I was able to sleep it off.

I just think its weird that this is all happening now, right when my sinuses acted up. I never used to be like this before, NEVER. I was always the joker, laughing and enjoyed playing jokes on my family. Now I feel like i'm distant.. Usually keeping to myself.

My biggest problem is that I graduated college a few months ago and I was out searching for a "good" job. I had a bunch of confidence with my Degree now I don't even want to go anywhere becouse I'm for some stupid reason i'm nervious most of the day for no reason. I think I might be scared of having another panic attack.

Do Thyroids act up like this, I mean is it possable for a Thyroid to act up after a infection of some sorts? I keep telling myself it can't be some kind of Anxiety/depression becouse I had always thought this was something that gradually creeped up on you. If thats the case then I would of felt nervious/anxiety before I gotten sick.

I wish I never of had caught this virus, its deffinitly the worst I have ever been sick. Its wierd too becouse when I first got sick, that first week were I was in bed felt like a "dream". Like when I think back to it.. I just dont remember what I was doing. I know this is normal with flus and such.. but I don't know how to explain it... Its just diffrent. Kind of like a week just went by in a few seconds, really weird. I wouldn't wish this virus I cought on my worst enemy!

I been all over the net searching for other people that had similar issues from a virus but have not had any luck. Becouse I was thinking that this Virus had caused some kind of infection in my brain. As I searched I found some similar to Thyroid problems. Thats why I decided to post here and get some feedback.

I been to the Docs but I think they are just to quick to put me on Antidepressents/Anxiety meds. But i'm worried something more sinister is going on. Sure the meds might help with my Anxiety... but there has to be something causing the anxiety in the first place. Especally for someone who never had a problem with it before up till the virus.

Thanks for the posts, I enjoying hearing what other have to say. Any more feedback would be great. I'm thinking I might have a Throid test. to determin or rule out the possability. I just boite my tounge and try not to panic, or tell the nurse to tie me down! hehe.

Thanks again

Old 12-21-2005, 04:16 PM   #8
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pixiek HB User
Re: Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

Inferit: I was waiting to see if Nastyhashi posted to you as you may have something in common with the smoking and all, which I hear can cover thyroid symptoms for years. I think he would be able to give some really good advice to, so I would suggest you start a new thread and put his name in the title somehow....

Yes, a virus can trigger an episode with thyroiditis, inflamation of the thyroid, it may also kick you over the border if you have antibodies as can stress and other bad habits. For testing you need FT4, FT3, TSH the antibodies for Graves and Hashimotos disease, autoimmune diseases of the thyroid, and I do believe, by the way, that you would benefit from thyroid testing and at the same time get on a "health" kick while you are at it...thous of us with thyroid problems really do need to take care of our diet and general health as our bodies cannot well tolerate the "usual" abuses that a healthy body can.

Thyroid symptoms can be a bit tricky as many other diseases have similar ones in common, however, boased on what you have said, it is certainly worth checking into. Hope this helps, Pixiek

Last edited by pixiek; 12-21-2005 at 04:20 PM.

Old 12-21-2005, 05:48 PM   #9
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lilmissm HB User
Re: Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

You have symptoms of a glandular disorder. But which one is a toss up. You have symptoms of hypo but the panic attacks turn to adrenaline which would be hyper. In thyroid terms. Some people also have these same symptoms associated with adrenal disorders as well as pituitary disorders. And the panic attacks are also associated with the rare pheochromocytoma. I know this does not help but I know it does help to be told you are not crazy. You just haven't found what is wrong with you yet. Find a good Dr.

Old 12-23-2005, 04:51 PM   #10
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lilmissm HB User
Re: Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

Originally Posted by lilmissm
You have symptoms of a glandular disorder. But which one is a toss up. You have symptoms of hypo but the panic attacks turn to adrenaline which would be hyper. In thyroid terms. Some people also have these same symptoms associated with adrenal disorders as well as pituitary disorders. And the panic attacks are also associated with the rare pheochromocytoma. I know this does not help but I know it does help to be told you are not crazy. You just haven't found what is wrong with you yet. Find a good Dr.
PS Husband was severely hypothyroid with symptoms of narcolepsy, it is great to not have him asleep every day, at times severe dizziness, had to grab something. I thought inner ear too.,severe sleep apnea, sinus blockages, severe muscle aches, fluid buildup in all joints including spine and pericardial effusion. Ect. Ect. Since starting thyroid med his symptoms have improved at least 50% and hope when up to full dose will all disappear. Including losing the cpap machine for the apnea. So you see they can be caused by glandular disease of one kind or another. I second getting rid of the diet drinks. Some people are very sensitive to the stuff in them. Me for one. And there are some terrible sinus antibiotics out there. Some they want to outlaw. So ck it out.

Old 12-23-2005, 06:16 PM   #11
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Changedusername HB User
Re: Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

Only cause I am so familiar with the disorder myself, I am going to put my money on panic disorder with a tendency towards Agoraphobia. You sound exactly as I did in the beginning. Worried about a major life changing event, in this case, your graduation and job search...time to grow up, be responsible, etc....lots of pressure to succeed, which seems to be how it starts.

Panic disorder is common once it gets rolling with the first attack. Before you know if you end up with Agoraphobia - avoidance behavior - you dont drive any more cause driving "gives" you panic attacks. Don't go shopping, dont leave the house eventually cause everything gives you panic.

I ended up that way and had to fight my butt off to get out of the house once again but I also have Hashi's and/or Graves Disease which can help those panic attacks come along with increased frequency. At one point I used to own a totally souped up 88' Mustang GT. Had $10,000 worth of perfomrance work done on it. Used to drag race. Now I barely ever drive....sold the car (not cause of panic but cause Im older now and have a family). All this seemed to start for me with a pretty bad car crash a while ago. I shook it off at the time and thought everything was cool but a few months later I started getting panic attacks while driving. They got pretty bad. I walked away from the accident fine I think but the car was totalled and there were actually my hand prints embedded intot he steering wheel where I grabbed the wheel on impact and it bent around my hands....also think I got knocked out for a little bit but I am not sure. I thought I was a tough guy at the time and refused the ambulance. it is 3 years later and I still am not comfortable driving due to these panic attacks.

The only way you will find some comfort is if you go to a doc, get a ton of bloodwork done to know everything is fine or isolate something wrong and then get treated for whatever they find. If everything checks out then you may be developing panic disorder.

Check out some sites for panic like,, etc....there is tons of info about panic disorder. If it sounds like this may be the case, go see a shrink before it gets bad and you might nip it in the butt before you are full blown house-bound if that is the case.

If it turns out to be your thyroid, the proper tests will uncover a problem and you get treated. Here are more tests to look up on the net for thyroid you might be interested in getting:

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPO Ab)
Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TG Ab)
Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulins (TSI test for Graves' Disease)
Thyroid Binding Globulin (TBG)
Pituitary MRI - to check your pituitary
ACTH - for adrenals
Cortisol - the anti-adrenalaline hormone
Testosterone, Free and Weakly Bound
24 Hour Catecholamine - tests Epinepherine, Norepinepherine and Dopamine over 24 hours via urine.
Ferritin, Serum
Methylmalonic Acid
Antinuclear Antibody test (ANA) - tests for systemic Lupus
anti-gliadin antibodies, anti-endomysium, and anti-transglutaminase antibody - tests for Celiac Disease
Immunoglobin G (IgG) - tests for various immune system disorders. IgG measurement yields information about the body's long-term resistance to infection as well as information related to specific diseases.

Now, like me, if you were to get all those tests done, something would turn up most likely to get you on your way back to health. Do some research and try to find a doc that will go with the flow to get you some, if not all of the tests to rule out all kinds of problems. Once you get a clean bill of health, your mind will chill out significantly.

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Bristol44 HB User
Re: Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

The one thing that really jumps out at me in your post was the white, fuzzy tongue. Maybe you have a candida problem. I have a white, fuzzy tongue and definitely have a candida (yeast) problem.


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Inferit HB User
Re: Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

Thank you guys for the replies!

I'm just having a hard time telling myself it only anxiety causing all these problems for me. Especally for this all to hit at once. I been a little stressed running around looking for a job.. but I was more excited than anything. I even had some offers I turned down becouse it wasn't exactally what I was looking for. So I don't think I was really stressed (life change event), or maybe I was and just don't know it? I heard how people say how anxiety can feel "real", its just wierd to have the nervious feeling and think that its just my mind doing it..if it is infact Anxiety, it really does feel real!

lilmissm: I'm glad your husband is doing better now on Thyroid meds. As far as the coke goes, I have been drinking coke for over 5 years with no problems and I don't know why my problems would start now right after a virus? Maybe the Virus scared me and the caffin from coke triggered a more increased anxiety? Yeah that sinus antibiotic I was given was horrable. I don't know if it was all in my head but it kept making me think of "bad thoughts" that led me int a panic attack. I had to stop taking it.

nastyhashi: Thats funny how you mention your 88' Mustang becouse I own a 87' Mustang with a lot of money into it. It basically just sits in the garage now. Not the most funnist car to drive on the Winter plus its not the most reliable car heh. But does it not seem wierd for all this to happen right after a Virus/infection? I can see this as something the gradually affects you slowly at first and then getting more and more worse. Yeah, driving and Christmas shopping has been a little rough but got through it just fine. The thing is, I would love to get all those tests done, but being unemplyed at the time Doctor visits are on a budget for me. I currently don't have insurance, kind of the reason I have been doing a lot of the research myself. Also, last visit to the doctors it seemed like all she wanted to do was put my on antidepressants/anxiety meds. I felt like that visit was a waste of money. Is it possable to be depressed and not even know it? Thanks for the links, I will deffinitly read though those!

GBonnough: Thanks a good idea, I just looked up candida. I been trying to find some pictures of other white funny tongues to see if it looks like mine, but havent found any yet. I will look into this as an option, thanks for the info.

Updated Symptoms::
-No more night sweats
-For some reason, at night when everyone here is sleeping and im on the computer or watching TV alone I feel "normal" not worried or anything. I feel nervious during the day though.
-White fuzzy tongue is still there:P
-When i feel "nervious" I notice my palms and feet start sweating and my vision gets a little blurry.
-When I'm "nervious" if I breath in hot steam i feel "normal" again. I found this out on accident. I was breathing the steam when I was nervious once to clear out a stuffed nose and noticed it cured my nervious feeling. Have been using the steam/shower since when i get nervious... works every time. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe sinus related? *scraches head*
-In the mornings my ears feel full like they need to "pop". Later in the day they feel fine.
-When I eat I usually feel sick, and this ends up making me feel nervious. (nausia?). If I eat alone, I still feel a little sick but I dont get the "nervious" feeling.
-I keep catching myself dazing off into nothingness. About 4-5 times a day.
-I feel like crap in the morning, usually gets better later in the day.
-My puffy eyes are getting better. A couple days ago they were really bad. looked like I got my butt kicked in a fight. They look almost normal now.

You know.. this hole thing would be nothing... NOTHING if it wasn't for the nervious feeling. I been sick many times before.. but i'm one of those people that NEVER goes to the doctors. Before I got sick I havent been to the Doc in over 10 years. What really has me worried is this stupid "nervious" feeling. It just feels like something sinister is happening that is out of my control. There was a point where I thought I might be going crazy.. My sister has been diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia in her earlie teens and since I gotten sick I been comparing my symptoms to hers. But I think all I was doing was freaking myself out even more.

Anyways, any other feedback you guys have I would love to hear them. I have a lot of reading too do in the meantime. Thanks again for the replies!

Old 12-25-2005, 11:46 AM   #14
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Deb123 HB User
Re: Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

I wanted to second the candida as a suspect. Coated tongue is definitely a candida issue and it can cause a lot of your symptoms as well as screw with your thyroid. I'm battling both myself and really don't know which caused which but they are related.

The night sweats can be an adrenal issue. I was having them and my doc put me on low dose cortisone for my adrenals and they stopped.

Good luck on your research and your journey back to good health.


Old 12-26-2005, 08:43 PM   #15
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Re: Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)

Anxiety and the adrenals have a stong relationship...I'd check there. Some things to research would be:

Adrenal fatigue

I can relate to many of the symptoms you listed. As someone mentioned you definitely sound like you have something glandular (endocrine) going on.

NastyHashi gave you an excellent list of tests to have done. Personally I've had to push for most of the testing I've had done. Take in a copy of the list and let them know you want this thorough testing done for "peace of mind". They rarely tell me no (especially after calling every day for a couple of weeks ).

I'm sorry you're going through these things! I can relate to the search for answers. I hope you find yours soon (I'm only half way there I think).

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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