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MCKMN 02-02-2006 05:47 AM

I'm SO confused! got Lab results... Help
Please! I finally after waiting 18 days got my lab results back. They were mailed too me yesterday. I called my Endo's office, and we discussed them over the phone. The nurse told me that I am Hypo, I think she called it Hashimoto's. So she called in a script for me.. Well when looking at the script....They perscribed Spironolactone, I KNOW this medication.. I also have PCOS/IR, so this med is mentioned all over one of the PCOS boards I belong too. It is used too help lower androgen levels in PCOS, and I guess is supposed too help with hair loss, but if my androgen level was normal, wouldn't there be another cause for hair loss. However according too my results, all Androgen levels were normal.
Most of the results run were Hormone related, and ones related too PCOS.

[B]IS this med used for treating HypoThyroid?[/B]

Here are my results

TSH Lab Range ( Normal .45-5.50 ).......2.27

Free T4 Lab Range ( Normal 0.9-1.8 )....1.0

Free T3 Lab Range ( Normal 2.3-4.2 ).....2.9

Total T3 Lab Range ( Normal .50-1.81 ).....1.68

Thyroid Antibodies ( There is no value listed for this,and all it says is *ELEVATED* )

So on the bottom of the results, The Endo writes, and I quote... Thyroid Levels actually Low, mid/normal. Antibodies too thyroid present. Then he says....Could aslo push Thyroid levels higher and see if that helps with any of your syptoms.. :confused: I am confused because I have no idea how too push them higher, I was not givin any med for this. Should I call his office about this?
What do you all make of these results.. I am so confused!

Now My insulin and Blood sugar were elevated too, but other then THIS.. All other results were NORMAL.

help Please!

midwest1 02-02-2006 06:55 AM

Re: I'm SO confused! got Lab results... Help
Did you consult this endo for the PCOS and he just coincidently found the thyroid problem? Or did you go there specifically for thyroid testing? The only thing I can figure is that he found the Hashi's accidently, doesn't think it needs to be treated at this time, was "thinking out loud" about the possibility of doing so, and ultimately decided against it.

I have no idea whether you need spironolactone, but I do know you could benefit from some supplemental thyroid hormone. Your FT4 and FT3 are at the bottoms of their ranges, meaning you don't have enough of them. There's no way to "push your thyroid levels higher" unless he writes a script for thyroid med.
Do you have a follow-up appt in the near future? You need to have a talk with this guy.

MCKMN 02-02-2006 07:19 AM

Re: I'm SO confused! got Lab results... Help
I went there for Thyroid probs, Initially the lab work I had done.. Showed*HYPER*, then when redone..Which is the ABOVE labs.. They say Normal, but elevated Antibodies, but he wanted too see if my PCOS was an underlying cause for this..SO, he did all the testing for PCOS... I just talked too them on the phone about 20 minutes ago.., and they want me too WAIT 4 months before they treat me for thyroid probs! See if the Spiro helps with hair loss. I am very very very SAD over this.. Hair loss is NOT the only issue I have, and he knows this. I am extremely fatigued, and so many other Hypo symptoms that I want too treat...

The nurse just told me on the phone that NO I have no thyroid problem, just that I have anitbodies.. What the Heck are antibodies in thyroid, what do they do? I tried too ask her, and she made NO sense too me. I got frustrated with her, and just told Yeah, yeah ok.. I will try this..I HIGHLY DOUBT I will go back.

What does the Antibody PORTION of this test tell you if anything? If it is elevated does this mean something is going on with my thyroid, whether it be good, bad or indifferent!

I just don't know... ???

Thanks Midwest for your reply!

merrillin 02-02-2006 08:25 AM

Re: I'm SO confused! got Lab results... Help
The simple fact that your thyroid anitbodies are elevated indicates you have a clear thyroid problem!! You are probably dealing with hashis which is an autoimmune disease where the body produces antibodies that attack your thyroid causing destruction to the gland................this destruction over time causes the thyroid to fail and yours is starting that process and shows in your labs.........your tsh is elevated and your free numbers are too low as Mid said.

Sounds like you have one of those dr's we like to call IGNORANT!!!! :)

Find yourself another one quick. I just cannot get over the number of dr's in this country who have no idea what thyroid disease is all about.


midwest1 02-02-2006 08:38 AM

Re: I'm SO confused! got Lab results... Help
Wait a goshdarn minute! You were told you are hypo... that it's Hashimoto's... and they're trying to tell you that there is no [i]thyroid[/i] problem? The whole office is stupider than stupid. Run from there and don't look back!
Follow Karen's suggestion to get another doc quick. It doesn't necessarily have to be an endo either. If you have access to a doctor of osteopathy, he/she may be better than almost any endo at knowing how to treat this. Osteopaths aren't as "out there" as most alternative docs, and almost all insurances reimburse them.

If you can't do that, look at the Armour website's physician finder for someone in your area. Armour prescribers often know more about thyroid disease than ones who won't prescribe it.

Pursue this as a thyroid problem... no doubt about it.

Edit to add... I forgot to say that thyroid antibodies attack the thyroid gland and eventually destroy it. My former endo starts treatment on the basis of symptoms plus antibodies, no matter where lab levels are. She was less smart in other ways; that's why she's a "former" endo. But it goes to show that not every endo is as dumb as yours.

MCKMN 02-02-2006 08:45 AM

Re: I'm SO confused! got Lab results... Help
Well I wish I could! My INS does not cover any other Dr but him! Prior too finding this one, I spent a fair amount of time with my INS compnay on the phone, and he was IT... I have ****** INS, so I am stuck! Not much I can do about it I guess.
I was thinking about taking this too my regular Doctor, but not so sure he would do anything about it...
I think i will go have a good cry now:(

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