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Newbie - sorry it's long

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Old 04-20-2006, 01:56 PM   #1
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Newbie - sorry it's long

Hello everyone!
I’ve tried to review previous post to see if my situation/questions have been addressed. I have found lots of useful information and it is wonderful to find such a supportive, helpful group. I’ll try to be brief and I apologize in advance for the gory details. I’m a 39 yo female. Last year had arthroscopic knee surgery for a sports injury and just didn’t bounce back like I thought I would. The knee still gives me trouble so I haven’t resumed my pre-injury exercise program. Dec 05, visited my PCP because I was feeling under the weather and when I did try to workout, I was exhausted for days afterwards. Also told her I felt like I had a lump in my throat when I swallowed. She felt nothing and attributed my symptoms to a sinus infection.

Jump to 3/16/06 annual GYN exam, I told GYN my periods were very light – mostly regular, although my cycle seemed to be getting shorter – 24 or 25 days instead of the previous 30 – 37 days. But the actual period was getting to be only 1 or 2 days with really light flow. He said, “Most of my patients would love to have that!” And indicated I might be pre-menopausal. He did check for lumps and bumps everywhere – including my neck. He said everything seemed fine.

3/21/06 I visited my PCP again, because I just didn’t feel well – very tired, fatigued, arms felt like heavy weights and… I again felt like I had something caught in my throat. A colleague even said she thought my neck looked swollen. This time PCP felt a lump in my thyroid and sent me for tests. My results:

• Free T4 1.15 (0.8 – 1.80)
• hTSH 1.198 (.04-4.670)
• ultrasound: right lobe – 4.9 x 2.0 x 1.8 cm with a solid lesion (9.0mm); left lobe – 5.0 x 2.0x 1.8 cm with two cysts, each less than 7.6mm. Isthmus thickened at 5.8mm
• 6 hour uptake 19.8% (normal 6 – 20%)
• 24 hour uptake 37.78% (normal 5 – 35%)
• scan: …”demonstrated a U shaped thyroid gland with isthmus hypertrophy. Subtle questionable hypofunctioning nodules are noted…left lobe… right lobe.

Also – my sister had thyroid cancer (papillary) about ten years ago. She had the thyroid removed and is fine now. She says she and I both received radiation treatment for acne when we were younger (but I don’t remember this as well as she does).

I have an appointment with an endo in May. Meanwhile my questions have to do with symptoms. They seem to change everyday – sometimes during the day. I’ve read some of you have both hypo an hyper symptoms and wonder if that’s what’s going on with me, or are my symptoms shifting because I’m relatively new into the progression of things???

Having done some reading and gained some understanding I can now look back to a few months ago and say, “oh yeah – I had that!” particularly towards the hypo side – dry skin especially hands and feet, tired and cold all the time, dry hair (even got my long hair cut shorter because it looked ‘like straw’). And it’s funny but when people told me I ‘sounded horrible’ because my voice was so hoarse, I told them it was my allergies. I don’t know if or how much weight I’ve gained because I hate scales – but all of my clothes are tight. My brain has also turned to mush! I’ve been having a heck of a time completing sentences, looking for the right word, thinking of people’s names.

Then, it seems around the time I had my thyroid uptake and scan, my symptoms shifted and continue to shift everyday. I now am sometimes cold then hot. I’m agitated and more irritable. I feel ‘fluttery’ inside and have some chest pain. Right after the scan, my constipation was replaced with more frequent, mucous bowel movements. Now I flip back and forth between the two. My eyes are gritty and irritated. Mostly my appetite is gone – but occasionally I will crave carbs or salty foods (which I never really did before). My nails continue to break easily. For a few months I would say I was suffering from apathy – nothing really got to me, now I’m more easily agitated and depression seems to be kicking in. I still have the hoarse voice and my neck hurts if I move it around too much - also a little tingling around the area lymph nodes under the jawline are. Oh and another fun thing… occasionally I get the ‘letting down” sensation (for those of you who have nursed your babies) and a few days ago I actually had colostrum leak out of one of my breasts!
I'm guessing I might be in store for a FNA but the nodules are small so maybe not. Also, what sort of things should I be pushing for when I meet with the endo - the antibody tests?
Why are my symptoms all over the place? Does this mean anything?
Any words of wisdom? Suggestions? Guidance?
Thanks so much for your help!

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ellie342 HB User
Re: Newbie - sorry it's long

Gosh, with a sister with thyroid cancer and a history of radiation exposure, I'd INSIST on a FNA.


Old 04-20-2006, 02:26 PM   #3
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lookin4aclue HB User
Re: Newbie - sorry it's long

It could be just about anything. Alot of people have things that go along with both hypo and hyper. My sister-in-law was like that and she turned out to have Grave's like myself but presented with hypo symtoms. She had gained weight and had a gorder, and was loosing hair, and was having skin problems. Anyway, it could be anything, you need antibody tests and They should have also done a Free T3 on you, and The FNA. I would ask for others before I asked for an FNA less evasive.

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hyperkim HB User
Re: Newbie - sorry it's long

TEEEB....You might be expriencing after effects of the uptake scan. I have met some people that have had adverse reactions to the uptake scan. Then there are some that never notice a difference.

For those that have reactions(or sensitivity) I think it goes along the line of the iodine feeding your thyroid more iodine than it needs. Iodine is used by the body to make thyroid hormones(T4). So the excess iodine in some people stimulate more T4 production. (Depending on what is going on with the thyroid and other body systems. And how it handles the dose of iodine given for medical testing.)

I said all that to say you may be one of the ones that has problems due to the iodine used in the uptake scan (and other medical tests). That would explain why your symptoms became different and more classic hyperT "after" the scan. And why they may seem erratic now. Plus all the poking and proding of the gland seems to disturb things for a short time. Hopefully, that may help you understand your change in symptoms. (IF, in fact, that's what is happening.)

For what to push for? A full thyroid panel (TSH, Free T4 and Free T3) and the TPO, TG, and TSI antibody tests. With the family history of thryoid cancer the FNA might not be a bad idea (just to be sure).

Sorry so long. I am sure rambling tonight. I'll stop typing for now. If you have any questions (or ones we didn't answer) just keep asking. That's what we're all here for.

Welcome to the Board!
Hyperthyroidism 11/05
Confirmed Graves Dx 1/06
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Re: Newbie - sorry it's long

Exhaustion after working out and craving salty foods may indicate adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue often accompanies thyroid problems, too.

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Re: Newbie - sorry it's long

Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions! I will ask for the additional blood work... I hadn't heard of a reaction to the iodine - but it makes sense and you probably were right, because the 'swinging' symptoms have definitely eased up. I'll also look into the Adrenal suggestion... I've been somewhat concerned about that myself.

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