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Symptoms and tests-Please help!

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Old 04-29-2006, 10:54 AM   #1
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copesherry HB User
Arrow Symptoms and tests-Please help!

Over the past five years or so I have been treated for anxiety, tachycardia (PSVT), hysterectomy done, checked for colon problems, etc. I have always been underweight, intolerence to cold and heat, minor aches and pains, menstrual problems, fatigue and lack of energy, etc. The doctors have always tested my TSH levels and test would come back normal. Since December 2004, appx. when they prescribed Toprol for PSVT, I bagan having leg cramps. They have gooten worse almost to the point of causing me to cry. They are in calves, both legs but mostly left, and I get them on the inside of my upper thighs. Meanwhile, I fought Mono/Epstien Virus type for almost a year. I still have fatigue and incredible brain fog that interferes with my work. I work in the legal field,so mistakes can be costly. My memory is impaired. I seriously worry about how long I have left to work at all. I also seem to have this mental thought blocking thing. i have begun to completely switch gears in mid conversation and go completely off-topic, which has to be irritating to those holding a conversation with me. Only my family members bring this to my attention. I woke one night and my feet were tingling and lower legs in pain-couldn't walk easily, almost called the life squad, but it passed after five minutes or so. I feel like a hypochondriac or something and my family has got to be tired of hearing it. My Doctor ran blood tests last week, and I picked them up. My TSH levels are on the low side (0.302) They have never tested low before, Dr. has mentioned Graves Disease more than once in the past, so I am sure he will try to treat me without any further testing. This worries me since I have read that T-4 and T-3 should be tested. I also have always been hypoglycemic, felt funny last night so tested my glucose-I ate dinner at 5:30 pm tested at 10:00pm and it read 234. My level never goes over 115 usually. I don't know what to make of this. Can thyroid affect glucose? I am totally confused now, because before last week, I was ready to see a neurologist. Also my eyesight is blurry and I have double vision at times in addition to night blindness. What do any of you make of this? And how do I talk to my doctor without seeming like a chronic complainer? (I see him next week to go over tests) I am only 35 y/o. I don't feel like I should be having all of these problems.

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confused725 HB User
Re: Symptoms and tests-Please help!

Hi sherry,

Your TSH is on the end of low which wouldnt surprise me if you were feeling this way.
You mentioned that T4 & T3 have not been done. Ask your Dr to do those tests along w/ a TSI antibody. (I would request all antibody testing) but if he has said Graves a few times then he should have known better to test the TSI. The TSI is the antibody for Graves disease and will answer PLENTY of your questions. You can not know for sure without this test.

There are a few people here that will help you out. (They have Graves and are extremely knowledgable) hang around, and you'll be sure to get good help.

What I can tell you is that your symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, lack of concentration, PSVT, heat/cold intolerance ARE definate symptoms of hyperactive thyroid! I bounce around from hyper (no fun at all) to hypo & everything you mention, I have encountered. The brain fog, the leg cramps....yup.

I believe the double vision is is also a sign of Graves.....but I'd be certain to keep on top of your glucose too as that is a sure sign of diabetes. What are you doing about that?

I've read that Diabetic patients have a higher prevalence of thyroid disorders compared with the normal population. Because people with one organ-specific autoimmune disease are at risk of developing other autoimmune disorders, and thyroid disorders are more common in females, it is not surprising that up to 30% of female type 1 diabetic patients have thyroid disease. Have you been diagnosed with diabetes?

I think IMO you need the other tests before your Dr just treats you for Graves~~~You can post them here when you do get them & you'll be sure to get help interpretting them.
Lets see, there are a few that will respond & a few have Graves so they'll know more! . Hang around k?

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copesherry HB User
Re: Symptoms and tests-Please help!

Hi Rachel!
Thank you so much for responding. You don't know how much I appreciate hearing from someone going through some of the same symptoms. No, I haven't been diagnosed daibetic. i was diagnosed hypoglycemic ten years ago. I have never had a level above 115-120-usually I have a hard time keeping it above 70. So I was really shocked with 238- I don't test that often, but am now. I noticed it was getting higher ( 120-135) a week ago, but i thought that was good, until last night. I will tell the Dr. about that -whats one more symptom?
Anyway- I will definately write the test names down and take along when I go to see him. Is a TSH of .302 low enough to create these symptoms? Would the TSH level always reflect a thyroid problem?
Thanks a bunch!

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lookin4aclue HB User
Re: Symptoms and tests-Please help!

Hi Sherri,
I have felt so much like what you do right now that it is not even funny! I to have Graves, and am now hypo. I felt so lost for over a year with the loss of concentration(which I still suffer from), the leg cramps, the hair loss, the eyes(which I am dealing with now)4 years after RAI(radio active iodine treatment), the loss of my hair, the high heart rate(mine the first time the doc checked was 160 at rest)The heat intolerance, the skin dry and peeling, the nails, the hair brittle, I thought I had dandreff(my scalp was so bad, I had just big raw spots from the skin comming off), I couldn't walk stairs, I just all out couldn't function. I was shaking so bad that I looked as if I was having a seasure. The bouts of lossing concentration were so bad I could start to sign my name and for get where I was at, and miss spell it. I had the RAI but stayed hyper for over a year. Graves can be tested as they said with the TSI even if the TSH and Free T4 and Free T3 come out normal, if the TSI is high then you would be active Graves. The normal for TSH in most labs should be .3-3.0 but some are a bit different so they list the ranges on them, for instants mine is TSH .34-4.82 and Free T4 is .59-1.17 each lab is a bit different. I would recommend that you do indeed have all the thyroid antibodies done, and the Free T4 and Free T3 and TSH, not the T4 and T3, these tests are really not as good, they need to be the Frees. Alot of doctors refuse to do all these test, they think they are uncalled for, but they are not. The main one for Graves is TSI though. There are alot of other things they can do to find a thyroid problem but they are alot more expensive, and most doctors won't do them until they are called for. Toprol is good for being hyper(beta blocker)though I was on that for two days while hyper till I had an allergic reaction.(Face felt like someone rubbed a pepper on it, and it iched like crazy) Methamazole(think I spelled it wrong) was what I took, plus um......propananol. Those worked for me(God I'm really having to think since I haven't been on those in several years!) Anyway see if you can get them to do the tests! Oh and the double vision this might help as well, if it is when you glance to the left, right, or up, then you should mention it as well. The iris should only be seen about halfway if more than that like the whole iris and then see a doc for the eyes. There is also redness, dryness, and watering when wind or light hits. Your eyes can end up with what looks like busted blood vesels in the eyes. Well if you have any other questions please post there are several people here who know there stuff(not that I'm saying I do, I know what I have dealt with and what I am dealing with)I posted my story here last week, if you would like to read it, maybe you'll see some of the same things going on with you that did with me. Hope you get some answers soon!

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