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My Story of Symptoms/Conditions

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My Story of Symptoms/Conditions

Hi all

Just wanted to share a little about me with you all, I've been wanting to post my story but knew it would take me so long if I was to write everything out explaining the last last 20 yrs of all my conditions/symptoms, so I'm going to show you my list that I put together quickly yesterday morning for the endo. ... it's a brief but yet detailed list as it would take me too long to write and explain every health issue and symptom.

But, first I'll tell you a little about me ... I'm 49 yrs old and have a daughter who's 13 1/2 and will be going into 9th grade this year, she's my miracle child as it took me 17 yrs to become pregnant with her, I was 36 when she was born. I remarried last June, 2005 to a wonderful man who really loves me ... as I don't know how I deserve him since he's had to deal with all my health issues.

As to me, I was first dx'd with mild lupus back in the late eighties, and then in the 90's, degenerative disk disease and so on. I can't believe when I look at my list that there's so many diseases ... incredible how many diseases there are. At times I feel like I should be put out to pasture.

I'm a person who tries to always focus on the positive and also believes theres always a solution to every situation/problem ... but it's been hard sometimes to believe that mainly when I've gone to several drs in the past yrs who have misdiagnosed and undiagnosed my health, for me to keep going back again to other drs ... but I still do in hopes that the next one will be the "one" to get to the "root" of what's going on with me ... as many of you all have been through also. I've known in my heart for sometime now that there's something not right with my health. Anyway, fortunately, I do have a few gp's from the past that I can always go back to who can help me out if I need them, they're the old fashioned drs who sit and listen and talk to you and don't race you out of their office.

This past winter is when I started noticing the add'l symptoms of severe fatigue and just getting dressed is a "chore", etc.; that my Raynaud's was the worst it's ever been and became quite painful as when you have "frostbite", my intolerance to cold felt unbearable at times; that I started having difficulty swallowing and didn't understand; that my feet hurt more when I got out of bed, it was hard to walk; that I started waking up in the middle of the night with a muscle cramp in my calf or in my toes, excruciating; that my eyesight was more blurry and had more eyepain; that my skin was changing as I had always used a roll-on anti-perspirant for 35 yrs and it started burning my skin so I changed to a dry solid anti-perspirant and guess what, no burning anymore; that my tinnitus became much worse; and also that my libido was "no more" ... it had disappeared so I kept blaming it on menopause ... the feeling of no libido that I felt is "numb" "numb" "numb" and I couldn't comprehend how this could happen, mainly after I just got married.

And this is now how my life feels "numb", just trying to feel anything is very hard. I feel like I'm in someone else's body or they're in mine, not sure. Well, looks like I've written a book, fortunately it's more of a chapter of a book because it would have taken me to have written a full book if I was to have explained in great length my full story.

Thanks for listening and I hope my story can be of some help to many. Also, I'm blessed to have met new friends in here to help me get through many of painful days, as I hope I can also be of help to you. You all are angels, bye now, Marty

Main Symptoms:

- Extreme fatigue - severely exhausted
- Severe memory loss, brain fog, difficulty concentrating & focusing
- Can't comprehend what people are saying
- Very hard to do anything - everything is a chore
- Sensitivity to cold (raynaud's) - severe white fingers
- Throat swelling, difficulty swallowing, choking
- Hoarseness w/throat & chest
- Constipation & bloating
- Urinary incontinence
- Muscle cramps in legs, feet, arms, hands & all over
- Plantar fascutis - feet
- No libido - numb
- Very forgetful
- Severe tinnitus in both ears - extra loud in deaf left ear
- Fullness/pressure in both ears
- Numbness & tingling on mostly left side of face, little on right
- Tingling in all extremeties
- Eye pain, double vision, blurred vision, puffy eyes, eye tiks - spasms
- Optical migraines
- Right eye feels like it's protuding more than the left
- Electrical impulses throughout body
- Sensitivity to heat
- Sensitivity to light and sun (wear sunglasses year round)
- Get too tired when standing too long, legs give out
- Back pain
- Vertigo
- Chest pain
- Chest palpitations
- Low b/p, pulse, temp
- Have put on weight
- Hard to write with pen ... and hard to wash dishes w/hands
- Hair/Eyebrows/eyelashes have fallen out
- Slow Healing/Bruising
- Dry brittle hair
- Anxiety, panic attacks
- Elevated cholesterol
- Skin changes


- Degenerative disk disease (1995 - present)
- 8 slipped disks, pinched and herniated (1995 - present)
- Mild lupus (1988 - present)
- Raynaud's Phenomenon (1990's - present)
- Endometriosis (1990 - 1995)
- Fibromyalgia (2001 - present)
- Gallbladder disease (2002)
- Hiatal Hernia (1997 - present)
- GERD (1997 - present)
- Sudden Sensoineural hearing loss in left ear (2004 - present)
- Diverticular disease (2006 - present)
- PVD (posterior vitreous detachment of both eyes) (2004 - present)
w/drusens & floaters
- Fibrocystic breast disease (1986 - present)
- Peridontal disease (1980's - present)
- Natural Menopause (2003) & Surgical Menopause (2004 - present),
taking no HRT
- Mild Reactive Hypoglycemia (late 1980's - present)
- Panic disorder/depression (1994 - present)
- Optical migraines (1992 - present)
- Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (2006 - present)

Add'l conditions:

- Had mono as a teenager
- Allergic to sulfa drugs, antihistamines, prednisone, dust, mold, tape
- Had gestational diabetis when pregnant
- Sensitivity to medications


- 2 laparoscopies for endometriosis (1990 & 1995)
- Gallbladder removed due to gallstones (2002)
- TVH - (2004) (total vaginal hysterectomy) w/removal of tubes, ovaries,
and cervix due to level 3 prolapse - and a bladder sling performed
for a slight prolapse
- Apecoectomy - 2004 (for one of the 18+ root canals performed),
all my teeth are crowned/bridged (1970's - present)

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pinkprincess3 HB User
Re: My Story of Symptoms/Conditions

Hi not a doctor,just my personal sounds like you are hypothyroid to me...3 good books for you to read...Can It Be My Thyroid? by Sheldon Rubenfeld MD...Livig with Hypothyroidism by Mary Shomon...Thyroid Power by Richard Shames is so sad for you to have been so sick for so long...i hope with all my heart you can find a doctor that will listen your symptoms not just look at your blood tests and help you to feel better...Please let us know what happens...

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NikkiNak HB User
Re: My Story of Symptoms/Conditions

Hi Marty-

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It definetly sounds like hashi's. I do not have it but I know you can swing hypo and hyper with it. Are you currently being treated for it?

DX. Toxic Multinodular Goiter (now growing rapidly) & Hyperthyroid from autoimmune Graves Disease

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NHone HB User
Re: My Story of Symptoms/Conditions

Sounds like you have a thyroid problem... from the symptoms could be hypothyroid...Also i bet you are low in might search (symptoms of low magnesium). You would not believe how very important magnesium to a person. It can cause many of the thing s you list as symptoms. You need to have an intracellular magnesium test, not just the regular serum test, that are really of no use...If you have low serum magnesium, you are in pretty bad shape. Don't let anyone tell you that you get all the magnesium you need in your diet. The fields have been depeleted of magnesium years ago.

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