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SOY & Hypoactive thyroid?

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SOY & Hypoactive thyroid?

I have read so many articles on the internet and other places which say, that people with hypothyroid should not eat Soy. That it slows the thyroid gland down. Yet, soy is being promoted everywhere. After looking at the several items in the grocery store, I found that most of the pre-processed products have soy! Everything from milk products to bread, even some nuts have soy.

Has anyone else read that soy is bad for people with hypothyroids? Does, that mean we are limited to either making and our own breads, eating fresh fruits and vegs?

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Re: SOY & Hypoactive thyroid? pretty much summed it up.

Basically staying away from processed foods will do most of the trick. (Yeah anything in a box.) I too am learning to eat more whole foods. No quickie foods. Make as much as you can from scratch. And avoid fast food (there are so many fillers/additives and NO way to track what you're really getting. Plus fast food is high in iodine and that's bad for thyroid problems too.)

I do take in probably up to 20 mg (or grams -can't remember) of organic soy protein a day. I drink soy milk because I can't have cow's milk. And I get 7 from a soy based multivitamin. I have read that it is the larger amounts that can really interfere with thyroid function. Over 50 a day (I think I read that somewhere.) Anyway, moderation is the key. Just watch your personal tolerance level. And cut back, or cut it out if you have to.

Hope that helps some
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Re: SOY & Hypoactive thyroid?

Yep, Soy is a thyroid suppressor, as well as flouride. Goitrogens will suppress the thyroid unless they are cooked.

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Re: SOY & Hypoactive thyroid?

I thank you both for the information. Sometime having this illness makes you feel crazy. The doctors also at times act like you're crazy!

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Re: SOY & Hypoactive thyroid?

IMO everyone should stay away from SOY.....I like to say, that stuff'll kill ya.

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sjde HB User
Re: SOY & Hypoactive thyroid?

I have heard this too, but I also have a family history of breast cancer and heard soy is good for that! Or is that not true anymore?


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illmakeit HB User
Re: SOY & Hypoactive thyroid?

In the beginning of May we had discussion about soy:
Originally Posted by midwest1
Soy is a well-known goitrogen - thyroid inhibitor.

Soybeans were first grown as fodder for hogs. They were cheap, and they fattened them up better than most other things precisely because they shut down the animals' thyroid glands. When consumers started wanting leaner cuts of meat, pork producers could no longer feed soybeans to the hogs, and the bottom fell out of the soybean market.
Voilá! ... to keep bean farmers from going broke, the campaign to sell soybeans as "health food" for people was born! Now that's some slick marketing...
Originally Posted by illmakeit
Update: I did a search and found the nih site had an article 3/2006 about the effects of soy protein and soybean isoflavones on thyroid function which included healthy adults and hypothyroid patients.

[url] bstract&list_uids=16571087&query_hl=4&it ool=pubmed_docsum[/url]
They found little evidence that in people having normal thyroid gland function, iodine abundance individuals, soy foods, or isoflavones adversely affect thyroid function. Remember, this is WITH plenty of iodine.

HOWEVER, some evidence suggests that soy foods, by inhibiting absorption, may increase the dose of thyroid hormone required by hypothyroid patients.

I am sure there is more info somewhere - just don't have the time to research, so I'll continue to stay away from soy.
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Re: SOY & Hypoactive thyroid?

i've just started researching soy. i'm finding some pretty scary stuff - but its hard to know what to believe when there is so much contradictory information. non-fermented soy products seem to be getting the worst rap.

to sue - what the critics are stating is that there is no proof it decreases the chance of cancers. it may actually increase the risk but the jury is still out.

what seems evident with animal testing is that there is indeed estrogen and endocrine disruption. that there are problems with absorption of nutrients when soy is introduced.

i've been a strong soy consumer for several years since i dont like most meats. i'm starting to think maybe its not as healthy as 'they' say. i used to think it was healthy, after all it is a legume, but its different from other legumes. just cuz its a natural bean doesnt guarantee its healthy for human consumption. you should see the stuff about soy infant formula - scaaaaarry!! (if its true, of course)

i'm rethinking my diet. not just because i'm hypothyroid either.

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Re: SOY & Hypoactive thyroid?

Originally Posted by sjde
I have heard this too, but I also have a family history of breast cancer and heard soy is good for that! Or is that not true anymore?
There is plenty of reputable information on the Net regarding the inadvisability of heavy consumption of very refined soy foods for those with a tendency toward estrogen-dependent cancers. The Asian studies that have found "Soy is good" don't take into account that the soy Americans eat is a far different product from the one they eat.

Asians rarely eat highly refined tofu, for example. Most of the soy they eat is fermented, like tempeh or miso. Fermented soy doesn't have the same estrogenic properties fresh, highly refined soy has.

If I had a family or personal history of breast or ovarian cancer, I would do a boatload more research on the subject for myself before I'd accept at face value that soy is a good thing.

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Re: SOY & Hypoactive thyroid? And I'm still hunting for protein options...

I just went to see a nutritionalist yesterday because I am having lots of stomach problems since starting the T4 -- they say it isn't the hypothyroid but after doing research and reading these boards I have my suspicion that it is. I wasn't have trouble before the meds but maybe it's because my stomach is starting to "work" for the first time in a long time?
In case it is helpful, the nutritionalist said that soy should be very limited, and to try for the fermented soy (miso, tempeh) instead of soy milk or tofu (use rice milk), and to only have those every other day in small quantities. She also said all those veggies that suppress the thyorid function do indeed need to be cooked (and not just lightly steamed) to make them "safe" for me. She put me on a gluten free diet too, to help with the digestion issues I guess. I'm a long time vegan, recently added a bit of goat cheese and yogurt (she said only a tiny bit of these every other day), and organic eggs. Eggs are OK. The problem I'm having is protein. I can't digest beans right now, and she just took away seitan (wheat "meat") and most of the tofu products. Er... anyone out there have thoughts? I asked this before and had a lovely answer with a website link but almost nothing on the link was vegetarian. I'm extremely tired (all of us are, right?!) and need to find things to eat -- and they need to be gentle until my stomach figures out how to digest food again. Anyway, that is a nutritionalist's info from yesterday.

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