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countrycarole 05-18-2006 08:19 AM

Surgery over - am home from hospital
Just a quick note to let all the great people on this board know that I am home from my total thryoidectomy. Only had to spend one night in the hospital. Calcium level ok. All went well. Surgeon said my substernal goiter was "huge" - the size of a baby.... Was able to talk immediately. Right now my voice gets a little hoarse if I overdo the talking and my neck is sore and stiff - hard to move it from side-to-side but I know it will get better. Just glad to be over with it.
Thanks to everyone for all the great support, information and well wishes. Will post again when I am up to it.

Carole :)

sue1234 05-18-2006 08:36 AM

Re: Surgery over - am home from hospital
That's great news! I'm glad you're doing well. Keep us posted.

Karen :wave:

illmakeit 05-18-2006 08:56 AM

Re: Surgery over - am home from hospital
Wonderful! Glad everything went ok and you are back with us. Let us know all the details when you are up to it. Rest for now.
Take care of yourself!!

lfr 05-18-2006 09:31 AM

Re: Surgery over - am home from hospital
Welcome Home!

Glad it went so well - and from the size of it, it sounds like you definitely made the right decision with the surgery. Take it easy and rest! We'll be thinking of you!


carroc 05-18-2006 12:56 PM

Re: Surgery over - am home from hospital

I've been checking the message board daily for your post and was relieved to hear from you today! I'm so glad your surgery went well and that you are resting comfortably at home.

I'm mentally gearing up for my TT June 5th and would love to pick your brain regarding the surgery and recovery period when you feel up to it.

In the meantime, take care of yourself and know that you are kept in my daily thoughts and prayers.


lfr 05-18-2006 03:39 PM

Re: Surgery over - am home from hospital
I"d be happy to help you out also if you have any questions regarding your upcoming surgery. This board was such a help before my TT (4/21) and I would welcome the opportunity to "give back". Good luck.


sudufu 05-18-2006 04:05 PM

Re: Surgery over - am home from hospital
Glad you're home & all went well , , ,

MATYA 05-19-2006 07:11 PM

Re: Surgery over - am home from hospital
Thank God you made it through. I too had a giant substernal one removed Dec 2005. Can't wait until you can give us some additional updates because I have lots of questions to ask you.

Take care. :angel:

sey 05-20-2006 03:33 AM

Re: Surgery over - am home from hospital
Well done you xxx wish you a speedy recovery xx

countrycarole 05-20-2006 04:40 AM

Re: Surgery over - am home from hospital
Thanks everyone. I am feeling better today. Luckily, my calcium levels were ok after the surgery and that is why I only had to stay overnight. When my endo visited me the next morning at the hospital he gave me a prescription for Synthroid but not to start taking it until he received the pathology report. He did put me on OsCal 500 + D 2x a day even though my calcium levels were ok. I guess it is just to make sure. However, when I spoke with my endo yesterday he mentioned that 90% of the biopsy came back as definitely negative - However, there was 10% that was "wobbly" :confused: . What the heck does that mean???? And now they are sending it to another lab who, I assume, is more knowledgeable. I am supposed to find out the results by Weds of next week and I am not to take the Synthroid until then. According to my endo, I should be ok with that since I still have some thyroid hormone in me. I was just getting calm and now this !!!! I thought I would have a peaceful, relaxing weekend but now am nervous about the results.

Otherwise, the surgery went well. My substernal goiter was huge - 12 cm and the surgeon said it was the size of a "baby". Neck is still stiff but sore throat is getting better.


illmakeit 05-20-2006 06:50 AM

Re: Surgery over - am home from hospital
Hi Carole - welcome back!

Glad you did not have a cacium problem! Did you take calcium before surgery? Just wondering what your doc thought about that.

Wow, it was large!! I bet you are glad to get rid of it!! Yes, you should have some hormones left in you system that should take care of you until you can start taking them.

GENTLY roll your head around as much as you can without hurting. My doc also told me to massage the area of the incision - helps get it healed quicker. Ice packs help make the swelling go down if you have any - I think everyone does.

About the biopsy - my hubby is a chemical engineer and says that there are different tests they do and some take longer than others. You can't hurry them up. Like the "quick" test for strep at the docs that can "maybe" tell you if you have strep, but they have to wait for the longer one to be sure. This is what they are doing. Someone else here had the same thing happen - it was benign. They just want to make sure. It is good that at least they are telling you everything. Some docs keep things "hidden" from the patient figuring they don't need to know or won't understand.

((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))) and take care of yourself.

lfr 05-20-2006 06:50 AM

Re: Surgery over - am home from hospital
Waiting for biopsy results is the pits - I'm sorry that it's been delayed. I will pray that it all comes back fine. Rest this weekend - and I hope you continue to feel better each day.


countrycarole 05-20-2006 07:19 AM

Re: Surgery over - am home from hospital
To illmakeit: No, I didn't take any calcium prior to the surgery. I did eat alot of calcium-rich foods - maybe that helped. Do you mean swelling on your neck or on the incision site? Do you put the ice packs directly on the incision? I am massaging the incision area although very, very gently because I am a bit "squimish" about touching it - don't want to hurt anything.
Please thank your husband for the information. It is at least encouraging to hear that someone else on the board had the same thing with the pathology report and it still came back okay. I was a little shocked because at the hospital my endo said it looked like just a simple benign goiter to him!
In a way I wish my doctor didn't mention that 10% was "wobbly" and just waited until the final report was in. I was hoping for a calm, relaxing weekend but once again, am nervous waiting for the final report.

Thanks to Lisa and everyone else for their support. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have (for those who are not yet begun their journey)
Matya - If I can help with anything, please feel free to ask.

illmakeit 05-20-2006 07:41 AM

Re: Surgery over - am home from hospital
Yes, massage it gently. It doesn't need or want the "deep" massage so to say. I still have twinges every now and then from that area, but you can't even tell there is a scar unless you are looking for it. Since yours was so large you will probably have a bit more recovery time. Were they able to save all the parathyroids? Good question to ask if they haven't told you. They won't actually know until the lab looks at all the tissue cause they are very small and it is easy for them to get one if it is "wrapped" in the nodule.

I started the ice pack in the hospital. My RN friend who works there (she was on a different floor) took time off to bring me one. I put it on the area of incision. Depending up on your ice pack, you may want a "buffer" - a towel or wash cloth inbetween. It CAN get cold!! And I was always cold. Still am a lot - but it was 95 degrees or more today and it was wonderful! We don't turn the air on until it is consistantly 95 or more. Humidity is the worst!

I know it is hard to wait for that final biopsy report. Wasn't your surgery Tuesday? I had to wait a week for my report - doc didn't comment until then about benign or not. The often do a culture quickly while you are in surgery if you are only having half removed - so they can take it all if it does show cancer. However, they are not as reliable as the longer ones. They are usually correct, though.

I'll tell my hubby thanks for you - sometimes his knowlege from working in labs goes right in one ear and out the other - especially when I am foggy - but I only have HS and he has two masters - so I am way behind in the knowledge department.

Take care and hopefully enjoy your weekend!!

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