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Cholesterol and my thyriod

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Old 07-28-2006, 08:36 AM   #1
Greg Candido
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Greg Candido HB User
Cholesterol and my thyriod

I was recently diagnosed with two nodules on the right side of my Thyroid? One is 1.7 cm and the other 1 is 1 cm. So my local doctor told me to see a Endo to get a biopsy done of them. So he recommended a VERY good doctor in the area. So I go to see the Endo Doctor and I felt like he was perfect for me. He sat down with me for 45 minutes and discuss my issues with my Thyroid. I thought I was going to get a biopsy but to my surprised he was not concerned with my nodules. He had no suspicions of cancer and he pretty much said that my dysfunctional Thyroid was enlarging my Thyroid which in turn can effect my nodules. My latest blood worked showed my TSH level were around 3.2 and wanted my numbers between 1 and 2. He told me to finish my Synthriod .75 mcg and then increase to .88mcg. Once I'm at .88 for 3 weeks I would then to go to a Quest Lab and get my blood work again. He wants me to get my Thyroid Medication regulated first and see what my numbers are at. He was more concerned about my cholesterol levels that are at 245. Now i'm 35 male and active. I really don't have a family history of high Cholesterol. He believes my Thyroid is effecting my cholesterol. So in about 2 months we will see if those numbers go down. Funny because when I was first diagnosed with Thyroid problem my total Cholesterol was at 188. When I was told about that that, I went on a perfect diet for 1 month. I'm mean I didn't have 1 oz of any fatty food and drank only water. Furthermore I exercised on a trend mill for 30 minutes, 4 times a week. Then when I was retested and to my surprise my Cholesterol jump from 188 to 245. This happened before I was on any Synthriod medication. The problem I hate the most is my panic or anxiety attacks. I also told him the worst thing about my problem was my anxiety and prescribed me Lexapro for 2 months. This would be a test to see what my anxiety level are like while I'm on the medication. Wondering what your thoughts are and have others had their Cholesterol jump from a Thyroid issue?


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Old 07-28-2006, 09:31 AM   #2
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kmullin1971 HB User
Re: Cholesterol and my thyriod

I also have a family history of high cholesterol and I am not a meat eater, what my food very well, but my cholesterol keeps jumping. Last check it was 295...a 40 pt jump from three months before. My doc is trying to regulate my thyroid too, I have Hashimoto's, so my symptoms are hypo, but numbers all read hyper. Let me know if your numbers come down. Mine came down for awhile, and then jumped again. It is very frustrating!

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Re: Cholesterol and my thyriod

Hypothyroidism is the second leading cause of high LDL cholesterol and triglycerides following poor diet. It's so common that statin manufacturers advise in their info for MDs that testing for hypothyroidism be done before their pills are prescribed. Now it's true ... MDs rarely do that... but then, they wouldn't get the perks for prescribing all those statins, would they?

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connielg HB User
Re: Cholesterol and my thyriod

I had good cholesterol numbers until diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, then the numbers skyrocketed. My parents have no high cholesterol problems. My doctor immediately wanted to put me on a statin. I got right on the internet and decided that I wasn't going to take the prescription to the pharmacy -- a big move on my part. I've NEVER not done what a doctor has requested. Anyway, I changed my diet, which really wasn't that bad before. Less meat (at least smaller portions), more chicken and fish and LOTS of fiber!!! Whole wheats. Metamucil with calcium (since I'm also borderline for osteo.) Cheerios in the morning and for a snack in the evening, and one cinnamon capsule daily. No trans fats. My cholesterol and my ldl and hdl started to get better. After three months I took one last test. I decided if the numbers weren't real good, I'd have to crawl back to him (dr) and ask for a new prescription. My numbers were perfect. I have no idea if the cinnamon capsule was effective. And I also get alot more exercise in the warmer months -- I'm from the midwest and no lover of walking in the snow and cold. I'm not real crazy about taking the levoxyl every day forever, altho I do feel well, and I was not the least bit happy about taking the statin. Just had another bone density test and I've dodged another bullet -- no medication -- yet!! I feel that too many people are willing to take a pill for everything that ails them without trying to do something about it. (I do know that this does not always work -- so don't jump all over me. I feel lucky, but you really have to use perserverance! Now I suppose I really should let my dr know that I got my numbers down without his prescription!!!

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connielg HB User
Re: Cholesterol and my thyriod

P.S. to my last post. The dr that read my results happened to be the gyn that diagnosed my underactive thyroid practically from the doorway last year by glancing at my neck. She asked what I had been doing to get the good results, and after I told her, she said that maybe my thyroid was finally in balance? She thought it was funny that I went against my regular md's advice but probably only because I got good results. I don't endorse going against dr's orders!

Old 07-28-2006, 08:00 PM   #6
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Kharma HB User
Re: Cholesterol and my thyriod

My cholesterol and triglycerides have always been higher too, but for the last year and a half I've been on Atkins (Dr. recommended, was pre-diabetic). Anyway, even with the hashis and thyroid issues I've had this year my bloodwork came back very good last week:

Total Cholesterol: 165 (want under 200)
LDL: 103 (want below 129)
HDL: 48 (want over 40)
Triglycerides: 67 (want below 150)
Fasting Glucose 100 (want below 110 on this lab)

The Dr. told me to expect good results. I thought he was nuts but decided to give it a shot. I'm never going off low carb. For the first time ever my HDL is in good ranges. Usually I've been around 28. I'm very happy with what I'm doing and I expect it to only get better.

Old 07-29-2006, 12:38 AM   #7
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daisy01 HB User
Re: Cholesterol and my thyriod

I have read that we actually need cholestrol to metabolise our food which is why its high in people with hypoT, we are not utilising it because of our slow metabolisms.
Even if you only ate 1 lettuce leaf a day then your LDL will be high. the main thing to look at though is the triglycerides, they are the true indicator rather than the cholestrol levels themselves.

Once we get our thyroid levels sorted then in theory our cholestrol levels should also even out without the need for statins anyway. This has happened in my case and I still eat what I want although I have increased my useage of olive oil and have gotten rid of anything that contains trans fats (emulsifiers) these are used mainly in so called low fat/diet spreads. They are low fat in the tub.... but change in the body and are best avoided by anyone not just those with cholestrol problems.

Everyone, with or without a cholestrol/thyroid disorder should stick to a low saturated fat, high fibre, fresh food diet. I know its difficult to even think about cooking a meal from scratch when you feel so fatigued and sick but now really is the time to kick those processed foods into touch. It will help your body to heal alot quicker and make you feel so much better.
best wishes
daisy xx

Old 08-03-2006, 01:11 PM   #8
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kmullin1971 HB User
Re: Cholesterol and my thyriod

I agree that thyroid issues mess with cholesterol so much. I do have a family history, but no one in my family has had the rapid jumps that I have had. I also refused to take the statin I was prescribed and as my good cholesterol is 65, I have decided to not worry too much about it until my thyroid is under control (how ever long that may be I have heard a lot about cinnamon lately, I may have to try that, I didn't realize it came in capsule form. Hopefully more doctors will start checking out thyroid info before jumping to drugs.

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cossette2 HB User
Re: Cholesterol and my thyriod

I too have had thyroid-related high cholesterol. I've been tested pretty much since they started testing in the late 80's and it's always been high. I managed to get it down for a wee while with very high doses of niacin at one point, but my naturopathic doc took me off the niacin as she said it would damage my liver. Anyway, i was later diagnosed as hypo and now am dealing with adrenal fatigue.

My doctor has put me on Lipitor and Crestor at different times and they both gave me really bad cramps, so i'm just watching my diet and exercising instead.

Canadian values are quite different where thyroid tests are concerned. Healthy total cholesterol values are under 5.0 and healthy LDL are around 2.0. My total cholesterol went up to almost 8.0 before i started synthroid. After i was on synthroid for a while it went down to 7.09, but interestingly enough, when i started my adrenal supplement 3 years later, after 6 months on the supplement is dropped from a total of 7.09 to 6.28. That was in Jan. 06. Trouble is my LDL was still high: 4.20 . My doc wanted me to try Crestor again, but being doubled over with cramps is no fun and i refused.

Anyway, bottom line is i haven't been tested for 6 months now and am faithfully taking my synthroid and adrenal supplement and I'm just wondering if once i get the adrenal glands back in shape and get the thyroid balanced, I'm hoping my cholesterol will also continue to decrease. Will keep ya'll posted.
hypo, Synthroid 75 mcg, estrace 1mg, prometrium 100mg, celexa 20mg, adrenal support (also have primary ovarian failure - extremely rare condition)

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