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    Old 08-28-2006, 10:47 PM   #1
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    Iodine In Meats

    I have a thyroid issue where iodine is a problem. Well, animals are given extra iodine in their food and water to increase the ammount you get when you eat meats/dairy. It comes as no surprise: Meats cause my thyroid to swell painfully.

    Where can I get meats/dairy where the animals were NOT fed extra iodine?

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    Re: Iodine In Meats

    Originally Posted by PsychoScream
    I have a thyroid issue where iodine is a problem. Well, animals are given extra iodine in their food and water to increase the ammount you get when you eat meats/dairy. It comes as no surprise: Meats cause my thyroid to swell painfully.

    Where can I get meats/dairy where the animals were NOT fed extra iodine?
    oooh thats disgusting , and really bad for me as i have to eat loads of red meat for my iron problem so i think i have got a big prob is theren any meat without it in and how can you tell lots of love from katpursxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:wa ve:

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    Re: Iodine In Meats

    I believe that if you buy some meat at a Whole Foods Grocery where they have grain fed aminals and fresh water fish, it could be helpful. I have found that my eating habits have had a dramatic effect on how I feel. Not only should I not have iodine, but I am dealing with acid reflux, too. Recently i have had to watch what I eat very carefully or else I am in pain all night. Try some natural foods.

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    Re: Iodine In Meats

    Just want to jump in and add some info. We are farmers that raise natural beef and sell it to local health-conscious consumers. We strictly grass-feed(which means they free-range and eat hay) and give them no grain, as that is not the true natural diet of a cow-they are meant to forage around in pastures. This keeps them healthier in the long run, and produces meat that is healthier for us to eat(more omega-3s, for example). We do not give them antibiotics or hormones. We do, however, give them a kelp supplement occasionally because the lands are so depleted of minerals that the grass growing is lacking in them. Kelp mineral is one that contains a good variety of natural minerals, and of course, it contains some iodine. I don't believe it would be good to raise an animal without iodine, as I would bet they would be subject to problems like we would be without it totally. Their offspring would probably also not be healthy,if they survived to birth to begin with. So, your only alternative, is to buy meat from any local producer where you can ask exactly what they allow their animals to eat, so at least you can be an informed consumer. Not all mass-produced meats are necessarily the "best and cleanest" meats to eat, as some cows are not allowed to free-range over many acres to keep healthy!


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    Re: Iodine In Meats

    Not everybody knows, it's possible to get an excess of iodine. With all the iodine in meats, dairy and eggs, there are some concerns that thyroid disorders may become more frequent in America. For example, one chicken can have 1000 mcg of iodine (the recommended daily allowance is 150 mcg and the tolerable upper-limit is 1100 mcg). Cow udders are washed with an iodine disinfectant which increases the iodine in milk and cheeses. Disinfectants and animal suppliments are not necessarily bad, but it depends on how much the animals are getting, and how much gets into the saleable product. If you eat several servings of meat/dairy in a day, things can add up! It's not so much of a problem for people without thyroid disorders, but I'm not like that...

    EDIT: Kelp can contain very high concentrations of iodine. I'm sure that kelp animal suppliments also contain high concentrations.

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    Re: Iodine In Meats

    If you can't eat iodine, then you can look at the thyroid cancer site that has the "low iodine" diet (this is to prep for a RAI treatment). I think it would be basically impossible in the us in this country to have a "no iodine" diet.

    American soil has iodine in it naturally. I think some places in Europe has issues because of a lack of iodine in the soil.

    That's why on a low iodine diet, you have to remove the skin of the potato, and you have to restrict rice and beans. They also tell you to avoid canned goods, and most breads are made with iodide in the flour to keep it fresh longer.

    I found it ok for a few weeks, but it's a pretty tough diet to live off of for me.

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    Re: Iodine In Meats

    This iodine thing just totally confuses me, here in the Uk we have it added to table salt because there is a deficiency in the soil.
    I usually just avoid the most obvious things with iodine in them such as kelp supplements, shell fish and have sea and rock salt for use in the kitchen. I also avoid cough medicines as most have it in too. I have never thought about meat products though. I am also thinking about having a water filter installed due to the flouride in the water system.

    Trying to think of things that I can actually eat and drink now lol, shopping for soya, gluten free foods was bad enough but now it will have to be meat, dairy & egg free as well!! Looks like its got to be just organic rice and veges from now on then. This thyroid monster just gets better and better dont it?
    peeled spud (potato) anyone??? lol

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    Old 09-06-2006, 10:16 AM   #8
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    Re: Iodine In Meats

    For people who are hyperthyroid, or who find their antibodies & symptoms dramatically increase with any iodine in the diet, some of the precautions being discussed may be a necessity.

    However, iodine is an essential nutrient for the body. Not just me saying that -- even the World Health Organization has committees to ensure that everybody is getting enough iodine. Too little iodine not only can precipitate hypothyroidism, it is also harmful to brain development & function.

    The reason why iodine is given to animals raised for food is that it is the humane thing to do. Animals raised iodine-deficient will be stunted, sickly, & infertile.

    As with most minerals, there is a range of iodine consumption that is helpful. Too much & too little are both harmful. Exceptions noted above.

    It is a fact that thyroid hormone cannot be made in the body without iodine. The amino acid, tyrosine, found in meat, poultry, eggs & dairy, is also essential for making thyroid hormone.

    I am not advocating people use more than the RDA of 150 mcg/day of iodine, unless they are found to be iodine-deficient (12% of US population, last study), and are recommended to take doses larger than the RDA by their physician.

    In the past, "conventional medicine" treated hyperthyroidism with large, suppressive doses of iodine, while hypothyroid was treated with modest, thyroid-hormone manufacture enhancing doses of iodine. People were helped by these treatments. However, there is no $$ in using natural substances these days.

    For the sake of balance, I wanted to have a little more disclosure for our readers who are hypoT. People who take thyroid replacement medication, can confirm with their docs if they wish, that the active ingredient in their medication is essentially iodine bound to protein.

    Best wishes.

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