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  • Partial Thyroidectomy

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    Old 09-01-2006, 10:36 PM   #1
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    dawniemyangel HB User
    Partial Thyroidectomy

    Hi,I posted earlier about this,and I only got 1 response.Can some1 tell me if this surgery is dangerous?I mean isnt 1 of the main arteries in your neck?And they cut the middle of your throat?I am really thinking about putting this off.I am sooo scared.Besides that I have never been put under before.I am terrified to have this done.But the pathologist says I need it out,cause its fast growing.And my surgeon says I can only put it off for 2-3 months.Can some1 shed some light on this subject for me,please?Thanks!

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    Old 09-02-2006, 12:17 AM   #2
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    madpatter HB User
    Thumbs up Re: Partial Thyroidectomy

    YES! you have every right to be afraid. It is a very serious operation and that is a very delicate part of the body. Yet, consider what the consequences might be if you don't have it. It could grow bigger and you could have even more problems than what could happen in surgery. I have a growth on my
    thyroid too which is growing bigger too. So far it is slow and the Dr says no need to operate. Yet I fear it becoming a goiter that will buldge out in my neck and look terrible. In a way I wish I could have it taken out but my insurance doesn't cover it I wish you the best. May the good Lord be with you no matter what your decision. let me know how you are doing.

    Old 09-02-2006, 09:57 AM   #3
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    MATYA HB User
    Re: Partial Thyroidectomy

    This is serious surgery. Make sure you ask alot of questions of the surgeon. Take note of the type of skin you have. Do you scar easily, what type of sutures will be used. Is the nodule close to the vocal cords? Will you be horse? Make sure the surgeron has lots of experience. If you have other medical problems in what way will they be affected by the surgery?

    Hope this helps.

    Old 09-02-2006, 10:19 AM   #4
    Red Maple
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    Red Maple HB UserRed Maple HB User
    Re: Partial Thyroidectomy

    I had a partial thyroidectomy several years ago. I too was scared and very concerned about someone cutting on my neck. Yes there are many blood vessels and arteries in the neck, but a skillful thyroid surgeon knows how to deal with that. There is always a risk involved to any surgery, but most often the risk is much greater not to have surgery when there is a growth/nodule. MY FNA found that the cells had a "definate follicular architecture, with scant colloid. The nurse said that meant that the nodule was in a late stage of "pre-cancerous" when I had it removed. Whatever that means...The I was greatful to have caught it in such an early stage and get it removed, otherwise, much more serious surgeries and treatments would have been necessary. You could also run the risk of a thyroid cancer in which case it won't be a partial, but a total thyroidectomy, and perhaps having to remove lymph nodes as well if it spreads.

    My surgery was done in about an hour and a half and they probably will keep you overnight to monitor your calcium levels. Thyroid surgery can disturb the parathyroids that regulare calcium. They take blood tests throghout the night for the first 24 hours to be sure everything is ok before you are released.
    Though any surgery is unpleasant, mine was not so bad. They gave me plenty of pain medicine and I slept most of the time I was in the hospital. I must admit the drugged up sleepy feeling was very pleasant, but wouldn't want to have to feel that way all the time. I was tired and run down for several days after the surgery. I had mine done on a Friday and was back to work by the following Tuesday for half days. And back to normal the following week. The recovery time for me was pretty short.

    Don't put it off. Get it over with. It sounds like it's going to have to happen sooner or later and you may as well get it done with. Good Luck to you, I sincerely hope yours goes as well as mine did!! Thoughts and prayers are with you.

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    Re: Partial Thyroidectomy

    Dawnie... Choosing the very best surgeon you can find will minimize the dangers of this surgery by a thousandfold. Don't rush into the choice. Take your time and interview surgeons before choosing one who'll put your fears most at ease.

    Ideally, the surgeon should limit his practice to thyroid/parathyroid surgery alone. A "general" surgeon won't be good enough. The ideal surgeon should perform at least 50 such surgeries per year, and should have performed at least 500 successful operations in his career to be considered "experienced" and at least 1000 to be considered "expert". If a surgeon tells you he performs "many" thyroid surgeries per year, that's a vague and potentially deceptive answer. He doesn't want to tell you what you don't want to hear. Move on to your next candidate.

    You're entitled to be scared; I certainly would be. But education and information gathering is your best ally right now. As you empower yourself with information, your fears are sure to be lessened. Then you will feel that the surgery is the best thing to do for yourself and that it will lead to better health in the long run.

    Good luck to you dear.

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    dawniemyangel HB User
    Re: Partial Thyroidectomy

    Thanks for posting every1!But I think I am more scared now.
    Heres my story,
    I came home from work 1 night and my dog was so excited she jumped up to kiss me and hit me in the windpipe.It knocked the breath out of me and I instantly got a pain.I felt my neck and thats when I noticed it.So,I went to after hours.The Dr. knew instantly what it was.Cause,it moves up and down when I swallow.He wanted me to go to a surgeon.So,I went to 1 that knows my family.My mom had Cancer and he did all of her surgeries.I dont have insurance so he didnt charge me anything for my consult.He wanted me to have an FNA.So, I got that done.My results come back negative for malignancy.But,whoever read it wants it out cause they say its fast growing?I called for a quote on this and ROUGHLY it is 17,000.So,I called the surgeon back to ask how long I could put this off so I can try to get some kind of insurance.I did this because they say its fast growing.They receptionist said yes its fast growing if it is Cancerous.OK,now I am lost!My results come back negative.So,why is it fast growing?They dont tell me anything,they just want to do surgery.The surgeon himself was surprised because he thought for sure they would say its nothing just leave it alone.He even wanted me to go get a second opinion.But,then he said well if its on the paper to remove it then thats what they want.Am I just not getting all the facts or what?But,I seen the results myself,negative for malignancy.I am really considering a second opinion.But,not sure if I can afford the consult.My FNA bill came and it was 194.If I get a second opinion will I have to do the FNA again?
    Sorry so long but I am just scared,confused and dont know what to do.I am sooo scared I am gonna bleed to death or not wake up.Does any1 know of any1 dying from this surgery?Please post again!I need some help!
    Thank u so much!

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    Reece HB UserReece HB UserReece HB UserReece HB UserReece HB UserReece HB UserReece HB UserReece HB UserReece HB UserReece HB UserReece HB User
    Re: Partial Thyroidectomy

    Please take some deep breaths, and get yourself as calm as you possibly can. This is very likely benign, so that's really great. Thyroid cancer isn't totally ruled out, but it is really unlikely, because many nodules on thyroids, even very large ones are benign. The "fast growing" part is probably why they recommend removal.

    If you get another opinion, you should not need another FNA. They will read the first report, and if there were enough cells to be conclusive, you should be fine.

    Just try if you can to see a surgeon who specializes in the neck---such as an ENT, or an ontoronolgy, or a vascular surgeon. These surgeons rarely have complications with thyroid surgery, and for them, it is routine. You will have to probably pay a consult, but maybe the doctor will work something out for you?

    I had a positive FNA for thyroid cancer, and my thyroid surgeon set up my surgery for a month later. Most forms of thyroid cancer are slow growing. I had more time to get more opinions if I needed it.

    In your case, I think you need to get that other opinion, because your first surgeon, if not experienced in thyroids, may not be the best judge in terms of urgency and timing of this removal.

    Old 09-02-2006, 08:55 PM   #8
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    marissamm HB User
    Re: Partial Thyroidectomy

    listen to what every one is telling you , it will be fine i had my footbal sized thyroid out 2 years ago and i would do it again, but do listen to other folks do your homework on your surgeon, its really no big deal, you will be fine.

    Old 09-05-2006, 06:30 AM   #9
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    dawniemyangel HB User
    Re: Partial Thyroidectomy

    Thanks every1 for the posts.
    Ok,I think I am gonna take every1's advice,and get that second opinion.Especially from an Endocrinologist.I just dont't feel comfortable jumping right into surgery.Even though I think the Endo is gonna say the same thing.But,at least they can do the surgery,instead of my General Surgeon.As for the insurance thing I am gonna just have to pay for some.I think 350 a month for insurance would b better than 150 a month for 10 years with none.
    But,I am still very scared of this whole thing!

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