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courage to ask for test

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Old 12-11-2006, 02:41 AM   #1
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moommin HB User
courage to ask for test

hi for the last two and a half years,i have felt so ill constantly fatieuged,stressed,blured vision,tingeling and numbness at the side of my head going down my neck and a fullness i my ear, twiching of left eye chest pains ,aching joints,pounding in my head when lying down,out of breath ,bad short term memmory,cant concentrate,(nor spell)and a lot more,iv been back and forth the doctores to be told its all stress,iwent to see other doctores and as soon as they see stress on my files,they dont wont to know,so i suffered in silence,went to the docs about heavey bleeding (periods) and i asked for a blood test,the tests came back saying im very ememic,i was put on iron three weeks ago,i went on the enemia forum,and told my symptoms and one reply was that there seems to be a lot more going on than enemia,by accident i came across thyroid disorders,and couldnt believe what i was reading,why diddnt my doc give me a thyroid test,the thing is im scared to ask for one as they think its all in my head,i had a full blood count done,thats when they found out i was enemic ,would this test show thyroid problems aswell,i cant go on much more shirley.

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Re: courage to ask for test

I had a primary doc who wanted to prescribe a different medicine for every symptom I went to him for. After it finally dawned on me that the "package" of symptoms pointed at a malfunctioning thyroid, I said, "Maybe it's my thyroid" and asked him for a TSH test. He flat out refused, which made me livid. That anger gave me the courage to insist on the test until he finally consented. When it came back at 4.83, he said it was "normal" and wouldn't treat. I sent the result to an endo who diagnosed me with autoimmune hypothyroidism and began treatment. Unfortunately, all too often, it takes at least that degree of "pushiness".

I once read an article written by an MD who said it takes women an average of six medical consultations before the hypoT diagnosis is made. If they don't have the courage to persist, they end up with a pat on the back and a prescription for an anti-depressant that does nothing for them.

I've since learned that the TSH test isn't the only one to ask for. At the very least, you want TSH plus free T4. The very best thyroid "panel" includes TSH, free T4, free T3, and the thyroid antibodies - anti-TPO and anti-Tg. This combination will reveal everything you need to know about your thyroid function.

You have many thyroid symptoms. Even anemia can be a thyroid symptom. Don't give up in your quest for thyroid testing! When I first came to this board with the suspicion my gland wasn't doing the job for me, I was encouraged by the wisdom and knowledge of the members here not to give up before getting a diagnosis. That support served me well.
Good luck!

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boata HB User
Re: courage to ask for test

So what's the worst thing that can happen if you push your doctor for the test? Maybe he'll treat you with disrespect... He's already doing that. I had to insist that my doctor do the tests. He kept telling me that I was depressed and stressed, but none of his anti-depressants did anything for me. Gather up all your courage and write down exactly what you want your doctor to do. Have it in your hand when you go in to see him and force yourself to read it line by line. And be firm - let him know that you are willing to change doctors if necessary to get these tests done. Good luck and let's hope Santa brings you better health for the new year.

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moommin HB User
Re: courage to ask for test

hello midwest and boata,thank you for,your support and advice,im going to docs in the morning and wont moove till he gives me the test,i just read a thread about fibroids might have a conection with thyroid disorders,well iv just been told i have a fibroid,a larg one ,what do you think

Old 12-13-2006, 09:03 AM   #5
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moommin HB User
Re: courage to ask for test

boata and mid west,hi again its meim sat hear crying,just been to the docs to have my bloods checked,for low iron told im how ill i felt,he told me to drop the tabs from three to two,as im not enemic,my blood is low,i asked him for a thyroid test and he said i had one in april,he took three lots of blood,i dont know if he did one for thyroid or not,i feel as though im back where i started, i feel so weak,my joints are aching shooting pains in my chest i cant cope. shirley

Old 12-13-2006, 10:07 AM   #6
Red Maple
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Red Maple HB UserRed Maple HB User
Re: courage to ask for test

Shirley, get those test results from April!!!! You have a legal right to copies of them. They CANNOT refuse to give them to you. There may be a small copying fee but there should be no other charge than that. Post the results of your labs. here on the board, along with the ranges, Midwest is a pro at reading labs and can give you much more accurate information from the labs than most of us here.

We all share our stories here on this board. We certainly don't all have the same treatment as thyroid disorders are a very individual thing. I don't always agree with the advice I get, but am ALWAYS grateful for the other patients' opinions, as I learn so much. We have a great respect for one another, and I can say that the thing we agree on most, is that we MUST TAKE CONTROL OF OUR HEALTH CARE OURSELVES and not just go along with whatever a doctor says. If you have a gut feeling that your symptoms are comming from a thyroid problem--don't let ANY doctor discourage you. This is a time to be very strong. If you need to change doctors, then do! You do not have to tell a new doctor about previous lab tests etc. Keep your mouth shut, just tell them your symptoms and your suspicions about thyroid problems. Since you are getting no where with this doctor, you owe it to yourself to seek a second opinion.

Do some research for a doctor who knows thyroids. I found a wonderful endo about a year ago by using the web, Mary ******'s (sp?) site for "top docs", the "Thyrolar" web site, and the "Armour" site. A trip to the local library revealed more information as they had a booklet of the doctors in my area. When I decided on a few, I looked them up on the web by googling thier name and got more information. I know several other thyroid patients, and medical professionals in my community and started asking for personal recommendations. I finally settled on my current endo. and have been very pleased. Many thyroid patients prefer a "DO" or Doctor of Osteopathy. They are more holistic, but still have a medical liscence, and often insurance will cover them. They approach the body as a whole, rather than just treating symptoms individually. From what you are describing, a DO may be the most beneficial for you.

In the mean time you may want to make a trip to the library and get a few books on thyroid disorders. Most of us here recommend "Thyroids for Dummies" to start. Most of all you need to be educated about the possibility of hypothyroid as your diagnosis. Get as much information as you can. You may have to fight for treatment. Hopefully that will not be the case, but the more knowledge you have the better your argument will be.

Good Luck! Please keep us posted to your progress. Hopefully you will be feeling better very soon!

Old 12-13-2006, 10:54 AM   #7
Join Date: Nov 2006
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moommin HB User
Re: courage to ask for test

red maple, thanks for your advice,it feels good to have someone that understands,doc says that he will phone me in a few days with my blood results,if any thing is wrong,i will go to the librery and find out more,will let you know what he says again thanks very much shirley

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pursie HB User
Re: courage to ask for test

moomin i think this is causing you much distress and ask him! whats the worst that can happen him saying a no, well if he does go to another dr its not unusuall to have anemia with thyroid dissorders i have it this just makes me think you do have a thyroid problem ,! do you get palpitations and anxiety???? this happens as we get low oxygen and shallow breathing you shouldnt have to put up with this i think you should kick some seriose a** lol love from kat ps i have had to be my own advicate every step of the way and learn alot about this disease now i have to give them the clues yikkes !!!! lol and im no rocket scientist good luck follow your gut! love from kat ukxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnorthy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

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Old 12-14-2006, 06:53 AM   #9
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sudufu HB User
Cool Re: courage to ask for test

First of all, patients NEED to stand up for themselves. Most Doctors are NOT just going to hand us everything on a silver platter.

I'm into month 10 of Thy meds RolLerCoasTeR & on Doctor #3.

Dr#1 knew I was having HORRID side-effects on Synthroid, so I asked for Armour. I was told "no - its an OLD medicine" & she didn't OFFER an alternative.

Frustrated beyond comprehension, I found Dr#2 who perscribed Armour, then Cytomel <~LOVE it! But Dr#2 let my T4's get in THE TOILET. I was at .4 with .8 being the bottom of the range -- ALL I wanted was to add some Synthroid TO exsisting Cytomel - nope she was gonna send me to a Specialist (sounds good - but I couldn't WAIT the 2-3 MONTHS)

So I found a Dr. Osteopathic Medicine, Doc#3. He had NO PROBS adding Levoxyl to Cytomel. After 3 months, I'm now taking .100 Levoxyl & Cytomel. I know I'm not DONE adjusting my thy meds, BUT I feel BETTER compared to 3 months ago.

Where would I be TODAY if I hadn't put my foot down & DEMANDED better medical care??
Depressed & sucidial???
unemployed because I couldn't FUNCTION w/ T4's soooooooooo low??

ASK because YOU are WORTH it!!!

If this Doc is unwilling, you need to keep looking until you find one who will LISTEN
take CARE,

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