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  • starting to feel my depression coming back.

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    Old 04-07-2007, 09:53 PM   #1
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    vickie45 HB Uservickie45 HB User
    Unhappy starting to feel my depression coming back.

    hi everyone,as i sit here im a bit depressed i guess its because i have this thyriod disorder and im on medicine synthyrold 50mcgs ,i cant do nothing if i leave my house i cant drive hubby has to take me we went to store the other day to buy our food i did fine i thought my fainting spells were gone but there not i went into dollar store to get a couple things and i felt a panic attack coming on and down i went ,i dont know why im depressed ,i was on effexor ,paxil,zoloft,and celexa and im scared to take them because i allways have side effects on them but i hate being depressed ,im very irratible ,im not happy my life was never like this in 2006 i had surgery and my life has never been the same since sometimes i feel like id rather die then go through all this the labs say my thyriods are withing range but im getting my depression back .and i honestly thought my fainting had stopped but it didnt i have no life i have to depend on my hubby for help i cant even clean house and i feel guilty because before i got sick i cleaned my house every morning by 9am was up at 6am and went places never had a worry in the world i had a job and i tanned everyday ,im seeing a couseler monday but im scared to take anti depressents i been on them since may 2006 and hasnt help any yet havent had a period since dec i dont know whats wrong with me i just know my depression is back i never have any energy and sometimes i just wish id have died when i had surgery and i call the couselers sometimes and i sometimes get the feeling they dont want to listen to me could this be from my thyriods or from stopping my celexa ?im so confused about the way my life has become sorry but i sure wish i could find some kind of crying as i write and i dont know why .i wish at times i could just die then i wouldnt feel so sad.

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    Old 04-08-2007, 01:12 AM   #2
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    loretta38 HB User
    Re: starting to feel my depression coming back.

    After I had my daughter in 1997 - I was diagnosed with post partum psychosis. Now the doctor believes that I already had graves disease and my thryoid was in a "toxic storm". I had my tubes tied because I never wanted to go through that again. I bought this book on panic disorders - I will find it and let you know the name of it - but in it I found out that the number one reason why we keep suffering from panic is because we let it. I will try to explain that. Once you have a panic attack - it is the worst feeling in the world. You feel like your losing your mind - you get dizzy - you feel faint - you tremble - you are confused - but and remember this - you get scared - really really scared. So when it happens the next time - you get scared and the feelings all come and it scares you even more. Then you become scared of the panic attacks all together. What I learned in this book - is that - panic attacks don't kill you. They don't make you crazy. People don't become out of the blue - crazy. So in this book it taught me to think of it like this - "yes - I am having a panic attack - I feel really uncomfortable - but it is not going to kill me - nothing bad is going to happen and soon it will go away". Believe it or not - after I stop giving the panic attacks the power to destroy me - they stopped. Once I started thinking - "oh here is another one of those panic attacks - no big - it will pass" - I stopped giving it power over me. They stopped. It was amazing. I had been to doctors - drugged - even had a 24 hour hospital stay in a psych ward - and believe me - once you step foot in a psych ward - you realize how "not" crazy you are. But that is what helped me. I will get you the name of the book - I have it somewhere here in my house. Trust me - once you regain power over your panic attacks and not let them have the power - they will stop. I promise. Just remember - they can't hurt you - they are uncomfortable - but once you just admit to that and say you know what "panic attack - you aren't going to control my life" - they will go away. I haven't had one in years. And I too was just like you - ready to end my life. I couldn't go anywhere in fear of having an attack- I stayed home for almost one year. I thought I was losing my mind. But I promise to get the name of that book to you and you will learn - just like I did - that once you stop giving the panic attacks power - they go away. I feel so sorry for you - because I was right where you are now. Unfortunately - I had no friends to help me and no doctors that would check my thyroid for imbalances. But lucky for you - you have found many friends - me for one and I will help you every step of the way if you want. Please don't give up - I care about you and want to help. Please reply back to me and in the mean time I will find that book and let you know the name of it. Go buy it immediately. Remember - they are just uncomfortable feelings - and once you stop giving them the power to destroy your life they will go away - I promise. Reply to me ok. I am here for you.

    Old 04-08-2007, 07:47 AM   #3
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    Deb123 HB User
    Re: starting to feel my depression coming back.

    Hi Vickie,

    For one thing you may need an increase in your thyroid meds if the depression is coming back. For me, depression coming back always means I need a bump up and it would quickly resolve. If you have labs post them here with the ranges and let some of the pros here see what they think of them. If you don't have copies then get copies. You are going to have to become proactive in your own health and don't let docs keep telling you that you are fine when you clearly know you are not. Find another doc to listen to you and help and if the next won't then find another after that.

    The dizzy and fainting makes me think you may need to look at your adrenal function. I never had that as one of my low adrenal symptom but I know others have. Below is a list of symptoms people with weak adrenals have reported. You might look at it and see if any of them seem to match any other symptoms you may have going on. If not, I would definitely talk to your doc about a med increase, the dose you are on is very small and you shouldn't stay on it for too long without increasing.

    I hope things get better for you real soon.


    shaky hands; shakiness
    *bad palps
    *feeling of panic
    *inability to handle stress
    *inability to handle interactions with others
    *inability to focus
    *rage or sudden angry outbursts
    *emotionally hyper sensitive
    *highly defensive
    *feeling paranoid
    *exacerbated reactions to daily stress
    *no patience
    *easily irritated
    *mild to severe hypoglycemic episodes
    *taking days to recover from even minor stress
    *taking days to recover from a dental visit
    *flu-like symptoms
    *all over body ache
    *super-sensitive skin
    *extreme fatigue
    *scalp ache
    *hyper feeling
    *clumsy (drop things, bump into things)
    *suddenly feel extremely hungry
    *low back pain
    *cloud-filled head (happens when this patient is due for a next cortisol dose)
    *muscle weakness
    *”air hunger”
    *light headedness
    *motion sickness
    *coffee putting patient to sleep
    *vomiting even running up the slightest incline
    *almost passing out every time patient gets up
    *dark circles under my eyes
    *waking up in the middle of the night for several hours
    *frequent urination
    *IBS symptoms
    *worsening allergies

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    iona_23 HB User
    Re: starting to feel my depression coming back.

    i just wanted to comment on what loretta38 said and i do truly believe that the mind has the power to cure you. i was a wreck myself. couldn't go out without thinking i was going to faint or get into a car accident. i couldn't clean either nor take care of my kids. my depression really got to a point where i would get these "panic attacks" and my body would start shivering and i would twitch. it was really getting the best of me. i turned to a friend for some natural healing remedies and she really did say "mind over matter". that the mind does have the power to control you. sometimes i freak myself out by the dizziness or the lightheadedness. sometimes the palpitations. but then i try to stay calm and sometimes do a little prayer and it does pass...just like loretta says. i'm not one who likes to take meds but i'm sure that they do help, but there are ways that the mind can cure a big part of it as well. i do hope that you find some peace of mind. i'll send out prayers for you.

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    Re: starting to feel my depression coming back.

    hello! i think you could be having some problems because you stopped the celexa. cold turkey? should always titrate off of them.

    i am on lexapro and wellbutrin and i love them. the lexapro helps with anxiety and the wellbutrin gives me energy.

    good luck!


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    vickie45 HB Uservickie45 HB User
    Re: starting to feel my depression coming back.

    i tried tapering off celexa but the psychiatrist i was seeing canceled me and refused to ween me off and as for the fainting i been doing this since sept but had panic attacks since feb 2006 im off celexa and so far im not feeling any dizziness alls i feel is the falling down spells and depression .

    Old 04-08-2007, 11:20 PM   #7
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    rach33 HB User
    Re: starting to feel my depression coming back.

    Hi Vikie, I am sorry you feel so poorly, I guess I am becomming a T3 advocate, but have you tried that, I was never depressed in my life before I got sick, but when I got sick it hit like a rock. I am not a doc, but maybe some T3 would help you too. My T3 level was at a 3. when I started I was told it was normal, but I still felt like crud, so I begged for it. I really hope you feel better; go out and rent a funny movie- something obsurd, with a masked wrestler "Its the Best". Rachel

    Old 04-16-2007, 09:13 PM   #8
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    vickie45 HB Uservickie45 HB User
    Re: starting to feel my depression coming back.

    my labs was last time tsh 2.58 t4 1.4 he didnt do a t3 and yes i have antibodies i went back on my levothyroxine 25mcgs but i take 2 pills like before im getting some energy back after starting back on the levothyroxine i was on it first then he switched me to synthyrold i dont feel bad depressed now just crabby and irratable and my breast hurt but my dizziness is gone and im going to a new dr wed and im going to try to drive myself its 20 mins away last time i drove out of town i had a panic attack when i got home i know its panic but i never fainted with them untill sept 2006 and im still having them i thought my panic attacks would go away boy i hate them they scare me to dealth and at times still i sometimes get depressed because of this ugly disase i have and now i have to live with it for life just like all the rest of you on the boards so maybe i havent come to terms with it just yet cause before this i was health and never had any worries i worked i cleaned my house and i ALLWAYS took a bath everyday but so far this is day 3 going back on the levothyroxines and i do feel better then i did on the synthyrolds .so if my labs read 2.58 and the t4 1.4 are they normal ?oh and i switched back myself i didnt ask the dr i just did it myself .cause i couldnt handle another day of them synthyrolds i guess iam still a little depressed but not quite as bad .

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    Old 04-17-2007, 05:48 AM   #9
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    Re: starting to feel my depression coming back.

    For myself I am thankful:

    1. to know the reason for the myriad of symptoms;
    2. to have a way to feel better;
    3. not to have an incurable cancer or diabetes or MS or some other far worse than an underactive thyroid condition which is treatable with a little pill each day;
    4. to feel better already at age 62 than I did in my early 40s.

    As I told my children when they were small and dripping tears over skinned knees, "There, there, dear one, I daresay you'll feel better before you are married three times. I know this is the worst pain you have yet encountered, but I assure you others have known far worse. Be thankful. Pain is relative." They didn't understand that last sentence then, but they certainly do now.

    I don't mean to make light of your misery, just trying to give you some perspective. Despite the many symptoms, this is treatable and it really isn't close to the most horrid disease known to man.

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