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iona_23 04-10-2007 10:50 AM

iodine tablets???
so i've been diagnosed with hashimoto's thyroiditis in the middle of march. my TgAB results were supposed to be in the range of "<100" in which mine was at 657. the doctor prescribed me some iodine tablets 200 mgs. i've been taking it for about 2 weeks now and i'm starting to feel sick all the time. like nauseated and just sick to my stomach. is this normal symptoms? is it ok to feel like this? i don't want to be much of a complainer and i'm willing to continue to take it if it will help with the thyroiditis problem. tho i must say that i'm glad that i'm no longer a basketcase. i do get the other symptoms but i feel like i'm understanding more about this.

the dr said to take it for 6 weeks then i go back to get another blood test done to see if those are working and IF NOT, she will then prescribe some thyroid hormones. i was thinking "why didn't she just give me the hormones right away?" my tsh, ft3 and ft4 were all within range, and i guess that's why she just started me on the iodine tabs. is there anyone out there who's taking iodine tabs? i don't think they are the radioactive iodine ones. just iodine 200 mgs is all it says. and she told me to take it when i get up and to wait 30 minutes before i eat breakfast. any advice would be GREAT! thanks so much everyone!!!

rach33 04-10-2007 11:14 AM

Re: iodine tablets???
It is so weird how advise differs from Endo to Endo, I have Graves-Hashis/Hashi toxicosis- my anti bodies were 1360 (should be like 30) my Endo told me not to take any extra Iodine, it would make me sick. I dont know if you have researched it, but I found (how reliable I dont know) that a sick thyroid only absorbs 1% of Iodine, when a healthy one absorbs 80%. So it may be building up in your system? I hope you feel better :)

iona_23 04-10-2007 11:18 AM

Re: iodine tablets???
thanks rach, any advice is good for me. but i wasn't seeing an endo. i was seeing a cardiologist. but i am going to see an endo soon and hopefully i can get some "legit" meds to help me feel better. i do cross my fingers that i find some peace and sanity in all this. i hope u do too. my prayers go out to u.

elmhar 04-11-2007 09:40 AM

Re: iodine tablets???
Hi Iona,

In the USA, iodine insufficiency has been found in a little more than 10 % of the population. Usually in people who are eating a low-sodium diet (US table salt is fortified with iodine), & who also eat very little shellfish (naturally high in iodine). Since iodine is a critical component of thyroid hormone, it does make sense to supplement it for folks who are iodine-deficient.

Is it possible that your cardiologist rec. the iodine in part because you are on a sodium-restricted diet? I'm not clear on how available/popular iodized salt is in Germany.

In any case, the 200 mg. amt. is little more than the USA recommended 150 mg/day -- which many experts believe is quite low. Analysis of ethnic diets shows average iodine intake for humans around the planet is often many times that 150 mg/day -- except in areas where there is iodine-deficiency illness.

[B]The rub comes where someone is Dxd with Hashi's. [/B] In autoimmune thyroid disease (e.g. Hashi's), supplementing iodine alone will [I]sometimes[/I] increase autoantibodies. A few studies have shown that this tendency is reduced when selenium levels are adequate. Selenium is necessary for the enzymes that metabolize thyroid hormone.

In other words, it makes sense to take a little selenium -- say 100 mcg/day, when you are supplementing iodine. There are many people who are low on Se -- it is common in produce, but like iodine, much depends on the soil where the plant was grown. Do not overdo the selenium, as toxicity (nasty) can arise. The tolerable upper limit in adults for Se is about 400 mcg/day. Many multivitamins have some Se.

Regarding the stomach issues -- iodine does increase stomach acid. Have you tried taking your tablet with food, or perhaps dividing the tablet & taking the halves twice per day? The "take it before breakfast & wait" business is useful for taking actual thyroid hormone, however, our dietary iodine normally comes to us in food matrix, so it makes some sense to take it with food, esp. if there is gut upset. However I would avoid taking it at the same time with goitrogenic foods (many lists are available) that have potential to reduce iodine uptake.

IMO it would make the most sense to Rx iodine supplements after determining whether or not there is actual iodine insufficiency, by doing a urine or blood test. However it is much cheaper to simply do a trial of iodine supplements.

Best wishes.

iona_23 04-12-2007 10:34 AM

Re: iodine tablets???
thanks elmhar.....but i am not in any sodium restricted diet. i'm pretty sure that i uptake alot of iodine as it is. but i don't know why i was given iodine tablets. i hope to see an endo soon and get meds that will help me. lately everytime i take the tabs, i feel sick. your advice helped me alot. thanks.

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