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Help-Sudden onset of hypertension on 6-29-07 - thyroid now suspected

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Old 08-13-2007, 09:12 PM   #1
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kerry4 HB User
Help-Sudden onset of hypertension on 6-29-07 - thyroid now suspected

I have been in the high blood pressure message area of this board. My entire story of the ailments and symptoms i have encountered since June 29th 2007.
The link is [url][/url].

Basically i have been having issues with my neck throughout this ordeal. I've had multiple docs check my thyroid and they all say there is no problem. Come to find out, the only think they have all checked is my TSH level. Last level sitting at 2.6.

Anyways, I have had 2 CT scans on my abdomen where docs suspect a possible pheochromocytoma or paraganglioma as my 24hour urinalysis shows elevated catecholamine levels.

Being that i have had this pain in my neck, i finally demanded a ultrasound of my neck. The doc decided to take it a step further to perform a CT scan on my entire neck to check lymph nodes, etc.

I finally get a call from my docs nurse saying that my CT results of my neck have come in and all look great, no problems.

I requested that the results be faxed to me so as I can retain for my records.

Below is are the results of my neck CT scan. Now tell me that there is no problem here.


TECHNIQUE: Serial axial CT images through the neck were obtained following IV contrast administration.

FINDINGS:The spaces of the suprahyoid neck appear unremarkable without adenopathy, mass lesion, or obvious inflammatory changes or abcess.

There are scattered nonspecific subcentimeter lymph nodes identified throughout the neck.

There was a marker placed at the site of clinical concern along the left lateral aspect of the neck. There is no mass lesion or abnormal inflammitory change identified in this location.

The infrahyoid neck appears grossly unremarkable, (heres the kicker) with the exception of a small 4-mm hypodense lesion on the right thyroid gland. I question thyroid cyst.

IMPRESSION: 1. Scattered nonspecific lymph nodes scattered throughout the neck in an otherwise unremarkable CT evaluation of the neck. No evidence of mass lesion or abnormal inflammatory change.

HOW ABOUT THAT for everyone dismissing my complaint of the pain in my neck.

Is it possible for a thyroid cyst to cause increased hypertension? Increased urine catecholamine's?

Thank you for reading and please advise.

I have appointment with endo aug 27th, but doc wants to try to get me in sooner.

Thanks again

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Re: Help-Sudden onset of hypertension on 6-29-07 - thyroid now suspected

Most thyroid cysts don't cause any symptoms and are found only accidentally. It's very doubtful that your small cyst is causing your hypertension, or even your neck pain to be honest.

Thyroiditis can elevate BP, especially if it causes hyperfunction of the gland, and it can cause neck pain. Thyroiditis also can cause extreme anxiety. Your TSH of 2.6 doesn't indicate hyperfunctioning, but it would be helpful to have free T4 and free T3 tests to make sure of that.

I don't think your thyroid is the source of your trouble, but I don't know everything. This'll bump you up so perhaps someone who knows more about it will comment.

Hope you figure it out soon.

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kerry4 HB User
Re: Help-Sudden onset of hypertension on 6-29-07 - thyroid now suspected

Thank you for your response.

What struck me as odd is that I demanded a scan of my neck as the left side around the thyroid level has been the cause of my concern. Occasional swelling and tenderness. In fact, just prior to me going to the ER the first time when this all came about, i felt a pinch in that left area of my neck.

Then they scan and find something on the right side and the left appeared fine.

Well, again i really appreciate your input. Perhaps i have intermittent thyroiditis? But then that would have shown on the CT and I would most likely have intermittent BP as well.


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Re: Help-Sudden onset of hypertension on 6-29-07 - thyroid now suspected

Your TSH is a little too high and that points to hyp0-thyroid, not hyper. Optimal TSH is low, around 1.0 or at least below 2.0

Hypothyroidism can lead to adrenal insufficiency and that can cause some of the symptoms you mentioned.

When I had adrenal insufficiency I would easily feel anxious. These are some of the symptoms I had...

lights seemed brighter and bothered me
sudden or loud noises bothered me more than usual
sleep problems, waking up in the middle of the night
low blood sugar
harder to adjust to temperature extremes
difficulty with confrontations
fast heart rate

Hypothyroid symptoms can include..
need more sleep
weight gain
thinning of outer eyebrows
lower body temp
low Bp (can be follewed by high blood pressure)
low pulse (followed by higher pulse)

Have they ever tested your FREE T3 and FREE T4? Optimal for those is in the middle to upper part of the "normal range" , NOT in the middle to lower part of the "normal range".
25 years feeling worse every year on Synthroid & 13 months feel good on Armour Thyroid.

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kerry4 HB User
Re: Help-Sudden onset of hypertension on 6-29-07 - thyroid now suspected

I have read on that. I had wondered if my TSH has been above normal.

I've had my thyroid level tested 4 times in the past 6 weeks. All docs say im fine based solely on the TSH level only. After much research, i realize that i need my Free T3 and free t4 tested.

Basically I have been referred to an endocrinologist set for Aug 27th. My doc is persistent on me seeing the endo sooner, so he pulled some strings and got me in with the endo on the 20th.

Basically, i saw a dr on June 28th for feeling ill and losing my appetite consistently. Naseated after eating, etc. I lost 10 lbs.

That appt in the 28th is the last time my blood pressure had been normal 122/78. Up until this point, i never have had a problem with BP.

The 29th i went to the er with palps, , anxiety, hypertension, etc. bp of 217/120.

Since this visit, i cannot function without Xanax and Diovan.

Also, in the middle of all of this, i hadnt been able to eat, i lost 38 lbs in 5 weeks. I went to a gastro doc and had a colonoscopy and endoscopy which explained why i hadnt been eating. I had severe gastritis and duodenitis along with multiple erosions of the colon. I have been on treatment for all of this and have been improving. I can now eat almost as good as before.

All the docs seem to think i have a pheo or other norepinephrine producing mass withing my body causing all of these issues due to the elevated epinephrine, norepinephrine and menanephrine levels in my 24hr urinalisys.

I have hard time sleeping,
racing heart.
anxiety attacks.

Symptoms much like yours.

I just hope that it is something that is odd, they locate the cause, cut it out of me and i am 100% again. I havent been able to do much more than lay down and try to relax for the past 6 weeks.

I havent been to work since June 28th. I am fortunate to be able to work from home.

I am putting all of my faith into this endo and hope that he is able to locate the exact issue. i will request a full thyroid examiniation and blood tests.

Thanks for the response.

I will follow up with any more info that i can get,

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Re: Help-Sudden onset of hypertension on 6-29-07 - thyroid now suspected

I don't think the nodule on the thyroid is big enough to be causing problems. It also says that it is cystic which makes it even more unlikely. It's most likely what they would call an incidentaloma. All that means is it was only found by coincidence but does not cause clinical symptoms.

Elevated urine catecholamine's can, at times, be found in hyperthyroidism but in that case, you would expect to find a supressed TSH level. You might wanna ask them to run a Free T4 and Free T3 just on the off chance that you are like me with normal TSH and high thyroid hormones. It's extremely rare but I'm here to tell you, it can happen.

Pheochromocytoma sounds much more plausable than thyroid issues. There are a couple gals around here familiar with that. There was a discussion a couple months back on that. You could do an advanced search of the board and see what they had to say.

You probably won't find anything on this board about paragangliomas. But that would also be a much higher probability than thyroid. They arise from the glomus cells, which are special chemoreceptors located along blood vessels that have a role in regulating blood pressure and blood flow. The main concentration of glomus cells are found in the carotid body, located in the upper neck at the branching of the common carotid artery, and the aortic bodies. I don't know if they can cause pain or not. It would be well to look into that.

I don't believe the TSH level is an issue. In my opinion it is either normal for you or it's a little high as a compensatory mechanism for whatever else is going on. Thyroid hormones are capable of reacting to other things going on in the body to help the body compensate for other major issues. The various endocrine hormones talk to each other and try to balance each other out.

Wish you bunches of luck in getting to the root of the problem.


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