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Let's post our stories here-I'll start with mine 2

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Old 08-29-2007, 11:53 AM   #1
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Crystalgray HB User
Let's post our stories here-I'll start with mine 2

I wanted to post my story.

My problems started in 2004. I was in my second year of law school and I started having a sore throat, chills, low body temperature, and a lack of energy. I had never been sick before so I figured it was just a bug I was having and that it would go away soon. Soonafter I noticed that I only had enough energy to get up in the morning to go to class, I would come home and sleep all day, It was out of character yet I didn't think much of it. This went on all that semester. Then around November of that year the pain of my throat became worse. I still didn't think much of it until Jan 05, I started to get other symptoms.

I started to have acidosis and bad breath. I went to my dentist and she said my teeth were perfect so she referred me to a ear, nose, and throat doctor. I explained my symptoms above and that my throat pain was getting worse. He said he thought I had acid reflux and allergies. I started meds for that. Four months went by and I was getting worse. I was now sleeping 12-13 hours a day. I had gained about 7 pounds (even thoug I was too tired to eat)and I was cold all the time even though it was summer time ( I began running the heater in my car even though it was 80-90 degrees out).

A few more months went by and I hardly left me house. The only time I would go out was for class, my energy level was that bad. I started to have constipation so my doctor referred me to a gastroenterologist. I explained my symptoms: sore throat (so sore I could stand to wear a necklace, or turtlenecks) weight gain (I was now 135 pounds and counting) I was cold all the time, my blood pressure was low, I would have chills, constipation, bad breath, and excess acid in my body. The symptoms didn't make much sense. He placed me on Nexium and refused to draw blood. I tried the nexium for four months yet nothing helped. I was now 25 years old but I felt at least 75.
No one would listen to me, I complained to my family and they thought it was stress. I went home that Christmas and I cried the whole time yet my family continued to think it was "all in my head". (My mother started having the same weird symptoms about 10 years earlier yet "she learned to live with them". So in her eyes I should "learn to deal with them as well"). I returned home the following month to start my new job after school, yet my health continued to deteriorate. I gained more weight. I continued to not have a social life-I would go to work and go home and sleep-that was life for me.

Finally, in Feb of this year I went to a internist and I explained my symptoms again, He decided to run blood (the first blood test I had had since getting sick two years ago) and it came back with a high TSH and a low T4, my cholesterol was also sky high. I was put on 50mcgs which didn't help much and now I am up to 125mcgs.

I feel slightly better yet not "normal". I feel angry that I've had to endure all this pain and suffering by myself without family help and support by my side (I stopped talking to my mother about 6 months ago). I am also upset that doctors didn't figure this out a long time ago, but I am so grateful that now I have a diagnosis. : I just hope I can get my life back and start living life again to the fullest.

FYI: I have not talked to my mother because of her lack of support, yet I have e-mailed her a few times urging her to get her thyroid checked out, of course she has failed to do so.

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homie78 HB User
Cool Re: Let's post our stories here-I'll start with mine 2

Crystal, You and I have a bit in common. Your story sounds similar to mine. I know the feeling of "tired of being tired" and it does suck when people just blow off your pains, they have NO IDEA! I had my thyroid removed when I was 15, now 29. Mine started the same way, sore throat always cold, I had buldgy eyes and was very under weight though (Graves). I was lucky enough that my grandmother (father's side) had thyroid disease and notice it in me, she had me see an Endo asap.

My mother has thyroid disease, not that she has ever been to a Dr to be diagnosed, but I can tell from her symptoms and she also has a large lump in her throat. I know that eventually it will cause her heart to fail or something. I have tried on so many occasions to get her to see a Dr but she will not and she drinks beer daily, which I know the liver just loves : 0.

Now I have always had her support since being diagnosed and treated, but she would have never made me see a Dr when I needed to those years ago, that was all my father and grandmother, she had no insurance for me so grandma had to foot all the bills, numerous Endo docs, radiation therapy, meds, ect. It had caused alot of stress between us, especially as an adult with kids and to be honest, I didn't like to be around her.

My grandmother and my father died within 2 months of each other 2 years ago and that was an eye opener, I have learned not to judge my mom as harshly as I did in the past. We all make our decisions, and if her choice is not to address it, then there is simply nothing I can do, no matter how bad it might suck! I discovered that I would rather be as close to her as I can while we are both here, because you never know what tomorrow may bring..

I wish you luck and good health and hope that you and your mother get through your troubled times!!

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mkgbrook HB Usermkgbrook HB Usermkgbrook HB Usermkgbrook HB Usermkgbrook HB Usermkgbrook HB Usermkgbrook HB Usermkgbrook HB Usermkgbrook HB Usermkgbrook HB Usermkgbrook HB User
Re: Let's post our stories here-I'll start with mine 2

My story summarized:
Issues and symptoms of thyroid dysfunction at the age of 27. First and only pregnancy kicked my butt and did me in. The pregnancy was a surprise. I had been told by my OB five weeks prior to being pregnant, that I was infertile. Humm.. should have gotten a new OB right then.

Pregnancy issues:
I was sure (being infertile) I had the stomach bug from Hades, Vomiting 24-7 that wouldn't go away. Not so lucky it was morning noon and night sickness, which lasted my whole pregnancy. Other stuff: I had with extreme water weight gain and loss, liver and kidney issues, joint pain and dislocations, hormonal migraines and vision impairment; but, the baby was developing well, so I was told it was natural just live with it. I would flux over 20 lbs in water weight a day. By month five my joints would not hold me up with out a walker or cane aide. By month seven my liver was trying to fail on me (they began to treat that), I had ceased to sleep, and I retained so much water I shifted with the tides and sslept on the toilet at night. I had vision loss and migraines and all the classic thyroid skin signs.. and my hormonal levels were bad. They never gave me anything to get my thyroid balanced. Then my water broke (no labor) 6 weeks early!

Mommy time:
Got an in affective epideral. Did 13.5 hours of induced labor. Went from the 100% ready to go.. to the kids head is stuck, swollen shut, and this baby coming out of here... so the OB asked if I wanted to continue to push and drive to the line (my husband said I got a bit scary and told him where he could put his football analogies) to which my OB said we have a failure to convert and need to go for an emergency C-section (smart donkey!). An emergency C-section saw the successful extraction of a healthy ten pound premie boy with a 14.2 inch circumferance head . (so much for the seven pound estimate)

This should have been it right.. I dropped 40 pounds the morning my son was born, and another 30 in retained fluid the following three days after that. So far so good, but what was with all this pain, strange symptoms, and chronic fever. After five days in the hospital, I was sent home with a fever of 103.5. I got ill that night and had to be rushed back to my normal OB first thing the next morning. She immediately diagnosed me with septic pelvic vein thrombosis and a uterine infection.. so back to the hospital for me for another three weeks on IVs.

Now my undiagnosed thyroid issues, were continually dismissed out of hand. And I was too tired to argue. I took their diagnosis of, "It is common in pregnant and post partum women to have such issues. You have to just deal with it, it will go away." It didn't and my symptoms started to get worse. Luckily, I moved and got better health care.

So in the five years after my son's birth and our relocation I went on the blinder wearing specialist marathon and praised my health insurance company. Allergist immunologist.. shots not needed again (Completed 2 series previously), just medicate. ENT.. a bilaterial turboplasty performed on my sinuses for the chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. Then my 4th GP (internal med.) suspected sleep apnea. I was sent to my sleep specialist and diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. The sinus issues continued and given my sleep apnea I went in for sinus surgery #2 full roto rooter of the head and T&A. All good no more chronic sinusitis only chronic bronchitis now. Dermatologist for facial swelling and skin issues which occurred with increasing regularity. Diagnosed with severe contact dermatitis, exzyma, and rosecea and a contact skin allergen test was performed and confirmed my allergies to iodine, cobalt, nickle, propylene glycol and some other stuff.

Well my given all my medications and the fact the hormonal migraines and vision issues were getting worse.. I was figuring I was screwed. Then I consulted my new high risk OB-GYN about having a second child (1 mo. ago).. and she looked at my history and said you need to be tested and find out more about your mother's thyroid history.

Well the tests began and family information search began as well. My mom was a bit ashamed and unwilling to share, but I got a look at her Thyroid uptake scans and post surgery report. Graves and Hashi's.. Hashitoxicosis... (Oh boy.. on-line research and things began to make sense) Now my mom is the oldest of five sisters.. Well the next sis in line after my mom has Hashitoxicosis (like my mom), working toward just Hashi's now. She had many pregnancy difficulties and only one successful pregnancy and is scheduled to have her thyroid removed. Sister two down the line has hashi's and had only one successful pregnancy. Sister three is suspected of being hypothyroid or hashi's, but refuses to be tested. She has had three successful pregnancies. Sister four has just “Graves” disease, and has had four successful pregnancies. So thyroid issues are definitely genetically dominant here why should I be different.

Well the results came back and the TPOAb and TGAb were high indicating a thyroid disorder, Hashi's at least. TSH, T4, FT4, T3, FT3, and T3-Uptake were odd.. off in both hypo and hyper ways, but still just in the "normal range". My GP consulted his in house endo .

This endo said I was too young at 32 and I didn't need to seek treatment for my thyroid at this time. I was at an increased chance for miscarriage, but not bad enough to treat.. we will just monitor it and let your OB deal with it if you get preggers. Well I went against that advice and got a recommendation to the best endo in town. I also finally got all GD antibody results in, and it looks like I am just Hashi's and not Hashitoxicosis like I was suspecting.
Results Normal Range
TSI 1.1 <1.3
TRAb 10% <100%
Which leads me to question, what is with the periodic hyper symptoms. Hopefully, my endo can give me some insight into that. So now I begin the adventure of treating Hashi's with regards to attempting a second pregnancy and increased quality of life. Yes, I am asking to be punished.

If we learn by our mistakes, I am working on one hell of an education.

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Mocha119 HB User
Re: Let's post our stories here-I'll start with mine 2

Hi I wanted to post my story after reading other stories that were related to my experiences with thyroidism. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 9 years ago at the age of 20 after noticing a lump on my throat when i would swallow. I had surgery done to remove one half of what they call a goiter. I was not aware of the symptoms that come along with Hypothyroidism and thought i was perfectly fine. About 2 years i started to experience panic attacks and signs of depression. I wanted to be alone because i didnt want others to think i was crazy.Well i started taking an anti-depressant (zoloft) that really worked. However, as over the years my symptoms have became worst I have a very low body temperature, low tolerance to cold and have a hard time warming up. When others complain about being hot i feel like im freezing! I have a hard time remember things even in the middle of a conversation. Now at age 29 i am experiencing extreme fatique, muscle cramps in my legs, carpel tunnel syndrome, memory loss, heavy menstrual bleeding and severe cramping, difficulty losing weight, constipation, and premenopause symptoms (hot flashes!) I haven't taken any medication for my condition ever and was checked 3 years ago & they said i was ok and didnt need any med's. Well my condition has worsened and i have to have meds. Hope my story may help someone else understand their condition.

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famnd HB User
Re: Let's post our stories here-I'll start with mine 2

Life is just a box of chocolates or so I thought . Fast backwards to 1977. It was a Friday night & I was whizzing round with my vacuum cleaning trying to get the house in order before my husband came home. He pops in & says, open your mouth & plops a chocolate in my mouth!!! I screamed as I chomped down on it. My back molar immediately put me in a pain crisis. Of course, dentists don't make house calls & certainly don't work weekends. So I put my husband in charge of our 5 tots under 6 & I loaded up on aspirin & went to bed. Monday morning I was front & center at the dentist's office & he proceeded to tell me only a root canal would get rid of the pain. So I did the antibiotics & started the root canal. Each session left me in pain for the whole weekend. The whole process was drawn out because it was hard to get babysitters to go for appointments. Finallly, it was done. Still I had daily pain & was $500 poorer.

After repeated antibiotics I said enough & told him to take the tooth out. No refund of course. I woke up next morning to a swollen & painful cheek & neck. I was so exhausted which would last at least 6 months.

The swelling in my thyroid wouldn't go down. My pulse & b/p were thru the roof along with heart palps. I was hyperthyroid in no uncertain terms. Lucky for me I got into the care of a ENDO who was doing a research study & agreed to care for me if I would agree to be in the study & come for freguent visits.

I was in danger of going into a thyroid storm. He wanted me in the hospital but I pleaded that I would do anything he said if I could just stay home to be with my kids. He relented & gave me strict guidelines which I followed to the letter. He said it would take a year to get back on my feet & he was right.

My thyroid went back to normal & I was able to get off b/p & thyroid meds. My next attack came as a surprise 5 yrs ago. After catching what I thought was a cold from my grandchild, my thyroid swelled up. My throat got very sore & I was exhausted. I was new in town & didn't really have a DR. but I had seen one for a pap the summer before. So I went to the clinic ; I insisted on a throat culture which was negative. I started on the antibiotic to pacify the Dr. but promply had a allergic reaction. I just knew this was a return of my thyroiditis.

Went to another clinic, & by then I was full blown hyper so as soon as the Doc saw me, she order an immediate tsh etc. She told me I was close to a thyroid storm. We didn't have a Endo nearby so next stop was to go to a ENT who immediately R/ me with thyroiditis. And the woman Doc worked on getting an appointment with a Endo of hers in Chat. who is a ENDO.

Now 5 yrs down the road, I'm still on b/p meds which I hate. Plus 1/4 of a tab of Synthroid. I'm awaiting the results of another US which I will have in October as I may have to have a TT. My daughter had thyroid cancer in Jan. & now my 2nd daughter may have the same thing. Three other relatives have had hypothyroidism.

All this had all been a nightmare ( I left out gorry details) as I had had limited experience with the medical side of life. I've learned to be very organized, get all my lab reports, be very assertive with Docs but polite, & research, research, & don't take No for an answer when it is important.

BTW I've since found out that a virus or bacteria can find its way to the thyroid via a fistula from the throat that is formed or one is born with. Only certain viruses or bacteria cause thyroiditis. The first time, I most certainly got the bacteria from the root canal. It is a problem for me now because I can't be around my 10 grandchildren if they are sick at all. Fam

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