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molly70 09-19-2007 03:11 AM

copper supplements
Hi all,

Has anyone tried copper supplements have been informed its very good for hypo/hyper as thyroid problems due to copper deficiencies. Not sure you read and hear so much interested to hear back from anyone.



Nyxie63 09-19-2007 05:30 AM

Re: copper supplements
Copper does a whole lot of things for the body and is a vital nutrient. If you're taking a good multimineral or multivitamin that contains copper, that should be enough. Most multis contain 1.5-3mg of copper daily. You can also eat foods which contain copper. Nuts, shellfish, organ meats, and legumes are all good. Whole grains, whole grain products and chocolate also contain copper, but may contain other ingredients which could interfere with copper absorbtion.

If you're going to be taking a specific mineral supplement, its best to be tested and find out your levels first. Having excess of any mineral is sometimes worse and possibly more harmful than having low levels of that mineral. Iron and zinc supplements may lower copper levels. Large doses of vitamin C may also lower copper. Having high levels of iron, zinc, manganese and/or calcium may interfere with copper absorbtion. The reverse is true as well. Low levels of those 4 minerals, especially zinc, can raise copper absorbtion and lead to an excess, which is much more common than a deficiency.

Minerals play a delicate balance with one another. Example, my iron is very low (ferritin of 7). As a result, my manganese is through the roof and I have low copper. My dr says that as my iron is being optimized, it will bring down the manganese level, thereby allowing the copper to raise. My zinc is fine, but then my body's strange anyway.

Hope this helps. :)

molly70 09-21-2007 02:34 AM

Re: copper supplements
Thank you for your information, everything to do with vitamins and minerals is so confusing at the moment this is what i am taking copper 2mg, biotin along with magnesium and calcium which i am told will help with palpitations etc. I take a combined supplement of iron and vitamin c which i am told will help with the absorption of the iron also taking sulphur and vitamin b100 complex. I have tried all sorts of combinations and these seem to be helping at the moment but maybe thats just wishful thinking:( It would be nice to feel normal again.

Thank you again.


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