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Letterer 10-25-2007 10:09 AM

Feeling of fullness and pressure in neck
This sensations has come on slwoly over the last several months and varies from day to day, but on days when it's really obvious I also have a mild sore throat, super brain foggy feeling, heavy limbs, extreme fatigue, headache, ringing in my ears, ear pain and popping, increased hand pain on both sides, collar bone and shoulder pain on one side.

It feels like somebody's got their thumb pressed gently against my throat just below the adams apple area. I can't see any obvious swelling or lump when I do the "neck check". When my GP checked he didn't notice anything (that was in last August).

Seems to me there's some swelling going on, it's just not noticeable on the outside? Can there be very mild swelling that I feel the effects from but isn't detectable by the doc's hand exam?

Any home remedies to get relief? Sometimes I feel like I have to lean forward a bit to get a breath past this pressure. I've tried ice packs or "Icy Hot", but don't really notice anything. I don't see the new Endo until next week.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :)

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