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osteoblast 04-15-2008 04:33 PM

Low body temp-hypo
My body temp is around at least a point or a point and a half below normal. I have been treated for about 2 yrs. with synthroid. While my thyroid levels have fluctuated quite alot with treatment, I thought that if treated that your metabolic processes were supposed to get more normal. I would have thought this would apply to body temp as well-but not in my case.
Did others with hypo find that when treated that their low body temp returned somewhere closer to 98.6?
Today I feel like I am running a temp, I have topped out at 98.4. As my regular normal may be even as low as 97.----I don't know what to think exactly. I guess I have to record my daily temp over some time to establish what is actually my normal now , so I could know if I was running a temp.

famnd 04-15-2008 05:53 PM

Re: Low body temp-hypo
My morning temp (oral) is usually between 95-96. I'm running a temp if mine is 97. I've asked numerous Dr's to no avail. My TSH is running between 2-3 at the present time. Dr. Dean Edell says to take a rectal temp because so many factors can influence an oral temp. I keep forgetting to do that.

Oh, I almost fogot. I'm always so hot when everyone around me is cold. I keep the house temp no higher than 66 & lower when my husband isn't home. Go figure!!!


Jelohi 04-18-2008 12:45 PM

Re: Low body temp-hypo
My new Doc is having me keep a record of my basal temp and pulse 3 days a month. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I think it was under 97 was supposed to be hypo and over 98 hyper. The first day I took mine it was 92. I'm just starting Armour & still working up to my ideal dose though.

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