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pursie 04-24-2008 07:33 AM

Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!!! Purise Herexxx
hi to cut a very long story long sorry short lol,
i have had a thyroid problem for atleast 2 years and a pretty unstable one aswell when i have to raise meds i have to do it in qauter pills as they are to strong for me and im so sensitive , last exmas i went very over active and have thyroiditis really bad flare ups, i had swollen glands for along time and i always have a goiter i have one singal nodule on left lobe but small 3mm, small but i asked for a scan as it was hurting axactly where they found the nodule?? but they said it was way to small to worry about??? so it is doing something, anyway i always feel cold and flue like i have bloodshot eys and at the moment i feel overmedicated again at a tsh of 0.44 they dont very often do the t4 or t3 , the thing is it swings , im going back for another scan but my drs think i am the biggest pain ever and i have to beg for the last test . im at my wits end is it noraml to have all theese chest infections and to feel ill all the time i have temp and red eyes im 38 and feel like i cant cope anymore with this horrible illness i have 3 small kids to look after and i cant even think about working ??? , if its hashis making me have theese thyroiditis flare ups will they stop ever whren the thyroid aventually dies or maybe im over medicated and need to drop abit, i have a very unhappy thyroid at the momnet and it is often a goiter is thsi normal for hashis and if so mayeb mine will die asap rip mr thyroid thanks so much for reading love kat hi to all i missed you
ps will i ever get my life back please has anyone been through thisxxxx

mkgbrook 04-24-2008 08:32 AM

Re: Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!!! Purise Herexxx
I am so sorry this is happening to you and you are having to fight for care. Join me and others on this thread, it is what we are fighting for and I check it regularly. I can also sympathize. When we feel like crud and excrement we should have to be made to feel like ofal on our MDs shoes.

In my opinion if I am viewed as MD shoe ofal, he better slip while stepping on me and bust his own backside! Back to point and your questions, but the tactful rant felt GOOD.

1) Getting the Ultrasound is a good thing. If you have a nodule/nodules of ~1 cm they should be under the observation of an ENT who performs US targeted ultrasounds every 6 months. Anything less is not optimal care. If you have a sudden constriction.. inability to swallow with out things getting caught.. etc.. you need to go to an ENT at that time.
2) If you have Hashimoto's it can be determined by antibodies and in the rare false negative case, a biopsy.
3) If your thyroid is dead and no longer storing T4 in its tissue.. yes symptoms should subside from antibody destruction and release of stored hormones.
4) How long? Depends on how high your antibodies are and active the destruction is..
5) Some feel better having the thyroid removed and can thus be medicated easily. Some have issues because the thyroid lords determine T4 only when T3 needs to be looked at or adrenals or pituitary function. It is all interconnected and when one wall falls down.. it is easier for the others to go.
6) Chronic chest and sinus infections are common with poor sleep and a compromised immune system. You have to battle allergies, illness and try and keep things as optimal as possible. An ENT may be abe to help you here.
7) Use your children as your strength. They need their mommy and love you unconditionally.. giving them what they want is a BONUS! Then you are ultimate COOL mommy. My son has been my driving force to make me get the care and not give up when the first 5 MDs told me.. your normal.. nothing is wrong. Well tell that to my 2000 some odd thyroid antibodies and dead adrenal glands! Whoops! Sorry that just spilled out. *sighs*

So what is going on now? Fight for getting your GP to pull a TSH, Ft3, Ft4, and TPOAb and blood chemistry panel. Make sure you know what your B12, Ferritin, and vit D are... Depending on the Ft3 adn Ft4 balance additional blood work may be needed. Get an ultrasound of the thyroid and an uptake scan if the US shows odd vasvularity and blood flow. If your node has grown.. request a biopsy. If they are going to do a biopsy.. the Antibody blood work is redundant. You can and will get through this. You have to. You can not let that little pain in the neck rule you.

Come over to that post and read.. i go into detail with Hashimoto's and its.. quirks. I am sorry that you are having a bad day and hope that things turn around. I quick way to determine if you are hyperT and need a temporary dip in meds. Check your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature morning noon and night. If you are not sick and you have a temp 99+ then you may have too much T3 in your system and need a slight decrease in meds for 2-3 days. HR climbs to 95+ Well you are getting into the tachycardia range another sign of hyperT. The symptoms indicate what you are going through.. but it is the blood work that tells the full story and supports your symptoms. A TSH less that .4 will definitely inspire hyperT symptoms. What was your last T3 and T4?


pursie 04-24-2008 12:33 PM

Re: Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!!! Purise Herexxx
you little star, do you know that you have given me more help and advice than my drs have the whole time i known them and that beetween them all,
today the tsh had come back i had to beg for it cos there were only 4 weeks beetween them and it proved i was 3 places in 4 weeks oh im swinging the dr proceeded in telling me that my anxiety clouds my judgement on all the tests they have to keep doing for me , but actuslly she was annoyed cos i got it right and she was wrong cos she had egg on her face she was angry , and said basically i was alooney and had been straining my surgery for tests, by the way i have had tpo and trab that were positive not likely they will do anymore ??? and i paid for a t3 once they have done a t4 twice even though it swings they dont feel the need to know my t4 or t3 well they dont even know how t3 works >>>
yes i shall ask for a biopsy but if its still to small im not going to get any more scans thanks mg for everything i do have my kids as my inspiration but ive had along time of crap and if its doing this much harm to me maybe its better off out or maybe rai???? instead of surgery i cant work or do anything i hardly wash my hair falls out anyway whats the point ive lost so much of my life i dont hardly leave the house i buy my kids lots of things and send my freinds and partner to the swimming and expeditions but im so sad right now i have severe toothe ache and to top it think im going hyper!!!! if i could have had a limb cut off instead of all this 3 years ago beleive me i would so thanks mg youre a star for aring and writting me all that post big hugs to you and youve made me feel much better and have more hope love fro:angel::angel:m katxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwhat am i going to do, can i consult with you next bloods i think the last tsh was 0.44 actually may have said that wrong before and i shall post my next one, and wait for the scan i wonder if the bad bottom tooth is making it much worse goiter?????hugs katxxxxxxx

mkgbrook 04-24-2008 02:30 PM

Re: Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!!! Purise Herexxx
You are welcome. You are also not alone. We are here and that is a world wide supprt network.;)

So it felt good being right, huh? :D Nothing like making an MD eat crow. Some are poor losers. I stick with the MDs that see me as a valuable partner and source of information my care.

You feel free to ask my input on any labs at anytime here:

Also I want you to start doing something for me. Look to the above listed post and there is toward the end a long list of hyper-hypo symptoms that I use. There is also an explaination of Hashimoto's flares there in detail as well. What you are experiencing is very common. Beta-blockers will help with heart symptoms.. skin and other issues can be managed with creams, steriods, and antihistamines.. however you need an MD willing to help you through it an not call you a Wack job.

Your MD should be glad I have not darkened her door. You are far from looney. If anything you are distraught from inadequate care! Incompetence makes mood swings, depression, and anxiety WORSE! If she wants to help you.. then she should help not add stress and angst to your LIFE! Okay. *takes a deep breath and lets it out* Much better.

I am concerned about the hair loss. Has she noted anyrhing for it? Has she checked your ferritin, B12, and vit D levels? If these are good.

Ferritin 70-90, B12 40-60% of range, Vit D normal.. then it has to be thyroid or adrenal in nature. I will get to adrenal hairloss in a minute... in a separate post.

Right now. Treat yourself. A good soak in the tub, your favorite meal.. relax. We will help where we can. Everyone desire basic thorough care: Mind, body, and soul.


kassikoo 04-27-2008 11:20 AM

Re: Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!!! Purise Herexxx
Hi Kat keep your chin up babe we all miss you on here keep poppin in i do i know what you mean though i have been stuck in the house at times cause i havent had the energy to do any other it can be a night mare but keep your chin up sweetie im thinking of you come on here and share your grumbles like me it gets rid of so much frustration and MG really does lift you dont she ,mg has helped me loads you know that apples been banned dont you but i said i would talk to you hunny love kassikoo:D:):angel:

MAD MAZ 04-27-2008 11:22 AM

Re: Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!!! Purise Herexxx
Oh Kat my dear thyroid friend, you know like MG said we are here for each other.

Its not nice when we have been ill with so many thing going on that Doctors in the UK just don't know what to do with us, Kat you are strong and you don't take crap from them you go get the tests that you need!!

Don't give up Kat.. I wish that our Doctor's had a bit more sense...Mad Maz

accessn12 04-28-2008 01:43 PM

Re: Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!!! Purise Herexxx
You've got a worldwide circle of friends girl. Together we will help you get thru this bad time. Just remember you will never be alone. :angel:

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