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crwilson1985 04-24-2008 10:22 AM

So maybe I should introduce myself!
My name is Carrie, I’m 22, fourth year college student with one year left, Human Resource Management major, Delta Zeta sister, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, niece, church member, choir member (part time lol), Dr Pepper-holic, red-head, sweet, compassionate, non-judgmental. I thought it be nice to start off with as many good things as I could think of at the moment.
Ever since middle school I’ve dealt with depression, which I never sought help for until this past January. I’ve dealt with eating disorders off and on since my freshman year of high school. Other things that have plagued me: extremely dry skin (going to arizona and nevada made me curl in a ball clutching my lotion bottle for dear life), being uber cold when everyone else said the temp was fine, mysterious feeling of something stuck in the base of my throat,major irregulation (fem kind), "memory of a gold fish" which was what I constantly told ppl, concentration of a 4 year old (ok maybe 6), and more recently hair thinning and not doing as well in my classes.
Late January, or maybe early February, I had decided to go for counseling since all this seemed to have gotten a little worse and I was finally in a relationship that while I felt good enough, I wanted to be the best woman I could be for him.
I continued going until one day... "Have you ever been checked for thyroid problems?" It sounded a little crazy for part of a second, but then I remember one of my cousins having thyroid issues. Needless to say she told me to go get some blood work done. As soon as I left her office I went straight the the campus clinic. I had a class starting in a little more than an hour but I figured I’d be in and out in no time. Well yeah, of course that isn’t the way it want to work out, there was an emergency with another student which ended up delaying me being seen by an hour...karma doesn’t like me sometimes, i have no clue why... So I went back and actually started feeling dizzy horribly, which wasn’t because I was afraid of the needle. I’ve given blood three times, each time ending not so good. The last time I actually ended up in the ER. After about fifteen minutes and a bottle of cranberry juice I was feeling better and went to do the blood work. Of course I was really late for my class so I decided to skip the last 20 minutes, I guess, and just explain to her what was going on. She understood of course. Anyways the doctor said she expected to get my results back over spring break (the second week of march for us), so I was a bit anxious but I was fine with just waiting.
Sitting in front of my computer at home, looking at stuff for classes I think, early thursday morning I had my phone sitting in my lap when it started to vibrate...scared the mess out of me! It was the doctor. She had my results and she informed me I had Hypothyroidism. I was actually sort of happy. These problems I was having, weren’t my fault. I started tearing up, finally I knew why everything was happening...I started Synthroid on April 3rd.
April 14th I ended up in the ER due to my chest pains. The following weekend my boyfriend of three months admitted to commitment issues but that he also said that I might be the one he works this through with. We're still being the same we were before, talking and texting just as much. I started a generic zoloft on monday and I already feel like I'm doing a little better. The past month and a half has been really stressful, but like my teacher said, "...You’re going to make it through this, and it’s going to make you a stronger person." I am so glad I have my teachers, family, DZ sisters, friends, and Kenneth. They have helped me so much. From words of encouragement, to just hanging out, to crying with me (momma), and best of all being able to make me laugh (Kenneth) it means so much to me.

mkgbrook 04-24-2008 04:17 PM

Re: So maybe I should introduce myself!
Welcome to our dysfuncitonal thyroid family Carrie! I roam the board.. alot;)

Feel free to ask questions share results and cruise this board. Many have years and years of experience others are still trying to get right and it helps to have those that can sympathesize and share their experiences.

I am 32 and developed my issues during pregnancy 27. It wasn't until this past year that I learned how prolific my family thyroid history. Have you had your antibodies tested? TPOAb and TGAb for Hashimoto's? If you have Hashi's you may have some added quirks to deal with.

Well I have recently started a running thyroid care and concerns thread in an effort to stop repeating myself. :D COme and join in. I wonder just how many other younger women are hypoT out there and suffer in silence.

Bless your counciler for thinking thyroid. I am glad that you are beginning the treatment walk. Now it is time for you to work up to a dolphins mental capacity and be happy. I wish you and yours the best.


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