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angela5271 08-22-2008 12:12 PM

High TSH in 7.6 yr old girl??
My daughter has had a large increase in weight in her abdomen and face the past year (around 20 lbs.)

I had her TSH and Free T3 tested, but was told the levels were normal by the nurse. I am by no means an expert nor have much experience with this type of testing, but searching this board and on the net her levels of TSH seem quite high, not so sure about the Ft3...

TSH= 8.9
Ft3= 2.3

I have seen so many different "normal" ranges for children I am not sure what to believe and not believe. Please give me some advice about her levels, and what are the norms for a girl her age (7.6). I personally do not have thyroid issues but her maternal grandmother has been treated for Hypo for many, many years (not sure if it is hereditary?).

Thank you for any answers you provide me. My daughter has a follow-up appointment this coming Monday (8/25) regarding the weight issues, but I would like to go armed with answers about her thyroid levels.

Thank you.


midwest1 08-22-2008 12:47 PM

Re: High TSH in 7.6 yr old girl??
TSH in a prepubertal child should never be higher than 5.5. Free T3 is so rarely tested, I can find no guideline about pediatric levels for it. The reference range given for free T4 is .8 - 2.2; the level for most healthy euthyroid children would be somewhere in the center of that range, no less than about 1.5.

Don't let this get pushed under the rug. Something is not right about a TSH that high. Make sure tests for thyroid (TPO and Tg) antibodies are run, too. Those will indicate if she has inherited the autoimmune cause of hypothyroidism.

angela5271 08-24-2008 01:30 PM

Re: High TSH in 7.6 yr old girl??
Thank you for responding. I thought 8.9 was high, so I am definitely going to be bringing it up to her ped tomorrow. If anything I think she should get those other blood tests done...TPO and Tg.

Thanks again :)


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