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smithabc123x 09-28-2008 10:15 PM

Problems and solution for Synthroid / Levoxyl
I wanted to post this as a possible help to those struggling with problems with Synthroid or Levoxyl. I am male, 59 years and 7 years post throat cancer with radiation therapy followup. Damaged thyroid was part of the radiation effects.
The descriptions of side effects using synth.. or levoxy.. were a real problem with me, ranging from aching joints (to little), to headaches, feeling like my head was going to blow, becoming irritable, not reacting well to stress etc. etc.
I am very proactive in adjusting doses, but have struggled for years with what worked best. Levoxyl worked better than synthroid, different dyes (cutting pills to get the same dose) caused different degrees of headaches, nervousness, etc. But I finally found something that worked for me.
After nearly going crazy on one dose, the Dr. switched me to Thyroid (natural rather than synthetic).
This was an unbelievable improvement. I don't know to describe it other than to say it just smoothed me out and got rid of almost all of the side effects. However when experimenting with it, as I increased the dosage from 65 to 80 to 100MG (with blood tests and doctor recommendation that I increase the dosage slightly), I became more foggy, non-responsive.

I made a little switch and am taking 65 of thyroid and 12 of levoxyl. This combination gets me almost back to normal. The natural Thyroid avoids all of the weird effects of the synthetic drug, but the small amount of levoxyl adds just the needed kick so that I don't feel foggy.
Bottom line, there are some huge differences from natural verses synthetics if your body can't metabolize the synthetic correctly. There is about a 10 day life on a daily dose, so you need to try it for a while to see where you really end up from your dose. Other factors like exercise also seem to effect the outcome, but only slightly.
Hope this post might help someone so you don't go through years of discovery like I did.

Lesa45 09-29-2008 10:45 AM

Re: Problems and solution for Synthroid / Levoxyl
Hi Smith, Thanks for sharing your experience. I;m having my TT Oct 27th and I am very worried about finding the right balance. According to a lot of folks on these boards, it can takes a year or two. And some never really feel GOOD afterward. Every experience is an education. Thanks!

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