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kindspirit 11-05-2008 03:40 PM

DHEA, anyone else having success?
I think I'm getting the "puzzle" together!!! Holistic dr ran dhea and cortisol, just got the dhea back: 36 (range up to 450),menopausal women in the 100's, I'm LOW! taking 25mg dhea and in just a couple days use tons of energy!, bloating going down fast! I've read so much positive things about dhea and think its a keeper!! dhea is a major contributor to the adrenal issues, hormones, thyroid and autoimmune issues. Dhea declines as we age and so goes the list of diseases because of it? Just wanted to share and encourage anyone who hasn't had testing ask for it! my endo was usless, it took the holistic dr to help me. My cortisol was on the high end in am and also high pm, hoping dhea will balance some of it out? The addition of dhea might effect thyroid levels, so gotta re check and see if a decrease will be needed now in the future? but, if this good feeling remains I'll be one happy camper! (Mayo clinic even reviews it as positive for adrenals and depression)
Also doing acupuncture for my back (2 surgeries, with fusions) its helping! seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for a change!!:)

Oleander53 11-05-2008 04:52 PM

Re: DHEA, anyone else having success?
I had a very low DHEA a few years back 32.....My Doctor told me I had the DHEA of an old lady.........said it was from stress overload......I did take supplements for a while and my numbers came up.......I eventually went off of it and haven't had it checked out in a long time.....worth a try.

I can tell you that my Holistic MD who I first saw over 2 years ago was so right on about everything........Hypothyroidism, Insulin resistance, Low DHEA, she also tried to take me off of all dairy and I DO have a milk allergy. Now many Doctors and Endo's later I look back and she was mostly correct. But she referred me out.


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