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builder 11-15-2008 07:31 PM

Has Anyone Been On Cytomel Long Term?
I have tried Synthroid and it makes my muscles weak and aching. Amour makes me very agitated. Cytomel works very well for me so far. I was wondering if anyone has been on it long term. It seems like doctors are reluctant to give out Cytomel alone.

mkgb 11-18-2008 08:58 AM

Re: Has Anyone Been On Cytomel Long Term?
Most are reluctant to give out T3 alone, because of the stigma that T3 is evil and can kill you rumor T4 manufacturers promoted about 20+ years ago. T3 is fast acting and can cause severe issues if you overdose on it. You have to monitor your T4 and T3 levels closely when taking T3 and T4 supplementation.

TSH will mean nothing on T3 supplementation. You can take it for life as long as you do not over do it.

What were your last TSH, Ft3 ,and Ft4 test levels and ranges? I am betting your MD was making you go hyperT in T4 before the addition of T3 to your regime. Has you MD done any adrenal testing? When thyroid supplementation proves difficult that is a must. Adrenals can affect your ability to medicate your issues dramatically. I know some people that have been taking T3 in the form of Armour/cytomel for years. You just need monitoring at least quarterly/whenever symptoms re-emerge once you have optimized your levels.


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