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GravesGirl73 11-18-2008 04:21 PM

Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
Just wondering. I have Graves and was always told by others to avoid iodine in salt.Our thyroids "take up" too much of it. I use non iodized salt. It can give us more hyper symptoms, especially if we aren't controlled by meds. What about people with Hashi's? Are they supposed to have iodine? I thought goiters had to do with LACK of it? What's the role iodine plays in thyroid disease? I have always tried to avoid it since diagnosis along with aspartame and msg.

Myth 11-18-2008 10:30 PM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
hi gravesgirl , good question, I too am perplexed on the role iodine plays in thyroid health
I know its essential for a healthy functioning thyroid, and a deficiency will give you a goitre so will an excess , if you are hyper it will make symptoms worse and if you have a goitre you cant properly synthesise iodine :confused:

in my case I have a multi nodular goitre iodine deficient and yet when I was advised by doc to supplement with iodine.... it sent me hyper

so I too avoid iodine now, and thats going to get a lot harder as here in australia the medical authorities are bringing in mandatory iodine supplementation of bread ......mass medication again :o

I read somewhere that you should never supplement iodine without also supplementing selenium

mkgb 11-19-2008 08:19 AM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
HUmmm.. good question. Let us look at the clearly documented facts:

1) Iodine is good for hypothyroid patients that are iodine deficient and do not possess antibodies.

2) Goiters and hypothyroidism in many third world countries can be helped with iodine supplementation.

3) TOO much iodine is toxic to us.. so before going crazy with supplementation and the iodine detox schemes.. get the blasted iodine level test. It is a simple urine collection test. No big deal.

4) Hashimoto's and iodine? Hummm.. depends on the patient and the phase their Hashimoto's is in. When my fellow family Hashi's sufferers and I were initially beginning our thyroid dysfunctional wars iodine was BAD. Rashes, palpatations, tachycardia.. the whole ball of wax. We had to go iodine free to cut back on the symptoms. As more of our thyroid was destroyed.. we began to tolerate KI in vitamins and iodized salt once more.

It took a year for my thyroid to die enough to allow me to take iodine supplementation again. Now when I do..I can feel it in my thyroid. it increases the throb and ache. IODINE has one main purpose, to be used to synthesize iodinized thyroid hormones. You need four for each T4 molecule.. you strip one to make T3.. two for T2.. etc. SO supplement iodine if you need it and it doesn't cause adverse symptoms. In Hashimoto's whenever I tried to supplement my thyroid with iodine.. my antibody levels would spike. WHY? My personal theory is that the iodine allowed dormant thyroid tissue to wake up and work.. where upon my immune system panicked and created a bunch more soldiers to deal with the thyroid reinforcements. And the resulting attack, T4 dump and repeat was the source of the thyroid inflammation and symptoms.


midwest1 11-19-2008 08:19 AM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
A gland that's damaged or dead because of Hashi's can't make use of the iodine, so it becomes surplus. Most people with Hashi's who try supplementing iodine in the hope of resurrecting the gland end up feeling even worse. I don't know the scientific reasoning, but I suspect the extra iodine just circulates around without being used, ending up toxic in a way. I wouldn't try to eliminate [b]all[/b] iodine from the diet, because it fulfills a few other needs in the body; but I would not go out of my way to supplement it, either.

mkgb 11-19-2008 09:08 AM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
Good explaination and theory Midwest. Excellent.

Yes once the thyroid is gone either by TT or Hashimoto's we can get too much iodine just by the fact the US diet has so many things with iodine supplementation added in.

I have iodine in my multivitamin. I do not use iodized salt in my home cooking. I have it so my husband and son can add it after the fact, but I avoid it because it makes me feel bad. I get iodized salt when we eat out. I can live with that. I am not going to attempt or try and revive my dead/dying thyroid with iodine supplementation.. that would be an unwise action in my thyroid care and supplementation.



Audrey-B 11-19-2008 02:26 PM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
I too was confused on why some people are taking iodine supplements and others are not. My doctor got me to do the urine collection test to see how much iodine i was losing in a 24hr period. I was losing close to half of it.

I have Hashi's and am on one liquid iodine drop plus 3 drops of selenium (not sure what the measurement is in the 1drop). Prior to finding out i had Hashi's, the Trichologist i saw also noticed my iodine was extremely low and he also gave me iodine drops to take, but i only took one course and then we stopped once tests showed my iodine was up. By the time he diagnosed my Hashi's my iodine and i went to see my new thyroid doctor my iodine was way back down again.

The thing that i have noticed is that both times i began supplementing with iodine, for some reason my hair began growing back and falling out a lot less. Now i don't know whether this is coincidence, but it's the only connection i can make as my hair would change for the better 2 or so months later. When i ran out of the first lot of iodine i was on and never went back on it, one month later my hair began falling out in unbelievable amounts. Then when i resumed the iodine and stayed on it i once again noticed improvements for my hair. I don't feel any adverse side effects from the iodine and oddly enough i now love the taste of it when i mix it with water each night as i've gotten used to it, whereas before i'd gag!!

I guess it just goes to show how individual each of our thyroid situations are. I have hashi's and the iodine isn't negatively affecting me, but for some others it is/would. I suppose it depends what stage your thyroid is in. Someone else mentioned that the iodine isn't helping them and it simply circulates and becomes a surplus (Midwest?). I think in my case my body must be utilising it due to the 24hr urine test showing that half the excess iodine was expelled.

I wouldn't be self medicating without tests being done first though.

Myth - don't you hate how they simply add a heap of supplements to bread and milk and even orange juice. I don't know whether they are doing it due to so many people and their children living on junk food these days or is the quality of our soil and food gone down hill that badly?

Myth 11-19-2008 06:47 PM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
hi Audrey Im glad you can take iodine ,it makes sense to supplement if you are deficient unfortunately Im deficient but cant take supplementation

it seems that iodine deficiency is widespread in australia they claim that years ago the dairy industry cleaned its equipment with iodine and we got traces of it in the milk which supplied all the iodine we needed but now the dairy industry is using something ( hate to think what)
thats the theory behind the medics doctoring our bread (starting mid 2009)

tasmania used to do it until two women with established thyroid probs died from eating iodised bread..I should think they would have learnt from those deaths, that one size does not fit all , we are all different with different needs

I very much object to anyone doctoring food because it takes control of your health out of your hands and you just cant measure how much you are getting of what from where

I have recently been found to have high ferritin & high folate levels and I dont know where its coming from as I try to avoid doctored & packaged foods
I thought I should donate some blood to get rid of it but am afraid they might want to give me a tranfusion instead

Audrey-B 11-20-2008 01:14 PM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
Hi Myth - wow, you are a font of information :) i never knew about the women dying in Tasmania or the plans for bread in 2009. These days i basically read the labels on all food items i buy. I try to keep away from soy where i can. The only brand of bread i've found which doesn't contain soy, unless you actually buy the soy and linseed, is Burgen. Everything from the no name to the brand names contain soy. Not that i should be buying much bread as i'm a little on the gluten intolerant side going by my tests. Next year i'm thinking of having the biopsy to see how badly the gluten is actually affecting me. There just seem to be too many thing thyroid sufferers need to look out for. I'm even wondering about fluoride now as i've read negative stuff about it too.

So your ferretin is high? You wouldn't have Celtic ancestry? I've read that people of Celtic origin should always have a blood test before supplementing with iron as they are for some reason predisposed to having higher iron stores than other races of people.

GravesGirl73 11-20-2008 04:45 PM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
That's funny Audrey, my husband's cuz is Irish and she has to actually give blood all the time as she has too much iron in her system,there's a name for it but it left me at the moment. It can actually build up in your organs. I don't know if this is the same.

Myth 11-20-2008 06:56 PM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
the name for iron overload is hemochromotosis , the doc didnt say I have it but he is doing indepth blood analysis
my grandfather was a redhead that a celtic connection ?

Audrey, flouride is a known poison that the body cannot get rid of
it has been implicated in thyroid dysfunction and osteoporosis and has been banned in more enlightened countries as it has been found to not prevent dental carries at all ,it only appears to because it hardens the enamel on outside of teeth but it actually weakens the bone underneath....
yet the knuckleheads (medical authorities) continue to poison us
......interestingly Canberra doesnt have flouride in their water

the only way you can rid your water of flouride is with reverse osmosis filters or distillation ...both methods remove every other mineral too and what you have is essentially dead water...cant win

the iodine they are planning to mass medicate us with will be in the flour so technically bread bakers wont have to list it as an additive, because they arent the ones putting it in the bread or any other foods with flour , so avoiding it will be a challenge
its hard be healthy when we have to dodge so much c*%# in our food

Audrey-B 11-20-2008 10:00 PM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
Gravesgirl - yes, that's what i read about iron overload and it building up in the organs.

Myth - hmmm red hair is often connected to the Celts. I think the Celts started off somewhere in the middle of Europe or roughly where Austria is today and then migrated elsewhere while some would have stayed in Europe. So when you say Celtic it doesnt necessarily mean "Ireland" only. That's why it's best to always have those routine tests first to determine whether you are low or high in anything.

My parents live on a farm and still use rain water for everything. I used to fill up some bottles and bring it back to Sydney to use for drinking. I only used rainwater while i lived there with them too, but of course used flouride toothpaste to brush my teeth. I never had a problem with cavities and i refuse to believe that cavities are solely connected to no fluoride. Often teeth issues are genetic and how well you look after your teeth. I think i've seen fluoride free toothpastes in the healthfood store.

I personally feel the authorities would be better off getting doctors to look at thyroid issues a little more realistically than merely throwing in a tonne of iodine into bread.

Back to the iodine and your thyroid, have you finally found a doctor who is at least helpful? I think a few months back you were not happy with the quality of doctors you were finding.

Myth 11-21-2008 02:40 AM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
hi Audrey , middle europe is where my ancestors hail from so there could be a celtic connection ,I saw a documentary awhile back called ' ghost in your genes' what they said was you are essentially the sum total of your ancestors ,even their famine & feasting has a bearing on your health

now thats scarey because from what I heard my grandfather was a rogue,
a likeable one... but still a rogue

Im only seeing this particular doc because he tested for iron and I want to find out whats happening here, if anything , but he knows nothing about the thyroid so there after Im going doc shopping again

Audrey-B 11-23-2008 01:35 PM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
Hi Myth - Someone i work with has a cousin who was sick of her doctor and just picked any old doctor at some medical centre. This new doctor happened to be fantastic, diagnosed what was wrong (she was suffering from a brain tumor, but was told previously nothing was wrong!!) and he also did a DNA test and sent it to America. I'm wondering if one GP can order a DNA test, can others? I wonder how beneficial DNA testing is and how much it can reveal about us and as you said our ancestry and what we have inherited health-wise from them.

GravesGirl73 11-23-2008 03:50 PM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
Hi Audrey,
I am in the process of finding a new endo.I go to my general practioner for my thyroid for now and he is fine, but admits to knowing not much about antibodies. He says I know more than him about thyroid issues, so he thinks I should go see an endo with my questions, since he can't answer them! All he sees are stable labs and doesn't really know HOW to dose to have tsh around 1 and frees in the middle. It's hard with Methimazole and Graves, especially when you have other antibodies that could be blocking the Graves one (tsi).It makes dosing tricky. I feel pretty good though since my dose was cut down a little. Thanks for asking.;)

Myth 11-23-2008 09:52 PM

Re: Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
hi Audrey, it would be unreasonable to expect a doctor to know everything but Im constantly surprised at how out of date most doctors are and not willing to learn something new , it seems we might need a different doctor for every ailment and then maybe we could connect the dots ourselves ..
not sure about DNA testing, it may well open a pandoras box and right now I just want some answers to the blood test, I will post the results, maybe someone can throw some light on it

I was reading your post on the role of vit D in thyroid dysfunction and it made a lot of sense to me , since I have been supplementing vit D3
my osteoporosis has improved (I also take silica & calcium etc etc)
and my goitre appears to have shrunk some , Im thinking that vit D might be most important in thyroid health and we should all supplement it .

hi gravesgirl , has your doc recommended an endo ? or do you have to find one yourself? if so might be helpful if you asked the receptionist if the endo deals with thyroid and not just diabettes as a lot do
save wasting time & money...

all the best myth

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