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Oprah and her Thyroid Situation

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Old 01-07-2009, 01:45 AM   #1
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osteoblast HB User
Oprah and her Thyroid Situation

There has been alot of talk this wk. by Oprah and others about her thyroid. I am still very puzzled about her thyroid situation and thought she would clear things up this wk.
About a yr. ago she said she was diagnosed hyper, then hypo and blew out her thyroid. Dr. Oz also said back then that she blew out her thyroid.
Fast forward to this Jan. , and Oprah said on her show she "had" a thyroid condition for which she had been on thyroid meds. and now she isn't on thyroid meds and she was cured of the thyroid condition. Tonight on Larry King, Dr. Oz said again Oprah had been under alot of stress and she blew out her thyroid. I guess she might get her terminology from Dr. Oz.
I was hoping that this Jan. she was going to have a clear discussion about her thyroid situation and that she would explore the topic and educate alot of people about what we are dealing with. But, it seems she has not cleared anything up.
I do not know how you go from blew out my thyroid to no thyroid medsand apparently no thyroid imbalance anymore. Also Dr. Oz stated that Oprah had thyroid inflammation which caused her to go hyper then hypo. He said she had sort of a rare/unique thyroid situation---- as he described it , it sounded like hashimoto's to me.
Is she cured of her thyroid condition ? I wonder. She has definitely left it vague. It almost seems like she was ashamed to have a thyroid condition as if it were a personal failing.

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nchantng HB User
Re: Oprah and her Thyroid Situation

exactly what Oprah has going on, I'm not sure. But here is what I do know -Millions of people look to Oprah for information and inspiration, yet her confusing statements about her thyroid condition have done the thyroid community, as well as many other people who would benefit from knowledge about thryoid conditions, a major disservice. On Oprah's show, Dr Christiane Northrup said something along the lines of (and I'm paraphrasing here) women's thyroid conditions are due to them not being able to speak their truths (oh yeah ask my husband if that one is true.....haha) in the same stupid line of thinking that she says in her book Womens Bodies Womens Wisdom that the obvious cause for my badly behaving right ovary was stifled creativity (don't have that creativly stifled ovary anymore!) Give me a break!!! When I heard Oprah talk about her weight gain again recently I thought for sure that she would use the opportunity when discussing her thyroid as somewhat of a public service opportunity. Blew out her thyroid? what exactly does that mean - and does this not feed into the myth that somehow people with thyroid disorders are at fault for their weight gain, that we are lazy and use our thyroids as an excuse. Grrrrr. Sorry Oprah, I think you missed a fantastic opportunity to really help people with this one. Maybe all of your trainers, chefs and a good vacation will help you cure this. I would rather let the wonderful Mary Shomon speak for me and my thyroid anyway.

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kindspirit HB Userkindspirit HB User
Re: Oprah and her Thyroid Situation

Yes, I saw that too. How can one be "cured" from thyroid diseas in a short time? She admits to seeing several doctors, with no testings for the thyroid, hmm, sound familiar?? Gee, even the ones with good fortune have dumb doctors! I bet her antibodies weren't tested? Her trainer, Bob, says " you look depressed, blank, malaise" dah, thyroid! what's next? the infamous script " anti d?" I bet they're gonna pawn that one off on her now! urgh....
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one2wonder HB User
Re: Oprah and her Thyroid Situation

Post deleted.

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golfhat HB Usergolfhat HB Usergolfhat HB User
Re: Oprah and her Thyroid Situation

That Christine doctor is a loony tune.
She sounds positively medieval. A lot of men don't speak their mind, but do they have thyroid problems? Good grief.

Sheeze Louise...

I doubt that I myself caused my thyroid to grow a tumor. And caused it to be malignant as well. Did I also cause my neck nodes to swell up?

Give me a break. I am just thankful it was found.

People like her need to get out of the medical field.
As for Oprah, she is probably embarrassed because people used to use their thyroid as an excuse for gaining weight. But I believe it is very possible that the thyroid causes a lower metabolism if there is a growth and this indeed causes a weight gain.

I believe many menopausal women DO have weight gain after 50 and not from estrogen imbalances but from their thyroid not working properly. Even if a nodule won't kill you, it is doing something BAD to your hormones and needs to be dealt with.

No wonder so many 60 year old women:
gain weight after 50,
are depressed (because of weight gain, no doubt)
grow a mustache
get a tummy that will not go down
cannot get over the hot flashes or night sweats even tho they are thru with menopause
have no energy and the list goes on and on.

Oprah is also experiencing menopause and it is funny, she won't talk about all that. Like it is not happening to HER.

I believe if more women asked for a US of their thyroid and had the nodules or tumors taken out, they would get on meds and go back to somewhat normal thyroid function.

It may be that these thyroid issues in menopausal women will finally be discussed more and TAKEN SERIOUSLY.

My work here is done.

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GravesGirl73 HB UserGravesGirl73 HB User
Re: Oprah and her Thyroid Situation

It seems she is blaming her condition on her own laziness or whatever. I think she has Hashitoxicosis. She probably has antibodies for both Graves and Hashi possibly. If her thyroid "blew out" like they said, it's not functioning. I think she thinks the meds made her sicker but with this disease it's harder to treat I think. If not hashitoxocosis then she was having a hyper phase of Hashi's , very common as most of you will attest to. She doesn't seem to understand it or the people around her either, that's the problem, it seems.Wouldn't you love to see her labs??LOL!

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osteoblast HB User
Re: Oprah and her Thyroid Situation

Gravesgirl- Yes, I was thinking right along the lines you have mentioned.But, in neither case, hashitoxicosis or hyper phase of hashi's --how could she say she was cured? That is the stumper isn't it? Surely when she says she met with her medical team of experts they must have had an endo in the group at Cleveland Clinic.
What is peculiar about this is that the public wasn't exactly prying into what is up with Oprah and pressing for info as to her weight gain. It was more of Oprah making a big lead in to her Jan. Best Life program and how she was going to discuss her situation . I don't know if you saw those preview/lead ins that were broadcast in Dec. So with that in mind ,that she was going to discuss things incl her just seems that she fell a bit short of making things clear.
I do not feel she owes her public extensive details, but is still seems enigmatic.

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alikat709 HB User
Re: Oprah and her Thyroid Situation

Oprah does have hashis. If you go on her website she states that she was dx hyper and now she is hyop . After being on thyroid meds, bp meds and a beta blocker. She states she is now off all meds except for a baby aspirin. So Im sure she was in a hashis swing. I still think she is making a thyroid issue out to be somthing you can control with diet and excersize.... It really makes me mad that she is in the limelight with a powerful voice and she is not helping the situation at all. Right now she could be helping get the word out to mainstream doctors that thyroid issues arent a one size fit all cure ! I email her and told her how poorly I did on synthroid for 18 yrs and now that I am on armour since June , I am feeling a world of difference. Everybody here should email her with their stories.

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Re: Oprah and her Thyroid Situation

Originally Posted by alikat709 View Post
Oprah does have hashis. If you go on her website she states that she was dx hyper and now she is hyop .
I read the article, as published in her magazine, where she related her "burnout" story. I didn't see that she used the word "Hashimoto's". Did you? She did say she was hyper, then hypo; but I don't see the specific mention of Hashi's. The subacute thyroiditis I mention above starts hyper, then turns hypo. It's quite possible, as we all know, that her doctor didn't inform her about exactly what she has ... Maybe he doesn't even know the term "Hashimoto's". Maybe she didn't understand what he told her. Lots and lots and lots of possibilities there.

Just because we may know exactly what's best for ourselves does not mean we know what's best for her. We do not, and cannot, know exactly what thyroid disease she has or doesn't have unless she releases her medical records to the public. Not likely.

Yes, it dismays me that misinformation continues to be spread -- by Oprah, by the largest American endo association which stays firmly entrenched in in the back pocket of Synthroid's manufacturer, by medical schools, by mainstream medicine in general. It dismays me more that one media voice has so much power over the information we get, on whatever subject she happens to be discussing.

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GravesGirl73 HB UserGravesGirl73 HB User
Re: Oprah and her Thyroid Situation

I agree with all of you. She probably doesn't have a name for it or her docs just don't want to tell her...who knows? She's just going by what they told her and what her symptoms were and didn't really investigate it, possibly.It would be good though if she was real proactive and tried to find out more about exactly what her condition is. Don't tell me her docs don't know, they must, they just aren't saying it publicly and she isn't pursuing the thyroid part of her problems.

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