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    Old 03-19-2009, 09:41 AM   #1
    Junior Member
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    Joeys80 HB User
    Facial Hair

    Just wondering if anyone else who is hypoT has facial hair?
    Over the last few weeks, I have plucked three black hairs out of the side of my face - so embarrassing!


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    Old 03-19-2009, 12:32 PM   #2
    Senior Veteran
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    Deda HB User
    Re: Facial Hair

    Yep...I get a few on my chin. I pluck em too. There's probably a lot more who just haven't posted.

    Old 03-19-2009, 06:22 PM   #3
    Senior Veteran
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    Oleander53 HB UserOleander53 HB UserOleander53 HB User
    Re: Facial Hair

    Joey, How old are you if you do not mind me asking? PCOS can cause dark facial hair...... it can be familial (runs in families) or hormonally caused. Many women with mild PCOS have some facial hair and sometimes more than normal body hair..with normal hormone readings..... some birth control pills can cause it too especially the ones for acne........Hope that helps........


    Old 03-19-2009, 08:41 PM   #4
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    DR37 HB User
    Re: Facial Hair

    Yup, lots 'o' facial hair here. And I also have been diagnosed with PCOS, double whammy! By the way, PCOS increases your testosterone levels, which can cause abnormal hair growth. I get hair on my upper lip, chin, neck and side burns. It's not as bad as some, but noticeable if I don't pluck or wax. Wish I had better news for you, Joey! If anyone has miracle cures for facial (and other embarassing) hair, we're all ears!
    ~Desert Rose

    Old 03-19-2009, 09:05 PM   #5
    TV in RV
    Senior Member
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    TV in RV HB User
    Re: Facial Hair

    Since I've been hypo, my cortisol has been high and that alone can cause hair to grow in funny places. And that is just what has been happening. It's driving me; crazy plucking and waxing but they just grow back stronger! Aghhhh!

    Old 03-20-2009, 06:43 AM   #6
    Senior Veteran
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    Location: Ozarks in Arkansas
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    Oleander53 HB UserOleander53 HB UserOleander53 HB User
    Re: Facial Hair

    I lived in fear when I was young that someone would see a hair on my face or say something about my arms. Even though I was a blonde I had dark hairs springing up here and there from PCOS.....I had a very mild form of it and my hormones all showed normal.....but my Doctor suspected it. I was never without tweezers, razor, bleach, and paid a fortune for electrolysis that did not work for me.

    One thing about getting older at least for me ......or maybe it is because I am maybe starting into the big hair has decreased I no longer get those on my face that used to come right before my monthly friend. Or maybe it is my hypoT that has diminished my body hair. I took a bc bill from Germany called Diane-35 from 36 to 42yrs old. It was specifically for PCOS. Great stuff. Too bad it is not approved in USA.

    Good luck in finding out about the hairs...I know it is worrisome. I have a magnifying mirror I use everyday to check my face out..

    I Reproductive Endocrinologist knows a lot about body hair issues. Check with your Endo or your Gyne or an Internal Med Doctor.

    Let us know.......O

    Old 03-20-2009, 07:24 AM   #7
    Senior Veteran
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    dream77 HB User
    Re: Facial Hair

    Just to make you all feel good about yourselves..
    I am asian and blessed since puberty with tonnes or black facial hair .. strangely.. the hair on my head is not all that thick ..wish it were..

    I used bleach and it works quite ok and I have noticed that most women around even thoe without problems do have facial hair.. so maybe you all shouldn't feel so bad about it..

    Old 03-25-2009, 08:31 AM   #8
    Join Date: Mar 2009
    Location: Manchester, NH
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    BetseyD HB User
    Re: Facial Hair

    I was just recently diagnosed with HypoT - my symptoms started up about four/five months ago. I am also in full-blown menopause, having started with that rather early, at the age of 45. The reason why I am stating about menopause is because I am on HRT, and had all my Hormone Levels recently checked.

    One Hormone that I am VERY LOW on happens to be Testosterone, so low that back around the beginning of February I was consulting with my Gyn. about supplementing it, when she decided to run a full Thyroid Panel just to see if that was the cause of my symptoms - instead of low Testosterone. This was how I discovered that I am HypoT. Here I thought that I needed a boost of Testosterone, and it was my stupid Thyroid that was all screwed up!

    Anyway, the reason why I am bringing up this low Testosterone crap is because I am also noticing an increase in Facial hair - like really dark and coarse hairs popping up here and there on my upper lip and chin. One other poster had mentioned PCOS causing higher Testosterone levels - thereby causing more facial hair. I am here to tell you that, according to my labs, I have extremely low Testosterone and still have the facial hair problem - due to being HypoT!

    I know, for a fact, that my problem is due to HypoT because I have been on various types of HRT, and in menopause, for the past 3 1/2 years. It has only been since my HypoT symptoms cropped up a few months ago that I have noticed this hair problem, and there is no way that I can blame it on higher than normal Testosterone levels, cause I have almost no Testosterone!

    So - if anyone out there knows of a way to deal with this, please, DO TELL! I know that there is some kind of prescription cream (Vaniqua, I think is the name) that is supposed to inhibit facial hair growth - has anyone here ever tried it?


    Old 03-25-2009, 10:16 AM   #9
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    FinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB User
    Re: Facial Hair

    I've been a "hairy monkey" myself since I was a young girl. I have long dark hair on my legs and forearms. Several years ago I noticed that my "hairy areas" had spread and I also "went crazy" (probably due to untreated HypoT and maybe low estrogen since starting bc pills helped quite a lot). My testosterone levels were checked and they were low normal (and my TSH was highish but also "normal" since "within ranges" ) My endo is convinced this body hair is "testosterone based" but that certainly isn't doing anything else (if you get my drift ) He did check my DHEAS which was also low normal and he's (yet) not willing to test any further. Any case this is something I've had to deal with most of my life but still it sometimes bugs me.

    Old 03-28-2009, 01:49 AM   #10
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    daisy01 HB User
    Re: Facial Hair

    I am now euthyroid, dont have PCOS all tests have come back normal but I have designer stubble. If I wax it, i get boils even if I exfoliate afterwards. Creams burn my skin, but I have now invested in a home electrolysis machine so watch this space......... I never go out without my tweezers now coz even if I am clear in the morning I will have spikey stubble by the afternoon.

    Old 04-02-2009, 02:30 PM   #11
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    luvt8c HB User
    Re: Facial Hair

    i am portuguese so i have dark hair and tan skin.. when i was about 11 the hair on my arms was so dark, same thing with the hair on my legs. I got so embarresed that i started to shave my arms.
    but since last year i have been getting stray hairs on my face mostley on my chin and the side of my cheek. OMG!!!!! my hormons are all out of wake.
    i just tweeze them when they grow in but nothing drastic.
    the hair on my legs grows really fast! I have to save 2 times a day just to keep them smooth.. so i started to use the Sally Hanson hair removel. IT WORKS GREAT!!! keeps my legs hair free for a couple of days

    But i am just glad that i am not alone.
    thanks for posting ladies

    Last edited by luvt8c; 04-02-2009 at 02:33 PM.

    Old 05-03-2009, 02:55 PM   #12
    Join Date: May 2009
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    renthead HB User
    Re: Facial Hair

    I really, really suggest epilation as hair removal. I'm a fourteen year old who has idiopathic hirsutism, and there is almost no hope for me. I use the epilady trio to remove facial, chest, neck, and arm hair. It's amazing! It's just like waxing, only less embarrassing, less expensive, and you can do it at home. It is extremely painful (a spinning blade pulls 50 hairs out at the root at a time), but it's worth it. There are some new epiladys that are on the market, but they don't work as well as the original. Go on e B ay and search "Coiled epilady trio." It is very hard to find a new one, but once you get them you can sterilize them yourself. They range from sixty to one hundred dollars, but it's well worth it. Eventually, the hair removal WILL become permanent.
    This has helped me sooooooo much! It's a really good investment.

    Last edited by renthead; 05-03-2009 at 02:56 PM.

    Old 05-04-2009, 02:53 PM   #13
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    Jelohi HB User
    Re: Facial Hair

    Yep, I have it.

    Old 05-04-2009, 04:40 PM   #14
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    Canadianchick87 HB User
    Re: Facial Hair

    will it honestly remove it permanently? i think i might also have what u have. because my whole face is being taken over by hair, as well as on my nose, my ears, my chest, abdomen, back, lower back. every single part of my body. and if this "coiled epilady trio" really will remove the hair permanently over time, then yes it is well worth getting.

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