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Honey72 03-25-2009 03:35 AM

I posted on here about a year back wondering if I could have an underactive thyroid, got my 2nd set of blood test results back last week, and I do have anti-bodies, although at the moment she said I'm borderline. But because I have symptoms she's started me on medication, 25mg thyroxin. I was wondering at what point do you feel any different? It's only my 2nd day but was just curious.

I've been having a look through posts and saw that some people actually feel worse which the dr didn't mention to me, she just said I might get palpitations and shortness of breath as well as headaches (well I get those all the time anyway so wouldn't notice a difference there! lol).

The other thing is I also read about a connection with PCOS. I was diagnosed with this oooh about 10yrs ago now and have never received any treatment and in fact it's just been forgotten about. They weren't bothered as I didn't want children so of course that means I don't matter! I'm just interested to know if I SHOULD be taking an interest in the PCOS now? It's all very confusing, and if I'm honest, a bit scary! :confused:

Oh, I also meant to ask if anyone had another auto-immune disease as well as the Hashimoto's? The thing is, for almost a year I've had episcleritis (very red eyes) and although steroid eye drops have helped, when I lower the dosage it just comes back. I've read that one of the main causes is an auto-immune disease like lupus or athritis. Just wondering if it is ALL connected, is my body just attacking itself?!?!?

Oleander53 03-25-2009 07:10 PM

Re: Thyroid/PCOS
There are quite a few of us on here that have thyroid issues and or Hashimoto's and Insulin resistance.

When you are young they call it PCOS or PCOD and when older they call it Metabolic disease....... my Endo believes it is connected with thyroid.

If you tested postive for it way is a 2 hour PP Insulin test. you should really follow up since the symptoms can be horrible......fatigue, weight gain, high cholesterol, depression, and can lead to high blood pressure and cardiac problems..... so follow up on it. It can lead to diabetes too....

YOu can also have Hashi's with other disorders and you can have it with normal antibodies........

I have been on Janumet now for Insulin resistance for about 8 months.

Hope that helps.......Oleander.

Honey72 03-26-2009 03:54 AM

Re: Thyroid/PCOS
I don't know what the labs were, it wasn't the antiobodies that were border line but whatever the other thing is they tes. She said it was something like 1.4 the first test and 1.1 the 2nd. But because my sister has an underactive thryoid this time they tested for antibodies which came back positive. She said even though I was borderline she'd start me on treatment as I have symptoms. I'm so pleased she's taken me seriously as I've read lots of times people who are borderline just have to wait till they're really bad before getting treatment.

I changed drs because my last one just kept saying to me I was eating too much!! I never even listed my weight as a symptom but that's all he went on about, I thought it was very rude actually. When I saw the other dr she was great and actually took a family history which he hadn't bothered with. If I'd still been with him nothing would've happened.

As for the PCOS, I'll mention it when I have my next blood test. I kind of just let it slide even though really I know I should get a blood sugar test each year. I sometimes wonder if I'm feeling tired from the thyroid or because of insulin resistance. I really need to start taking more control I think. when I was first diagnosed with PCOS I started eating better, taking note of GI's but that wore off fast.

Part of me thinks don't look up stuff on the web you'll only scare yourself! But then I think the more informed I am the more I'll know when my dr isn't getting it right. I have a hospital appointment about my eyes tomorrow so I'll mention it to him and see what he says. My eyes are dry now I've stopped taking the steroid drops, did it improve after you started taking medication for your thyroid?

I feel like a ticking timebomb at the moment, just waiting for the next thing to go wrong. :(

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