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ptchargal 04-03-2009 04:51 PM

swallowing/sore throat or neck
I am 43 and have had since last year, found my lower throat is having a hard time with swallowing. Like there's a lump in the center of my throat/neck but looks fine on the outside. now lately for a month, i have had a sore throat that is keeping me up at night. there is redness by tonsil area but it mostly aches all the time around my adam's. when i talk it's like phlegm seems to come up cause i can't seem to swallow! if that makes sense. it realy feels like a constant ache to sharp ache. i get asked frequently if i am sick as i am clearing my throat after a few sentences. even talking seems to strain my lower throat and make it hurt more.
i have no fever but have been weird with body temp lately, very emotional and withdrawn from people. (i sound horrible when i talk!) and definitely not motivated during the day but i know i feel fine and shouldn't be so tired.
is this thyroid related at all? i don't see much about sore throat or swallowing being thyroid(at least via internet search) 2 weeks ago my dr. gave me antibotics for 10 days to see if was throat and so far i do not feel any different.
wondering what to do for my next dr. appt. don't want to keep getting antibotics. i don't feel like i am "sick", per say. just tired and hurting throat/neck.

AlexaIn2006 04-03-2009 10:59 PM

Re: swallowing/sore throat or neck
All I can tell you is that I am currently hyperthyroid and I have an achy, swollen and sore type throat. It mostly comes in in the early afternoon and stays all night until I wake up. You know when you are sick with the flu and you can just feel that sickness in your body, my throat has that "sick" feeling, so it is not an actual regular sore throat. I hope I explained that good enough. I am currently waiting back for my tests.

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