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  • antibody levels for anyone with hashis

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    Old 04-12-2009, 04:01 PM   #1
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    crawfordkid HB User
    antibody levels for anyone with hashis

    I am trying to understand the antibody levels and see if they make any difference with range of symptoms. I was DX with hashi's months ago with an antibody level of about 1200. Seems as though I have the full spectrum of symptoms: puffy eyes, face, hands. Stiff joints, muscle fatigue in my lower extremeties, and WEIGHT GAIN!! Although many of my symptoms from my hypothyroid DX, have gotten better...the other symptoms have really not resolved.
    Does the level of the anti-body testing determine the severity of symptoms?

    Appreciate any/all feedback.

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    Audrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB User
    Re: antibody levels for anyone with hashis

    Hi crawfordkid - I myself have Hashi's and all i know is that my antibodies were over 1,300 and i'm not sure how high they are as the lab stopped counting after 1,300. I've been on meds for close to one year now and prior to that i went 9 years without being diagnosed. I was refused treatment by an Endo, who said i had no thyroid condition at all as my TSH was 'fine', despite him seeing my high antibodies. I didn't know much back then and trusted him. Very silly of me!!

    So now i'm with a good doctor, finally!! Even so, my antibodies have not lowered.

    I truly believe from what i've read on this board about other people's experiences and my own situation, that we are all affected individually and many other things come into play.

    My main symptoms prior to medication were puffy, sore and stinging eyes, immense tiredness, brain fog, forgetfullness, abnornam hair shedding, messed up menstrual cycel, hormonal imablance, growth of one fibroid, unable to fall pregnant, immense hunger, bloating, malabsorption of nutrients, often had bouts of IBS. The weird thing is that i never felt cold, mostly felt very warm all the time and in the space of 10 years i put on about 4 kg's, but i needed that weight anyway as i'm 163 cm tall and was always around the 49 or 50 kg in weight, which was too thin.

    I don't understand this illness at all when it comes to symptoms. I know there are the classis symptoms most of us experience, but anybody looking at me and how much i used to eat would have assumed i was hyper and not hypo. I had my metabolism meaured and it turned out to be low. I always suspected it to be high, considering my food intake and no big weight gain. I did eat very healthy so maybe that accounted for part of it.

    After more testing i found out i had adrenal fatigue. Once i began supplementing with cortisol, my adrenal fatigue improved, i also lost the super puffy, tired and stinging eyes. No more brain fog and immense tiredness.

    I had a stool analysis test which revealed my pancreas was not producing sufficient enzymes to digest protein foods. This led to malabsorption of nutrients and i was found to have anemia as well as low vitamin D and low iodine.

    Now that i've been on prescription digestive enzymes, i don't get the bloating after meals and my vitamin D and ferritin are rising quicker than prior to taking the digestive enzymes.

    My hormones are still a bit of a mess and we are now working on my estrogen as it's in excess. My messed up hormones could be why my menstrual cycle got so messed up. Poor adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems wouldn't have helped my periods much either as it doesn't take much to upset our hormonal balance.

    So in answer to your question, i myself haven't at this point seen my antibodies lower after correcting the various things which affect me personally. On the other hand, maybe my antibodies have come down, but not below my 1,300 result as yet. All i can say is that now that i've been on thyroid meds (both T4 and T3) since mid last year, as well as adrenal meds, ferritin, vitamin D and iodine, plus the digestive enzymes, i feel so much better. Some days i'm surprised how good i feel, considering how bad i used to feel. I'd gotten to the point where i just wanted to curl up in bed and never get out. Now i feel good about life again, have loads more energy, have a social life again, can stay up past 9pm (have been out till 4am on some occasions!!). I might get more tired out than usual when i've been on the go way too much and then i just like some quiet time or "me" time and i'll stay home pottering about or some gardening on the weekend instead of going out. My doctor is still monitoring things, but none of my new tests show my antibodies coming down. If it helps any, i don't have a goitre, but do have one nodule only on my thyroid.

    So all in all i can conclude that for me, i feel better than i can remember in a long time, am no longer needing adrenal fatigue meds, but am still on the T4 and T3 meds, Vit D, ferritin and iodine and the digestive enzymes. Antibodies same. Weight is same, but am doing some exercises simply to keep fit. I also believe that it would depend how aggressive each persons personal situation is. Mine might be a slow moving decline of my thyroid, while another person could have a very aggressive and fast moving situation. It would also depend on your own doctor, how far he/she goes into things, whether they work with your symptoms, whether they specialise in thyroid diseases or simply parrot what little they learnt at university 20 years ago.

    Hoping some of this helps. I'm still trying to get my head around the technical matters of this illness. The more i learn the more i realise that it's not solely the thyroid you are dealing with, but other areas of the body too. If you haven't already, i'd advise you to get in particular your ferritin and Vit D and B12 checked as quite a lot of thyroid suffers can be low in these things.

    Best wishes

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    midwest1 HB Usermidwest1 HB Usermidwest1 HB Usermidwest1 HB Usermidwest1 HB Usermidwest1 HB Usermidwest1 HB Usermidwest1 HB Usermidwest1 HB Usermidwest1 HB Usermidwest1 HB User
    Re: antibody levels for anyone with hashis

    The levels of antibodies are not connected to symptoms. TSH is not connnected to symptoms, either. The levels that matter are free T4 and free T3. When one or both is too high or too low for you, symptoms result.

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    mkgb HB Usermkgb HB Usermkgb HB Usermkgb HB Usermkgb HB Usermkgb HB Usermkgb HB Usermkgb HB Usermkgb HB Usermkgb HB Usermkgb HB User
    Re: antibody levels for anyone with hashis

    Dito on Midwest the key to making your symptoms go away is treating the hypothyroidism. The antibodies are just the mechanism that is causing you to go hypothyroid. There are some studies that link HIGH levels of antibodies (in excess of 1000) in increased occurrences of additional AI manifestations, but since a person with one AI is predisposed to others the data and studies are not conclusive. The only thing antibodies tell you for sure is that your immune system is EXTREMELY active and determined to demolish your thyroid as quickly as it possibly can. Symptoms arise from imbalances and improper levels of T4 and T3 in your system and the resultant effects.

    You need to get your Ft3 and Ft4 levels balanced and optimized in the 50-80% range of normal where symptoms go away. In the interim you need to get your hypothyroid mimics checked out as well.

    Many hypothyroid suffer from malabsorption effects that through off our Ferritin, B12, and vit D levels. Being low or high in these essential vitamins and complexes can cause many of our perceived hypothyroid symptoms.

    If we learn by our mistakes, I am working on one hell of an education.

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    Oleander53 HB UserOleander53 HB UserOleander53 HB User
    Re: antibody levels for anyone with hashis

    My antibodies have always fallen into the below positive range yet my Endo tells me I have classical Hashi's...... I have run the gamut over the years of symptoms too many to list....... even though my labs fall into low range normal I am being treated with medication with very little change in my labs which I find interesting. My symptoms are 100% improved........

    Hurray for my Endo !!!!!!

    I have a multi nodular goiter, 4 dominant nodules. I am taking Armour 160 mg and Cytomel 25mcg......... My T4 tends to run lower than my T3...... my thyroid barely is running but you really cannot tell by my labs. My uptake was pitiful....

    Hope that helps you.......... Oleander

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    Audrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB User
    Re: antibody levels for anyone with hashis

    Oleander53 - congratulations on your symptoms improvement. It's such a great feeling

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