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Has anyone had bad reactions from almond butter?

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Old 05-06-2009, 12:03 PM   #1
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tigger67 HB User
Has anyone had bad reactions from almond butter?

Peanut butter gave me a bad thyroid reaction (swollen neck, hoarse throat), so I recently started eating almond butter instead, but I'm having the same reaction. I can eat regular almonds with no problem, so is there something about how they make the almond butter that's bad for thyroids? If this is the culprit, I'm going to be so frustrated. I'm running out of things to eat for protein.

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Old 05-07-2009, 06:49 AM   #2
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Oleander53 HB UserOleander53 HB UserOleander53 HB User
Re: Has anyone had bad reactions from almond butter?


You may be having a true allergic need to look at all ingredients in both products and compare them to figure it out what is bothering you. Check what is similar in both products. What are you putting it on? That may be where the problem is. Remember an allergic reaction will aggravate your thyroid..especially if you have Hashi's.

When I had my RAST allergy blood test? Wheat, Milk, Citrus, Fish, Shrimps, nuts of all kinds, Soy were on there....

I am allergic to milk , a true allergy by blood test. So I have tried Soy and Rice milk.....I am sensitive to Carrageenan an additive in most Soy Milks and Almond Milk. So I stick to rice milk and can have small amounts of soy. I know there is much written on Soy and thyroid but I must have something I can have with my cereal and coffee at times. Non dairy creamers have lactose, lactase and casien in them which are milk protiens.

I tried the Tofutti ice cream and it was delicious but it sooooooo upset my stomach for days and I found out it has large amounts of Carageenen in it. So it is non milk but has that additive in it. Many people have IBS symptoms from Carageenen and it is in so many food products.

As far as protiens? I like Spiru-tein protien has rice , soy and pea protien in it but no carrageenan. When I was drinking milk I loved Muscle Milk Protien drinks....I also like Southbeach protien bars also. I found this an easy way to get my protein in when I am traveling.

I also eat eggs, beans of all kinds, Do you like Tofu or non meat protiens? If you do not want to get your protien from meat get a good vegetarian cook book.....

Sorry you are having this problem....... food issues are not fun. I hope I helped somehow....


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daisy01 HB User
Re: Has anyone had bad reactions from almond butter?

I think you should look at what oils are in the butter. Soya is one of the foods which has the highest intolerance rates and many things have soya oil in them as it is cheaper than others like olive oil. It can also go by the name of lecithin.
my advice would be to keep a food diary so you can see which foods do actually trigger a response. did you have the reaction straight away? if not then it could actually be something else.
I cannot even eat spreadable butter due to oils it contains, yet I am fine with the solid variety. My joints will swell and burn if I get given this by mistake. I was in a restaturant recently and had to argue with the woman behind the counter who told me I was being fussy when she wanted to put a 'healthy spread on my baked potato and I said I wanted real butter. She didnt believe that I was intolerant of soya and she took it for her menopausal symptoms and was ok. Well good for her eh? lol

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famnd HB User
Re: Has anyone had bad reactions from almond butter?

My son had a peanut butter allergy which started at the age of 3yrs. This reaction can be fatal even with the smallest taste!!!

You should have a Epi-Pen to inject if you have another reaction. Peanuts are in the Legume biological family so beans & all sorts of other foods can be risky too. Your reaction should be evaluated by a DR.-an allergist if possible. You need to educate yourself about this reaction. There is so much info that you need to know.

Old 05-09-2009, 08:47 AM   #5
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tigger67 HB User
Re: Has anyone had bad reactions from almond butter?

I don't think it's an allergy since the reactions don't happen for several hours later. I would think an allergic reaction would happen immediately. The oil in the almond butter is palm oil. I think it's actually the almonds though because I was eating some crackers the other day made from almonds (no soy products in this) and a few hours later my voice was hoarse. I haven't had a problem with almonds until now, so I'm thinking it's my thryoid reacting.

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elmhar HB Userelmhar HB User
Re: Has anyone had bad reactions from almond butter?


There are a number of foods that are considered goitrogenic -- that is, they interfere somehow with thyroid function, either with the enzymes, or with iodine absorption. You've probably heard that uncooked broccoli & cabbage are goitrogenic. Soy is another goitrogen -- as is ALMOND.

People vary in their sensitivity to goitrogenic foods. However, most people who are adequately medicated with thyroid hormone replacement do well with moderate servings of goitrogenic foods. I do not.

While a severe anaphylactic allergy will present symptoms often within minutes, I would not be so quick to rule out the possibility of allergy. With all allergies, severity of reaction depends on allergen dose and a host of variable factors in the individual. Some food allergies are slower onset but with time become more severe. An allergist would be the person to consult as to whether or not you have a true allergy. Likely a blood test would be run. (They don't like to challenge/scratch test if there are symptoms sounding like anaphylaxis.)

Almond is creeping into a lot of foods these days, snack bars esp. It is possible you have more than one thing going on with the almonds. Might be best to sort it out.

Best wishes.

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Audrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB User
Re: Has anyone had bad reactions from almond butter?

I didn't know almonds could be goitrogenic. Hmmm learn something new everyday

I was about to suggest carrying around a little container with a few almonds, brazil nuts and cashews as these 3 nuts combined are of the same protein value as if you had eaten meat. But if you have an allergy to almonds i don't know how you would go with fresh?

I try to stay away from soy if possible, but it's in EVERYTHING!!!! I have estrogen excess and the last thing i want is adding soy to raise my estrogen even more. It's hard though as soy is in all shop bought goods. I do my own cooking and use fresh foods as much as is possible, but sometimes you do have to buy things from the supermarket and they do disguise soy in many different ways eg: vegetable oil, vegetable gum, lecithin and i'm sure there are others.

Hypo thyroid and adrenal issues are both listed as a symptom of excess estrogen. So soy might be fine for the people going through menopause, but not for us who aren't. I often think of simply switching back to butter as it doesn't contain all these other additives, particularly soy, which i don't want due to my thyroid and my estrogen excess.

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