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  • Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms

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    Old 06-20-2009, 02:20 PM   #1
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    Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms

    I hope someone can help me. I was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (TSH 6.75) and my doctor started me on 50 mcg of Levothroid. I originally went to the doctor because of fatigue; however, I had been under a tremendous amount of stress at the time. I already had a very fast metabolism and tended to be an anxoius person before starting the meds, but thought the doctor knew what she was doing. I started the meds in March and had all kinds of unwanted effects. I started eating everything I could and it felt like I was losing weight. I could not sleep at night, my heart rate increased, my blood pressure increased and I got a number of unwanted sexual side effects. I called my doctor at least 8 times and she kept telling me that my body needed to adjust to the medication. After about 6 weeks my labs were redone and my TSH was 4.14, which is no where near Hyperthyroid. The doctor told me to continue the meds, even though I felt like crap! I was told the symptoms I was having were related to being Hypo and they would go away when my body adjusted. After about 3 months on the meds I was so tired I could not hardly go to work and had a total lack of sensation in my manhood. Basically there was no feeling down there.
    Could it be that my thyroid was over stimulated by the medication and it caused my body to stop producing other hormones like testosterone?
    I switched doctors and my new doctor told me to stop the meds right away. I did this about three weeks ago and have felt extremely tired. I still have many of the same symptoms as before but have seen some improvement since not taking the meds. I am just extremely tired all the time.

    Does anybody have any idea what is going on with me? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms

    Hi! Usually the tiredness comes with being too hypo for your body. I don't know about the testosterone thing. You need to know what tests were run and what the results were. We can't help with just a tsh. Get a copy of your labs and post them. You can always ask for the male hormone tests to be run too. Do you have antibodies for Hashimoto's disease, do you know? Most men from what I've read do well with a much lower tsh than women. 4.14 is still too high. Sometimes the thyroid hormones will fluxuate a lot with Hashi and you will feel hyper symptoms as well as hypo. You need to know the Free T-4 and 3 levels.

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    Re: Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms

    Thanks for the input. The funny thing is, I did not have near the fatigue when I was first diagnosed Hypo that I have had since I have stopped taking Levothroid. I literally feel like I could sleep ALL day long. Maybe it is because the meds gave me bad insominia for about a month and my body just needs to catch up.

    Here are my labs-

    Before starting Levothroid in March-
    TSH- 6.51
    T4- .7

    After Starting Meds.
    TSH 4.39

    TSH 4.14

    TSH 3.99
    T4- .8
    T3- 138
    Stopped meds on 5/28

    After started the meds I had all the signs of Hyperthyroidism but my numbers do not reflect that. Any idea what this could have been caused by? I am assumming that maybe my dose was too high (50 mcg Levothroid), but not sure. My doctor wants me to stop the meds and then is going to recheck levels after 6 weeks. They have never done any type of check for antibodies. Thanks for your help. Any more thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms

    I have a feeling your body was trying to adjust to the meds, but it wasn't enough---you are likely hypo, you can't go by symptoms, sometimes while you are finding the right dose, your symptoms go all over the place, it takes a lot of time to adjust to being on medication, and find the right dose. Maybe you should build up very slowly this time, 50mcg is likely not enough, it's a teeny tiny dose.

    Old 06-21-2009, 10:53 AM   #5
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    Re: Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms

    Thanks for the input. My doctor wants me to stop all together and wait about 6 weeks to see how I am feeling. I guess if I do start back on the meds, I will have to start with a very small dose. It seems that ALL my hormones are thrown off right now given the symptoms I am having. Has anyone experienced Adrenal Fatigue/Exhaustion from too high a dose?

    Old 09-05-2009, 07:52 AM   #6
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    Re: Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms

    I have been on thyroid meds for my hypothyroidism for 11 years and my symptoms are still there annoying me. I have talked to my doctor and she said she would send me to talk to someone who would probably tell me it was all in my head. She said you don't want me to change anything because you don't want hyperthyroidism, do you? I am so sick of being sick and I want to stop these meds but all I hear is that I will slowly begin to shut down and eventually die.

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    Re: Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms

    A T4 drug like Synthroid takes a long time to do its work. Your initial low dose was probably never enough but it was bringing your TSH down. Now that you're not taking anything it is probably climbing again which is why your fatigue is worse.

    Some people need a combination drug like Armour and some people do better taking Synthroid and Cytomel. If I were in your shoes I'd be looking for a specialist who is not in love with any particular drug regimen and is willing to try different things to find what works for you. During any new regimen it would be wise to have the lab work done more frequently, either monthly or bi-monthly. BTW--when you post lab results you need to include the hgh-low ranges, usually the numbers in parentheses following your level.

    As for the sexual thing I've not heard of hypo affecting it but that doesn't mean it can't happen. If that particular problem continues in spite of your meds it may be unrelated.

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    Re: Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms

    Regarding adrenal fatigue, it's the most common reason people can't tolerate thyroid hormones. The best way to test for it is with a saliva cortisol test. Most doctors don't test, or use the not-so-useful serum cortisol so it's usually up to the patient to procure their own saliva test which can be ordered online. If you have fatigued adrenals you will "pool" the T3 you are producing from your T4 med and instead of going into the cells where it needs to go it builds up in the bloodstream and causes a lot of unpleasant effects.
    You really need to test for this and then find a doctor who will treat you if this is the case. Adrenal fatigue must be treated with hydrocortisone to give the adrenals a time to rest and heal before thyroid hormones can be introduced. Given your possibility of adrenal issues I'd strongly suggest you start up on natural thyroid hormones rather than synthetics once the adrenals are addressed.
    If you can get a Free T3 and Free T4 lab it would be helpful to see exactly where you are at with your hypothyroidism now too. Unfortunately the tests you have had so far aren't as useful. I also think it would be wise to test for the thyroid antibodies as well. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms

    Note that this is an old thread. The OP is probably nowhere in sight by now.
    Erika the newbie brought it up by attaching her own off-topic question to it.

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    Re: Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms

    I have already had so many adverse symptoms on thyroid meds-I had gone to a weight loss doctor years ago and she found my TSH to be around 5 and one of my thyroid functions was slightly low ,and antibodies high so I went to an endocrinologist . I thought this would help me lose weight. She of course started me on synthroid-I soon started to have increased anxiety,weight gain, loss of sex drive, ringing in my ears and a feeling of SOB,wheezing and asthma- I have of course, been back to the doctor -all doctors insist the medication could not be causing my problems. I have tried levothroid,synthroid,lovoxyl and finally Armour thyroid. I did feel much better on the armour at a low dose 30-45 mg and as soon as I increase the dose to 60mg I start getting the same symptoms-I felt reallypretty good prior to all of this. I am a lot older now so that may affect how I feel but I experience problems whenever I pick up a new rx of Armour. I guess the amount may not be exact???-I wish I could start over and never would have messed with my thyroid- Good luck,M

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    Dee 123
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    Re: Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms

    I began to feel awful on Synthroid (T4) and found out I was a poor T4 converter and went on T3. It made all the difference in the world.

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