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Treatment of Hashimoto's along with other symptoms

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starryGal09 HB UserstarryGal09 HB User
Treatment of Hashimoto's along with other symptoms

Hello everyone, I am new to the HB and am seeking some general information about Hashimotos and the other problems it may cause.

My 24 year old daughter had most of her thyroid removed in 06 and has been on synthroid since. Her bloodwork results for tsh and other counts, have been all over the road. More synthroid, less synthroid - for the last two years. Cannot stabilize.
Meanwhile she was being treated for depression by her PCP. I believe she still has the depression but with moving back after her divorce and being at a new job she just recently became insured medically again and was weaned off the meds.
Now my question is, does one endo/doctor treat all of the symptoms she seems to be dealing with? Symptoms of severe weight gain (of over 40 pounds in two years), severe depression/mood swings, extreme perspiration- feeling very warm/over heated, heavy periods where they are causing problems at work (she is on her feet), anemia and of course lack of energy/tired all the time.
I have her seeing a doctor who is getting her weight down with the use of phentermine. It is working so her depression seems to be lifting. Until today.
She called from work wanting to come home due to heavy menstrual bleeding. But she cannot. she needs the hours. She was crying while speaking to me on the phone. I am puzzled. Is this all from the Hashi?
What can I do? Should I have her make appts with ob/gyn for periods? Psychiatrist for depression/moods? Any others?
Are any of you experiencing several other symptoms and do your endos treat them?
Thank you so much.

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javelina HB Userjavelina HB Userjavelina HB User
Re: Treatment of Hashimoto's along with other symptoms

It is very typical for people with Hashi's to get turfed off to psychiatrists and weight doctors when, if they could get their thyroid treated effectively, they could treat the problem at the source and dispense with all these other doctors.

All of your daughters symptoms are typical of Hashimoto's. Most endos don't do a good job treating it unfortunately. * Disallowed website and related information removed by hb-mod, moderator *
The recommendation is to treat with natural thyroid hormones and raise the levels fairly quickly, enough to actually shut the thyroid down (much like the adrenals will shut down if you replace the cortisol they produce). Once the thyroid is inactive the thyroid antibodies will cease their attack because they don't recognize it anymore. Then continue with thyroid hormone replacement at levels that are theraputic.

I've also heard very good things about Low Dose Naltrexone for Hashimoto's. Several people on another thyroid forum are on it and are getting remarkable results. It actually modulates and repairs the immune system and stops the autoimmune response. I took it myself for my fibromyalgia and had some good relief of my pain. It's worth checking out.

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Audrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB User
Re: Treatment of Hashimoto's along with other symptoms

I agree, the book mcaimless mentions is a very valuable resource/learning tool when starting out.

Unfortunately Hashimoto's causes a heap of symptoms, but a lot of them are due to other areas of the body going a bit 'off'. A lot of these issues are all interlinked and sadly a lot of doctors only focus on the thyroid and not other area of the body which need looking into too.

Thyroid issues and the auto immune issues don't affect everybody equally, but individually. In my case i'm never extremely cold, but am warm most of the time, i get tired, my hair sheds, but i dont put on weight the way a lot of other hypo sufferers do. I do have menstrual issues which are being sorted by my naturopath and my thyroid doctor. My menstural cycles were once regular and ended up all over the place and got very heavy. Now they are normal and regular with the help of a liquid herbal mixture. This is linked in with the thyroid issues due to other hormones stuffing up along with the thyroid hormones. Most often it's excess estrogen, deficiency in progesterone and higher levels of testosterone. Once the thyroid is addressed with the correct meds, the testosterone most often self corrects on it's own, so long as the doctor is checking that the adrenals are making sufficient of the hormone 'cortisol' and you also have adequate Vitamin D, which is in turn very important for the adrenals....... Can you see now how complex it all is???? The excess estrogen is a little more difficult to treat and not a lot of doctors are interested in correcting hormones. They prefer to stick someone onto birth control pills or do other invasive procedures via a gyn. Me personally, aside from the naturopath's herbs, i've been taking something called "DIM" (it has a much longer name but you can find info on the net via the term DIM). It's been useful in lowering excess estrogen.

If you do research on excess estrogen you will find hypothyroid and adrenal fatigue listed as symptoms and also fibromyalgia (sp?). Why does estrogen get out of balance in the first place.... obviously due to whatever is going on with the thyroid and/or adrenals, but also due to improper phase 2 liver detox, which is supposed to get rid of excess estrogen, but due to being bogged down by bad diet, life style, low iron levels, illness etc it can't achieve it's job correctly. Also a healthy body can metabolise bad excess estrogen into good estrogens which the body can use up, but this isn't going to happen with all the other things going wrong in the body.

The other thing which a lot of people don't realise is the need for good amounts of protein at breakfast to help boost the metabolic rate. You also need excellent levels for your ferritin, Vitamin D, B12, Zinc, Vitamin A, Iodine, magnesium, potassium etc etc. Your daughter ought to have at least ferritin, Vit D and B12 checked out and they ought to be up at the higher end of the lab range.

A lot of people are low in these things due to either gluten intolerance and/or malabsorption of nutrients due to insufficient stomach acids and digestive enzymes. I have this issue with my pancreas as it doesnt produce sufficient enzymes to digest protein foods. The pancreas is part of the whole endocrine system. These lead to malabsorption of nutrients which then affect other systems and how they run.

If your daughter is able to see a naturopath to help settle her periods it would be much faster than a doctor bumbling his/her way around the situation, unless she knows a VERY good doctor. She ought to also get blood tests to check her vitamin/mineral levels, but a urine test is best for iodine chekup as it's more accurate than a blood test.

A saliva hormone test is best for hormones and adrenal checkup, but not a lot of doctors like doing those. Still, a saliva test to check her cortisol levels throughout the day would be advisable so she'll know what's going on with her adrenals throughout an entire day.

Unfortunately with this type of illness and all the symptoms you really have to get pro-active about your own health and not simply leave it up to a doctor to handle. Not many doctors will cover all bases so you can't simply "assume" that your doctor is doing so. You need to do a heap of reasearch and ask a lot of questions. It took me 9 years to get diagnosed and find a good doctor and even so it's difficult sometimes, but at least i know i've got a good foundation in having a good doctor.

Hoping some of this info helps and that your daughter gets help soon

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starryGal09 HB UserstarryGal09 HB User
Re: Treatment of Hashimoto's along with other symptoms

Audrey-B, mcaimless - a thousand thank yous. ♥♥
I believe my dd and I have much work to do - first off is educating ourselves about this. When she was first diagnosed we both felt the surgery and meds were all she needed. Wrong!
I am on my way to get that book mc! Thank you.
And I am checking into naturopathic as well, Audrey-B.
Anything - everything.

She is far too young to be sooo unhappy and miserable. The symptoms only think they have taken over and we is gonna get tuff! lol

I am so glad I found this forum!

Audrey-B, I found your paragraph about digestion/malabsorption interesting; as well as the gluten intolerance. Due to the fact she also suffers from chronic constipation. Of which the miralax, correctol and all the fiber I am insisting she consume has NOT worked and it is going on a full week!
In a way, I am becoming angry over the lack of care or concern by the doctors she has seen.
There was only one who seemed to be promising but her military medical coverage would only allow him as referral. It's going to stop now. Thank you again.

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Audrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB User
Re: Treatment of Hashimoto's along with other symptoms

No problem Starrygal I hope you and your daughter love doing BIG jigsaw puzzles as that is what this illness is like!!

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Jelohi HB User
Re: Treatment of Hashimoto's along with other symptoms

Chiming in to add that constipation is also an issue with thyroid - EVERYTHING slows down. My Doc has me taking magnesium at night for the heart symptoms (PVCs) but it also helps keep things "moving along".

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Oppida HB User
Re: Treatment of Hashimoto's along with other symptoms

Originally Posted by Jelohi View Post
Chiming in to add that constipation is also an issue with thyroid - EVERYTHING slows down. My Doc has me taking magnesium at night for the heart symptoms (PVCs) but it also helps keep things "moving along".
Indeed! That was my first major symptom of Hashi's and being hypo. The only thing that EVER worked for me, and I tried EVERYTHING, was getting colonics done. I swear by it. I was constipated for 2 months and did not go once in 2 months! I tried everything in the book, but that was the only thing that helped.

I also can attest to the idea that Hashi's affects everyone differently. I am never cold, but hot all the time. I have vert dramatic swings from hypo the hyper- everyday is different. I go from panic attacks to fatigue in a day. Not breathing well, my hair falling out, then to brain fog an bad memory. It's bizarre.

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