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High TSH, normal T3 T4, high antibodies

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Old 09-01-2010, 07:03 AM   #1
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Alexandra75 HB User
High TSH, normal T3 T4, high antibodies

Hi! I am new in thyroid world!

I am 35 yrs, female and very active in sports. I do triathlon and marathon (I am a lawyer, the sports are my hobby). I feel very energetic, no tiredness at all, no symptoms. My brother is a doctor (surgeon) and over protective. He believes that running a marathon is extreme, he cannot understand my addiction to even running at 10pm if i come late from the office etc etc.
Since I am thin (not anorexic), yet i eat a lot (at times, when I have a lot of work, I may forget to eat), he asked me to go and check my thyroid.

The results were High TSH (58). My pathlogist told me to immediately stop running and go and check T3, T4 and antibodies. I did 1 day later and they were normal with high antibodies. I checked again 4 days later-in the same lab and in another one. The TSH was 82,95 in the first lab I had been and 86.92 in anotherone.

My pathologist told me it is sub-clinical hypothyroid. No need for treatment. Need to follow up. I can run. I called the endo ( my cousin) last night to make an appointment. I will go today. When he heard the TSH, he said "you must be exhausted"!. I told him "it is quite the opposite! I train for the marathon. And I would not like to miss it. It is in 2 months". He immediately said, "dont worry, I will give you treatment and I will fix (am I a car or something, I wondered!) you and you will be ready in 2 months. In the meantime, don't run, it is dangerous"! He did not even ask me what my T3 and T4 were. I told him "wait, I must tell you that T3/4 are these"..... he said "dont worry, with meds you will be fine". Then I said to him, "I also had the test for antibodies....".

I was surprised/worried he did not ask for T3/4 and antibodies figures and that instead he went to meds. I have read that when TSH is high, T3/4 normal, there is a debate on whether treatment should be given. Furthermore, I dont have any symptoms!

I went today to have a heart triplex. It was perfect!

Today, i will see my endo cousin plus another endo.....

If anybody had the same results as me, AND NO SYMPTOMS, I would like to know how he treated it.
And....what about running? Any ideas?


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FinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB UserFinnMaid HB User
Re: High TSH, normal T3 T4, high antibodies

A TSH that high is not normal. The debate on treating is probably about having TSH from top of the reference range (that can be something around 4-5) to 10 with no symptoms - if one's TSH is over 10 it's malpractice to not treat whether there are symptoms or not. It's possible you're keeping yourself "going" by running (my sister did that when she was undertreated) - if you stopped running maybe those hypoT symptoms would come up High antibodies mean Hashimoto's thyroiditis and that too tells us your thyroid is not fine and you will need medication eventually. This heavy exercise can put your adrenals under a lot of stress and that can lead to trouble in the long run. What were your FT4 and FT3? Having them "within range" doesn't automatically mean everything is fine either.

To be sure of these results your doc should look into anti-TSH autoantibodies and heterophilic antibodies that can cause false high TSH readings.

Last edited by FinnMaid; 09-01-2010 at 07:45 AM. Reason: Added more info

Old 09-01-2010, 03:01 PM   #3
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Location: Athens, Greece
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Alexandra75 HB User
Re: High TSH, normal T3 T4, high antibodies

Thanks FinnMaid for your time to reply.

I dont have aany tests for FT4/3.

Both endos gave me the same treatment. Both asked me to go back with T4, FT4, TSH, Anti-TPO, AntiTg.
The first endo said it is Hashimoto. The second said it is advanced hypothyroid already.

The good thing is that they both gave me the same treatment!
The first told me not to run.The second told me to run for 15 days but not to push it a lot. After 15 days I can start training again as usual.

So, thyroid issue is sorted out in that both endos agree with giving treatment and they gave the same.

With regrd to running (sorry, i really want to do the marathon in 2 months), the cardiologist says heart is fine. I am thinking of having the test in the treadmill to confirm blood circulation is fine so that I am positive 100% nothing wrong is there.

I can now welcome myself to the thyroid world! I hope i wil lnot have any major changes in my energy, weight etc...

Old 05-12-2011, 05:38 PM   #4
call me Al
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call me Al HB User
Re: High TSH, normal T3 T4, high antibodies

I think I have similar test results and also no symptoms. My first doctor just randomly did a TSH test when I was getting all kinds of basic blood work done just to have a reference for the future. I am 37 now.
After she (GP) found that my TSH was 7.9, she called and told me my thyroid hormone were low and that I needed to be treated right away before it gets any worse. She asked me if I've been extremely tired. I said no. She prescribed synthroid but I wanted to do alittle research first. Of course I found out that TSH is only the beginning of the story. No doctor should prescribe anything before doing a full thyroid test. T3, T4, antibodies! Needless to say I did not go back to her...and I am taking nothing yet.
Went to another doctor and had a full thyroid test...
TSH is 8
free thyroxine (T4 I think) is .95 (range shows it should be between .6 and1.5)
free triioddothyronine (T3 I think) is 3.4 (range 1.8 to 4.2)
antibodies 525
So it looks like my thyroid hormones are fine but my TSH and antibodies are high.
The next step is and endo for sure but this second doctor I went to thought it may be possible I have a pituitary adenoma. He didn't seem overly concerned about the antibodies and explained why but I can't remember. He seemed much more perplexed by the normal T3 and T4 based on how high my TSH is.
I find this all very fascinating. The endocrine system is so comlpex!
I feel fine but I am wondering if there are more people out there with these particular types of numbers. If so, did you get an MRI? Did you go on medications? Did you just monitor? My doctor suggests an endocrinologist next and says I should ask for an MRI.
I am looking forward to any input that may be out there!
Alexandra? How are you doing now? I noticed your post was almost a year ago.

Old 09-12-2012, 05:16 PM   #5
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gaspokesman HB User
Re: High TSH, normal T3 T4, high antibodies

Alexandria, your situation is similar to mine, although we do have a bit of an age difference. I am 73 and an avid long-distance cyclist. Although strenuous, I routinely ride centuries (100+ miles). I got my TSH reading back yesterday: 44. This is the only time I have had the test--am wondering why. Also no corresponding test of free T4. I have no symptoms. I was out riding today on a 70-mile ride and felt great. My doctor prescribed Levothyroxine. I await further comments from my doctor before I start taking the medications (I take no medications, whatsoever, except for a rare ibuprofen.)

Old 10-26-2012, 09:19 PM   #6
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amilos HB User
Re: High TSH, normal T3 T4, high antibodies

My T4 and T3 is normal. My TSH was 8 and my antibodies were 1200! Havent gone in to check it again and its been 3 months. The stupid lab wont even draw my blood unless I pay them for all the blood work and tests they did for my thyroid, and thats WITH insurance! What I dont understand is if my T4 and T3 are normal why is my doctor pumping me with T4? Wouldn't that make my T4 higher? I am on Levothyroxine and feel better. Before I found out about my thyroid I felt tired ALL the time and KNEW something was wrong with me but didnt know what?? but now I know. I just dont understand how my T4 and T3 is normal? At first my doctor said "your TSH is not that high (5.9), we are just going to watch it". The first time it was 5.9 the limit is 5.0... 2 weeks later it jumped to 8. I demanded a thyroid test and sure enough my antibodies were high, I cant believe he wanted me to wait. Wait for what? till I die??

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