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Does NO ONE ever lose weight by taking thyroid meds?

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Old 02-27-2001, 07:27 AM   #1
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HypothyroidMe HB User
Does NO ONE ever lose weight by taking thyroid meds?

I have a logical theory... If a hypothyroid person gains weight from being hypo and their metabolism is slowed down by the malfunctioning thyroid, when the person is on the right thyroid med at the right dosage, WOULDN'T THAT PERSON'S METABOLISM SPEED UP AND THE PERSON LOSE WEIGHT???

I mean, it only makes sense. But time after time, I keep reading all of these posts of people saying that even though they're on the right thyroid med, they're still overweight and their metabolism is still slow.

Then I read posts by people who self-medicate to get their thyroid hyper and they lose crazy weight. My simple question is, does a person have to self-medicate (which I know they shouldn't do) in order to lose weight?

I used to be super hyperthyroid (85 pounds at 5'3"), and now I am hypo (141 pounds literally overnight). I have every hypo symptom, and I'm about to see my general doc in order to be referred to a specialist *sigh*.

Needless to say, I'd be happy to just be at 115 pounds and COMFORTABLE. I am so fat now! I have zipper marks on my stomach from my jeans cutting off my circulation. I want to cry.

But forget all of this jibberish. I'm just trying to give some background on my condition before I ask, doesn't ANYONE lose weight simply by their metabolism speeding up on thyroid medication? Can't a doctor put you at the right level where you're not so sluggish and looking pudgy?

Also, I read on the Internet that some bodybuilders use Cytomel to lose sudden and drastic weight before a competition. Of course they get this drug illegally and without a prescription. What does Cytomel do? And do you take it in addition to a drug like Synthroid or Levothroid?

Anyone who has lost weight simply by being on a thyroid med, please explain in detail your formula, and why it worked for you. And also, can someone brief me on Cytomel? Thanks!

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Old 02-27-2001, 09:52 AM   #2
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PlaXibo HB User
Re: Does NO ONE ever lose weight by taking thyroid meds?

Never take more synthroid then you supposed to. It can be very bad for you.

I didn't take my synthroid for several months. I ended up gaining weight but as soon as I started taking my synthroid again I lost all the weight. So if your calorie intact is what it should be for your height you will loss the weight once your thyroxine levels are back to normal. I lost the weight rather quickly. It took about a week. But that isn't safe either. I have type 1 diabetes so that might explain why I lost the weight so quickly.

<B>-Mark</B><p>[This message has been edited by PlaXibo (edited 02-27-2001).]

Old 02-27-2001, 10:51 AM   #3
Tree Frog
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Tree Frog HB UserTree Frog HB UserTree Frog HB UserTree Frog HB UserTree Frog HB UserTree Frog HB UserTree Frog HB UserTree Frog HB UserTree Frog HB UserTree Frog HB UserTree Frog HB User
Re: Does NO ONE ever lose weight by taking thyroid meds?

Mark is correct that taking more thyroid
than prescribed is a huge risk. Over working the heart makes the heart enlarged and can cause irreversable damage/heart attacks.
Please don't even think of it...there are no viable short cuts to weight loss! It can be hard work and requires persistence!

From what I understand, when one has been un/undertreated for hypothyroidism for years and has lowered metabolism, weight gain, and muscle tone loss, simply taking the medication will not suffienctly raise the metabolism to cause weight loss.
What it does is allow the healing to occur so that these factors can be changed, whereas before they probably could not be changed. For instance, one can now build muscle tone, which is what raises the metabolism and uses up excess fat.

If the hypothyroid state is discovered and treated before too much muscle tone is lost, then yes, correcting the thyroid balance will result in going back to the normal weight, usually. There is no way for me to know how much muscle tone anyone already had, though.

I know for myself, one can be slender appearing and have little muscle tone, with a high body fat percentage. The fat is then thruout the muscles and one is not really lean. Then when one gains weight, it is evrywhere and takes time and hard work to get rid of. I was untreated for many years, gained about 80 excess pounds and lost most of my muscle tone. I was incapacitated by it, but now my muscles will tone. They are so out of tone, this is going to take awhile. So I have to be patient and persistent! It is the rebuilding of muscle tone that will create the use of the excess fat storage. I have to do the work of toning myself!
But, with the thyroid med, I now have the energy to pursue the muscle building!

What I do is avoid dieting and think instead about life-style changes. Diets are temporary, but life-style changes can last.
If I think I am depriving myself, that never lasts! So I eat some sugary foods occasionally, but a lot less, and I focus on eating more appropriate foods as much as possible. It is slower...but think of this, the excess skin has time to shrink along with the fat cells!

Remember stored fat is a living body organ and has a purpose. It is not like the fat we trim off a dead steak. We need to USE it up!

I hope this helps some in the frustrating fat loss journey! TF

Old 02-27-2001, 11:27 AM   #4
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HypothyroidMe HB User
Re: Does NO ONE ever lose weight by taking thyroid meds?

Thanks, Tree Frog! I see you are a very wonderful addition to this board -- very helpful! I appreciate it.

Do you know anything about Cytomel?

Old 02-27-2001, 02:01 PM   #5
Junior Member
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ser HB User
Re: Does NO ONE ever lose weight by taking thyroid meds?

Cytomel is T3. Synthroid is T4 Natrual throid is a mixture of T4/T3 (80-20). There are articles on <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> on adding T3. There are references in "THe Thyroid Solution" about T3 and its effect with depression, weight loss, PMS... Good book Also it guides you on the vitamans you need the food to avoid and why exercise is good for you both areobics and yoga types. I have lost weight while on synthroid right after my first was born I got back down to the pre-pregnancy weight before I conceved the 2nd. It is possible to lose weight while your leveled and you need not over dose

Old 02-27-2001, 02:36 PM   #6
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Location: New York, NY, USA
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HypothyroidMe HB User
Re: Does NO ONE ever lose weight by taking thyroid meds?

Thanks, ser. That was the exact info I needed.

Old 03-09-2001, 01:15 PM   #7
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Re: Does NO ONE ever lose weight by taking thyroid meds?

First, don't EVER go off your thyroid med unless your doctor instructs you to. My husband was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, put on synthroid then decide he did'nt need it anymore after about 8 months. I asked my doctor what could happen and she said if a thyroid problem goes unchecked it can lead to congestive heart failure. MEN!! Second, I am hypo-thyroid and on Synthroid. I'm 5-3/12 and now 118 pounds. I was up to 128. I have been thin all my life. The only time I put weight on was with my pregnancies, so the 128 was uncomfortable. I decided to start walking and drinking lots of water, and really watching what I ate. Alot of salads for lunch and fruits, and just smaller portions of meals. And limiting your sweets. It can be done, you just have to WANT to loose the weight. Good luck..

Old 03-13-2001, 01:27 PM   #8
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GD HB User
Re: Does NO ONE ever lose weight by taking thyroid meds?

Hello! I was on the old board and it is amazing that our thyroids are still running and in some cases ruining our lives. Tree Frog and I went back and forth and TF is very very smart and on track and knowledgeable.
I am on levoxyl killing me....162 mcg. fairly high dose. Armour pounded my heart till I could hear it....running a T3 tomorrow...endo. didn't want to...(here we go again) one must diligent with tests, doctors, reading all you can that is VALID AND TIMELY, with no agenda attached, and most of all, watch these boards for advice, soundoffs, etc. It is a big help to know we are not alone. Exercise helps. I am a diabetic type 2, so if you want to talk about losing wt. for more than the usual reason, look at ME. The levoxyl has shot me up 5 lbs. in 2 weeks.....eating less..but do walk a lot for exercise. Live in the's been a tough winter to get out..but several times a week is something......................We're all in this together. Watch those carbs...please...hypos can put on weight and all those carbs are NG for anyone..esp. hypo's with diabetes thrown in..........
Learn about all the med's you can but NEVER stop thyroid medicine..thatis not a good idea. I'm not a doctor, do not know it all for sure...but hormonally speaking...speak to doctor first...before doing something like stopping med's without medical advice......

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