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KimberlyV 05-06-2002 09:38 PM

Weight Loss
I am just curious if any one else has had trouble losing weight while being hypo? I had 85% of my thyroid gland removed about 3 years ago. My levels had finally stabilized until just recently. I have increased my dosage of Synthroid from .75 to .88 due to showing hypo once again. My question is how many of you have had trouble losing weight even after stabilizing the thyroid? And also, how have you lost the weight. Seems like the only thing that helps me is low-carbing. Anyone else? Low fat, low calories just seem to do nothing for me, except make me worse. Anyone have any input on this issue? Thanks a bunch! Kim - P.S. Also, how do you keep the motivation long enough to really get going on a good diet, without getting depressed and giving up?

Tree Frog 05-06-2002 11:03 PM

Re: Weight Loss
Hi KimberlyV,
I think trouble losing gained weight from being hypo is the usual case all too often.
My weight stabilized after gaining for all the years I was undiagnosed, so I am not gaining now. But it is practically impossible for me to lose weight because I can't do the ordinary exercise due an ankle and knee that can't endure any kind of repetitive stress.

I tried low-carbing, cutting way back on them, and nothing significant happened. I think I lost six pounds of possibly normal weight fluctuation. It didn't stay off. Right now my doctor is allowing me to have a higher thyroid dose, hoping to finally bring my pulse up. It is unusually low for the shape I am in.
My metabolism is extremely slow, I know, because my digestion is very slow.

So far, I like you, get depressed and give up. Right now I eat whatever I want and I still weigh the same, not gaining. I was skinny all my life before becoming hypo. It is depressing in itself! My thyroid levels have been upped repeatedly for two or more years.
It still is being upped.

I have to have estrogen replacement, and that is a weight problem itself.
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Jhart320 05-11-2002 07:43 PM

Re: Weight Loss
I started on my diet and exercise on Jan 2nd. I weighed in this morning at 129.5. I finally broke the 30's it wasn't easy and it took longer than I expected. I have four more lbs to go! I am on Synthroid 88 mcg and it seems to be a good dose for me right now. I have been walking 2 miles all winter and when spring came I hit the road and walk outside now. I walk most days 2.5 miles with my Beardie collie McKenna some days we do 4 miles. I was on a plateau for over a month and that happened two times. It very hard and its discouraging. Hang in there it can be done its just a lot harder when you are hypothyroid.
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ArtfulD 05-13-2002 12:58 PM

Re: Weight Loss
Hi KimberlyV. Many folks on this Board have addressed the weight issue. The consensus is that it is easier to work toward weight loss once our thyroid blood levels have been balanced. Here are a couple of links to past discussions:

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Popular diets include the Goddess Diet, Atkins (and other low carb/high protein options), God's Diet, and Volumetrics.

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