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Netty0212 02-07-2011 09:47 AM

Endoscopy looming! Scared to death about it.
Hi everyone,
After seeing a consultant last week the decision has been made to go ahead and remove my right thyroid lobe and the 3cm complex nodule attached to it. This was to be expected and Im happy to go ahead with the surgery. One thing Im really dreading is the Endoscoy I have to have on Wednesday, the consultant said there is no way of avoiding this procedure as they have to check my vocal cords etc etc. I am really worried about having it done, Im not nervous at all about the upcoming surgery, they can do what they want as long as I am asleep but this was the one thing that I didnt want. If theres anyone on here who has had the same thing then would you please let me know how it went for yourself. Please be honest as I'd rather know what to expect regarding pain levels, anasthetic vs no anasthetic and any tips to help it go smoother for me. The doctor explained everything to me but only people who have actually had the procedure will really know how it feels.

Many thanks for your help xxxx

Reece 02-07-2011 11:02 AM

Re: Endoscopy looming! Scared to death about it.
Not sure exactly what you're referring to, there's one kind with anesthesia where they look in your stomach, but there's another type of thing they do to scope your vocal chords.

I didn't have it done for my thyroid surgery (just something else for my throat). What my doctor did, was spray my nose with something to clear it, and then shoved a metal thing in my nose, and looked down.

It was yucky and uncomfortable, but it was all of 10 seconds tops, so if that's what you're having done just don't think about it, and it'll be over before you realize what they are doing.

jenj770 02-07-2011 11:37 AM

Re: Endoscopy looming! Scared to death about it.
I have had a couple of endoscopys and both we're a "piece of cake: You are in a twilight type sleep and will not feel anything - during or after. It's also a very quick procedure. But, like the previous poster, I would ask if you are sure it is an endoscopy that you are having as I thought that this was mainly to look at your esophogus and stomach.



RUFUS100 02-07-2011 05:19 PM

Re: Endoscopy looming! Scared to death about it.
my thyroid surgeon required the same thing. It was a piece of cake, in a twilight sleep and over with in 10 minutes. I had such difficulty swallowing that he wanted this done before the tt.
The tt was not a bad surgery either. Hang in there. It is all scary but it will be just fine. Let us know how you are dong.

Netty0212 02-07-2011 05:59 PM

Re: Endoscopy looming! Scared to death about it.
Thank you all for replying, I'm sorry I didnt make it very clear about why I'm having this done. Its an endoscopy to check out my vocal cords and the surrounding area before I have surgery on my thyroid, nothing to do with my stomach etc etc.
I have been told that I can have a local anasthetic sprayed into my nose before the the camera is inserted and it should take no longer than 15 minutes start to finish. Apparantly people who have had this done more than once often prefer not to have the anasthetic spray as it numbs part of the throat resulting in a choking sensation, just wondered what your opinions are on this? I think I'm definitely going to opt for it though.
Can you explain what you mean by twilight sedative? Ive not been told about any sedation, I thought you had to be wide awake and alert so you can swallow etc when the doctor tells you. xxxx

RUFUS100 02-07-2011 06:50 PM

Re: Endoscopy looming! Scared to death about it.
Hi netty,
this must be some new procedure they do now. I can't help on this one but i am sure someone here can. I had both surgeries done in 2009 and all went well. Don't worry it will be fine. I was a baskset case. I am here to tell you it will be ok. Thyroid problems are not fun. The only problem i have now is medication adjustment. Just when i thought everything was ok i turned hyper and now on medication adjustment to lower things. Keep us posted.

sevenseas831 02-07-2011 09:08 PM

Re: Endoscopy looming! Scared to death about it.
Hi Netty, I have had three endoscopies, but these were to look at my esophagus and stomach. I was asleep for all three.

I have also had a laryngoscopy in my ENT's office where they insert a "tube" with a camera at the end through your nose to look at your vocal cords. I am not sure if this may be the test you are having. If so, they do numb your nose. It is not painful. It just feels a little strange, but it only takes a few minutes.


t_411 02-07-2011 11:09 PM

Re: Endoscopy looming! Scared to death about it.
I had an endoscopy once to check my stomach due to a lot of reflux issues and MAN did I feel GREAT after I woke up. I don't know what they used to put me out but I woke feeling so refreshed and rested like never before. I did have one really huge 20+ second burp on my way out but that's it. Everything else was fine.

You go back to the prep room where they'll put an IV in, then they'll take you to a cozy little room, you can ask for bankets if you like, it's not really like a regular surgery since there's no cutting they can be more relaxed about things.... Then someone will come in and tell you to say Ahhh and they'll spary your throat with a numbing med (hold your breath for it when they spray, it just takes a quick spray or two), then you'll lay there for a few minutes, I wanted to lay on my side since my throat was a bit numb, it felt more comfortable to me to let my saliva build up in my cheek, don't worry though, they'll suck it all out shortly...

Then the anesthesia dr will come in and put some medication into your IV to put you into a sort of twilight (for me, I don't remember a thing so I was out with it and it just took a few seconds to work, it didn't feel weird at all). As far as pain, I had none/zero, not one bit. They stretched my esophagus while they were in there looking around and it felt like nothing had happened. I have no idea what they did while I was out but that's a day I'll never forget because of how great I felt after..... Best sleep of my life -hands down!

I've had several surgeries and been put to sleep 4 times. I didn't need any pain meds after and my dr didn't write a prescription for any either. You'll be able to walk out on your own and be 100% yourself when it's over. You will need a driver though because they wont let you drive... That part's just to cover the dr's legal stuff.

I've also had a scope ran down my nose to my voice box for my ENT to have a look. They put a very thin flexible tube like thing down your nasal passage. First the dr sprays a little nasal decongestant to open the nasal passages well, you'll probably need to blow your nose a few times to help get out any boogers, and then they spray a little numbing medicine up your nose, some will run down your throat and it is ok to swallow it, wont hurt you but it does taste bad.... Then they insert the scope into your nose, you feel a very slight tickle in your voice box and it's over in a few seconds... It took about 10 seconds or so... Very quick and easy on me. I didn't have any pain and it was so fast I didn't have time to freak myself out.

Netty0212 02-08-2011 07:54 AM

Re: Endoscopy looming! Scared to death about it.
Hi everyone,
Thanks again for your responses. It seems I made a boo boo when I posted this message, I should of researched this procedure a bit more, I know what it is I'm having done but I got the name confused. It is indeed a "Laranoscpy" that I'm having not a "Endoscopy". I thought it was strange that my doctor hadnt mentioned any form of sedation, at least now I know why. Hopefully it will go well (and quickly), I'm just a little squeamish when it comes to that area and the thought of what will be done is awful. I'm sure that I'll be kicking myself when its over tomorrow for worrying and stressing so much about it!! Perhaps it wasnt such a good idea to watch so many videos of the procedure on the internet, so much for trying to prepare myself ha ha :). Thanks again for your replies, I'll post again tomorrow to let you know how it went xxxx

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