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nami580 09-09-2011 04:22 AM

I posted earlier and got a great response and thanks guys.
I have since in the last 24 hours had further work as suggested - Nuclear scan and blood work,
TSH - Normal
Antibodies and Antiblobulins off the scales
As suggested got the Free t3 and 4 - normal range
Nuclear scan shows great increase of blood flow in the complete thyroid and now only two nodules - one large at 2.5 x 2.0 x 1.8 cm
Photopenic and on sonograph no suspicious signs but as per normal, a Fine Needle aspiration to confirm. The rest of the thyroid is unremarkable and homogenous. The Doc this is it Hashimoto, I believe it to be Toxic Nodular but I am not the expert.
Had a Needle Aspiration 10 months ago which showed the large nodule and was a benign follicular lesion.
I am looking to see if i should get the damn thing out or the bad side an get on with life. i am tired of of going hypo and hyper, it has nearly cost my marriage, the symptoms and i am wondering if anyone else has been in this situation.
I am a great believer in if it is not supposed to be there remove it. One les thing to worry about.
Any help is greatly appreciated:)

mkgbrook 09-09-2011 10:22 AM

Re: Hashimotos!!
NORMAL IS OFTEN NOT OPTIMAL FOR YOU. That said if you post you FT3 and FT4 results with the lab ranges we can show you how to analyze them.

You said you had a nuclear scan. By this you are referring to an RAI uptake correct? Not a target thyroid ultrasound.

Toxic nodular is easily seen in a RAI uptake. Your two nodules would glow like beacons while the rest would be of lower intensity. Is this what was seen or was your entire thyroid one bright butterfly.

Have you had a full thyroid antibody blood draw? Not just the TPOAB AND TGAB that represent HASHIs. I am talking about the GrAves Disease identifiers. TSI AND TRAB. If you have not had these tested I would get those checked out.

Given your initial description of the ultrasound results I am doubtful of the toxic nodule theory.

I have both HASHIMOTOs and Graves Disease. In this case you are on a quick thyroid body war spiralling into complete hypoT as you thyroid is destroyed. Before getting on meds my antibody levels peaked >10,000. They were attaching the mylan protien in my spinal fluid. They were attackingy optic never and causing frequent and unpredictable visually paired hormone induced migraines. I Would flux hypoT and hyperT in a day. I had heart complications and more. My MDs refused to take mine out because it was not excessively enlarged, did not have a cancerous nodule and still had some functional capabilities. It took so long to find MDs willing to treat the thyroid that my adrenals failed while I was waiting. Any thyroid issue is hard to manage alone. You need to get your family and friends on board and find a medical partner to appropriately manage your care.

midwest1 09-09-2011 11:27 AM

Re: Hashimotos!!
That said, that's one huge nodule. I'm no fan of surgery, but I might want that puppy out myself.

However, as MG said, the nodule is probably not hot and wouldn't explain the up/down nature of your symptoms. You never told us in either thread; are you taking levothyroxine or not? If you are, it doesn't sound as if it's being appropriately managed. If you're not, you should be, given the Hashi's diagnosis and fluctuating symptoms.

nami580 09-11-2011 03:59 AM

Re: Hashimotos!!
Thanks so much for your replies, it is so great to talk to people who understand?
You asked for the results - TSH 1.61, FT4 10.8 pmo/l, FT3 4.1 pmo/l, antithyroid peroxidase >600, antithyroidglobulins, >535 - just got through insulin fasting that is now 31.9H uU/ml - very high, but Glucose fasting just under high range normal, cortisol = 494 nmol/L, creatine clearance 2.53 ml/sec. It appears that I am going through hypo, hyper day in day out. I also do NOT want to be going though FNA's consistently with regards to the nodules. I beleive that if this is medicated properly now I am taking affirmative action on my future health and NOT enabling other issues to develop. The Scan her in Aus used is not a nuclear scan but some other called Tamox......cant remember. But it is only directed at the thryoid and has a much lower life span in your body. The scan report says there is relative increase of blood flow to the right side (the other side to the nodule! he dominant nodule Is Photopenic (cold with dead cells) last year the FNA came back beingn Hyperplastic? With no suspicious signs sonographically they cover their butt in suggesting FNA's. The rest of the thyroid unremarkable? Thanks again :)

Terri880 09-11-2011 07:30 AM

Re: Hashimotos!!
I have gone through it. A nodule, only mine was inconclusive that it was benign. Yours sounds like it is. Tested positive for Hashimoto's, but with Normal TSH & FT4. I chose to watch the nodule until it started growing too much and then only had a Partial Thyroidectomy. It was benign and now I'm having to start worrying about thyroid function because my TSH has risen. I was hoping the half of my thyroid left behind would do the work of both, with is quite possible. But with Hashi's, it seems like it might be too much to ask for it to do.

It's a very personal choice. I sing and was scared of surgery so that was my choice. If you're not scared of that, you might choose differently. There is no right or wrong in this case.

Hope that helps a little at least. Good luck!!!

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