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Rainlie 09-22-2011 02:06 PM

Results from Thyroid Bloodwork

I have been having trouble getting my thyroid at a normal reading. On August 17 my results were Free T3 3.54 Reference Range 1.80-4.20 Free T4 1.17 Reference Range 0.71-1.85 TSH 3.584 High Reference range 0.3-3.04 I was on 25 mcg. of Levothyroxine. My doctor increased to 75mcg a day. Yesterday I had my bloodwork done. They did a Thyroid Profile on me. Results were TSH 0.036 Low T3 Uptake 0.79 Range 0.66-1.27 T4, Thyroxine 9.46 Range 4.5 -12 FTI 11.97 They didn't check Free T4 nor Free T3. Is this Uptake, Thyroxine, T3 Uptake and The FTI very important to checking the Thyroid. What is the FTI? I have never had this checked before. Now they are putting me on 50 mcg. a day. I am going to a endocrinologist October 5. I just hope that this doctor will not be a waste of time like the one that I went to last November. I have been sweating a lot lately and I am not able to sleep at night. I am tired all the time. Now the enzymes are elevated in my liver, not much AST 33 range 13-29 ALT 57 Range 7-52 I am on simvastatin. I have cholesterol problems. My enzymes have never been high before. My MD said not to cut back on the simvasatatin now but to check my blood in 6 to 8 weeks, but I am cutting back now. I am just wondering what everyone thinksabout the results of the bloodtests and the advice that my MD is telling me. Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks a lot!!

mkgbrook 09-22-2011 06:11 PM

Re: Results from Thyroid Bloodwork
The uptake test tells you how much T4 is being taken up and converted. That is all it does not tell you if it is converted to T3 or reverse T3. It is used to determine if you may have a conversion issue.

FTI is free thyroxine index. It is an inaccurate indirect measure of your T4. The calculate it based on other blood indicators. It is a waste of blood, money, and time in my opinion as a chemist and patient. ;)

Your T4 has a 20% error.

You really needed a Free T3&4. It is a sad dag when I say that your TSH is the best indicator of how you are out of those tests...

Your symptoms back up the TSH. Backing off to 50 mcgs is fine you need a FT3&4 run though to determine if you are balanced in levels.

The liver enzymes can be a result of a mild hyperT state combined with mild dehydration. This is a thought from my ATD treating RN Graves suffering aunt. If she has a flare it stresses her liver. Added sweating and other hyperT issues aide in dehydration as well. In 1-2 weeks your hyperT levels should lower and your symptoms improve.
I would be sure to drink a lot of water to help counter act things in the mean time.

Good luck! I wish I had more advice for you!

Rainlie 09-22-2011 07:47 PM

Re: Results from Thyroid Bloodwork
Thank you so much for answering my questions and telling me some important information. I was so upset when I saw the copy of my bloodwork today. I thought that she was checking the Free t3 and Free T4. I also asked her to check the antibody tests. She said that was normally done if something is way out of whack!! Can you believe this? I also asked to have a adrenal panel done. She said she needed to check my thyroid first to see what it is and then maybe check the adrenal panel later. Does that make any sense. When I told her that I knew someone that had symptoms similar to mine. They found out that she had adrenal fatigue. She acted like that she did not like it. She has taken my doctor's place. He is going to be in the ER all the time now. I just don't know what I am going to do for a family doctor. When I mentioned not being able to sleep, she said that I might need to have a sleep study done. She did not say that this might have something to do with my thyroid. She said that I might have sleep apnea. Have you been through all this. Are you Hypothyroid? tHis is really getting old I have been battleing this for over a year and still not any better. Another thing that concerns me is my liver enzymes have doubled since March. I have been on Cholesterol medicine for a pretty good while and have never have any elevation in my enzymes. I just hope on October 5 that I have a doctor that is really concerned about what is going on and do some thorough blood testing, not tests that are a waste of time. When I mentioned that my estrogen was elevated a little. She said only 3 points. Why do they want something to be way out of range before they start trying to do anything. I can not for the life of me understand that!!
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and giving me some important information. It really means a lot. Again, thanks a lot!

Myboo99 09-22-2011 09:25 PM

Re: Results from Thyroid Bloodwork
I can't help with the labs but I know how you feel! I just want to scream I'm sick, figure it out!! I'm so sick of hearing, it could be your heart, sleep apnea, depression, pcos, & anything other story they can come up with!! Yes my free T4 is .77 but the range starts at .77 so being borderline isn't worth looking into? Not to mention my symptoms were not that bad when she ran that, they ended up getting much worse. Ugh it kills me! I've seen my dr for 7yrs & she has always been great. Takes her time, genuinly cares & tries to help but since I got into this thyroid stuff I'm all of a sudden a hypochondriac. The way they treat you is outta control & unfair to say the least! Hope you get some help soon. Living with untreated thyroid is not living. Gl to you!!

Rainlie 09-22-2011 10:07 PM

Re: Results from Thyroid Bloodwork
I know how you feel too. Why does the patient have too ask for every test to be run to find out what is going on? I just do not understand it. I wouldn't be at a doctors office if I was not sick. They are so quick to suggest having other tests run that doesn't have anything to do with what is going on with you. I wouldn't have thought a few months ago that a lot of doctors just sweep thyroid issues under the rug the way that they do. I have sure found out what little interest that they show in you. I have not been able to lose any weight, no matter what I do either. I was told by a endocrinologist last November that my age was because I couldn't lose any weight , age 56, and even if I was hypothyroid which I am but she said I wasn't, that I wouldn't be able to lose weight!!! I hope that you soon get your thyroid under control. It is no fun. Thanks for responding and giving me some useful information!!

Myboo99 09-22-2011 10:48 PM

Re: Results from Thyroid Bloodwork
Yes it's very sad to say the least. This disease is a huge problem for millions & they're making no effort to improve treatment for it. I figured it all up, I'm in about $13k with all the testing, hospital & dr visits, labs & all. Yet they have no clue what I'm suffering from. I think just figured it out in researching on the web though. Now I'm going to make them listen! I don't know why they assume because you can't lose weight you're lazy. I kept telling my dr I excercise, eat healthy & still gain 5lbs. That to me says maybe there's a problem. Yes some ppl may not be doing what they say they are but take ppl at face value first. If you find later on they really aren't then tell them you can't help them but don't just assume they're lying when they say they diet/excercise with no results. GRR! Age is just a number, you know when something is not normal for you. Keep your head up & keep fighting till you get the answers you deserve! GL!

Anniegoose 09-24-2011 05:09 PM

Re: Results from Thyroid Bloodwork
i had the adrenal test done and i'm on ashwagandha for that. i feel terrific on it, but it's my TSH that is the problem now. good luck to you.


Anniegoose 09-24-2011 05:13 PM

Re: Results from Thyroid Bloodwork
i was told to sign up for weight watcher's or jenny craig. i told THAT doctor that i don't eat things out of boxes or cans, and that i eat as naturally as possible. so the other day i told her WHAT i eat and she looked at me and said, ' o, so it's your thyroid that's keeping you from losing weight then.'

like, duh! that's been the problem. now that my knee is better, i'm able to start exercising again, but now i've run into these problems with the TSH level. o well.

i appreciate these boards 'cause i'm learning so much from all of you.

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