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Hashimotos constricted voice and cough

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Old 07-06-2012, 09:15 AM   #1
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Blueelm HB User
Hashimotos constricted voice and cough

Hello. I'm new here and have been lurking for a while to see if anyone has posted exactly what I'm looking for, but I guess what I really want is hope. I have been coughing for a year or more, and have had a variety of weird symptoms. Then after feeling run down for weeks on end, coming home and just going directly to bed, and having trouble with my weight a friend of mine noticed that my face looked different. I just thought I was getting fat. But I actually changed my diet drastically, and lost weight slowly, but still my face looked different. Now I realize I have large hard lymph glands behind my ear, and on the side of my larnyx. I went to the doctor and asked to be tested for Hashimotos (my mother has it so I suspected the thyroid) and I have it, and apparently a large dangerous looking nodule which I'm having biopsied next week.

I now can see it in the mirror when I swallow, both the large hard thyroid which is starting to bulge, and the massive lymph gland which is on my left side. I realize this thing has been there a long time now, and has just gotten bigger as time has passed at such a slow rate I didn't really notice it.

I'm kind of terrified though because the symptoms I have seem to be more common with cancer. Swollen lymph glands, pain, hoarseness in the voice (I thought it was just from coughing but now it is there all the time). This is compounded by the fact that I'm a singer.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone with Hashimoto's has had these symptoms (cough, swollen glands, constriction of the voice box and trachea) or if I should start bracing myself for a tougher row to hoe.

I've just accepted a job overseas. I feel like I may lose everything in my life over this illness and so I'm really hoping it isn't cancer. At least not this time.

My other question is whether people who have a lot of constriction but benign nodules are better served with surgery. I want to be able to sing like my old self again (if it is possible) but am afraid a) that getting surgery might end this and b) that not getting surgery might end this.

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Re: Hashimotos constricted voice and cough

Although hashis can cause nodules and an enlarged thyroid, often they are evaluated separately. Are you on thyroid medication now? Sometimes it can shrink the thyroid as well as the nodule if you have hashis.

Is the nodule on the thyroid? From your description, I can't tell if it's your lymph node you are worried about or a nodule on your thyroid? If it's a thyroid nodule, they are really common, and mostly benign. What size is it? If it's in the 2-3cm range, you might want to consider getting it removed, and find an amazing great surgeon, so you will minimize the likelihood of any damage (which is rare).

Sometimes these nodules, even if benign, grow totally out of control and wrap themselves around the structures in the neck.

If it were thyroid cancer, it's not deadly, just something you have to go thru. the steps to take care of. You can go on and live a long and healthy life with everything you've dreamed of. Let us know what happens!

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Blueelm HB User
Re: Hashimotos constricted voice and cough

Thanks for the fast reply! I'm not on meds yet. Getting that sorted out this week. I guess I've been moving quite fast, but I want to know what's going on. I have a thyroid nodule, which is getting biopsied, but I'm worried because of the swollen lymph nodes. To be honest, I don't know how big it is. I guess I should ask them to turn my ultrasound results over to me so I can see them myself. (You'd think I'd have asked, heh...)

I do know that the nurse described it as large when she was referring me to the endocrinologist. But large is subjective, so I don't know whether she meant like large as in "significant enough to warrant biopsy" or large as in "wow, that's a big nodule!"

I'll post the results, in case anyone else is interested or has similar experiences. Yeah, I have been making a contingency life plan if it turns out to be cancer. One just always hopes for the little-bit-easier result :P

One thing is for certain, I'm ready to do whatever it takes to get back in good health. I feel kind of lucky to know so early, as it seems most people have had symptoms for many many years before finding anything out.

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Re: Hashimotos constricted voice and cough

Sorry to hear of your struggles!

I was just doing some thyroid-related reading last night and the fact that you have a cough and hoarse voice means that it's more likely due to Hashi's than cancer.

Please share your thyroid labs when you get them and also what meds you were prescribed. We can show you how to interpret your labs since that's a vital part of the healing process.

Best of luck to you moving forward - please keep us posted!
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beeanangel HB User
Re: Hashimotos constricted voice and cough

I've had great health response to the functional doctor I connected with in San Antonio. All the symptoms and was finally able to get the natural help I needed. Feeling like myself again with energy to spare.


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Blueelm HB User
Re: Hashimotos constricted voice and cough

Hello all,
I have had the most stressful and hectic period of my life in the meantime

During this time though my health degraded some and I have to admit I just let go and did not follow up, with everything happening it started to seem pointless. I now finally have a biopsy scheduled again for this coming tuesday, so I will post the results.

The lump on my throat is getting bigger, and the nodule on the side is so big I can see it move when I tilt my head back. This kind of creeps me out, but maybe this is normal.

Last time I met with my doctor she said my TSH was elevated but that I was still in the target range. I believe actually for the last month or so I have been having symptoms of hyper, not hypo, thyroidism... including shaking hands, weight loss (I have just started to regain after getting down to about 120 suddenly), agitation, and severe palpitations/racing heart.

I'm actually feeling a lot braver about this all though. I'm sorry for not responding, but in reality I didn't even follow up on my own medical treatment so there was nothing to say.

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cowmemoo HB User
Re: Hashimotos constricted voice and cough

Hi Im new here too. I read your post. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos when I was 12. Im 48 now. I have been on synthroid since then. My levels are almost never right my TSH is always to high my highest was 28. Ive been having some health issues latley I have swollen lymph glands in my neck and one above my collarbone. My ENT did a thyroid level before I got a CT of my neck. The CT was normal. My ENT never gave me my results of my thyroid test so I assumed they were OK. My Primary called me a month later and told me my TSH was 0.80 almost nothing at all. I have been having alot of symptoms since Sept. Extreme fatigue,moodiness,bottoms of feet hurt,hiccups (chronic) not alot just one at a time about 8-9 a day.,problems swallowing,horse voice,ringing in ear and vertigo. I stopped menstrating when I was 33. I have had ultrasounds of my thyroid several times always ok I have a nodule in my thyroid its been there since I was 12. They have always said it was ok. I have alot of trouble swallowing I cant eat a bite of food unless I have water to push it down. Im not trying to tell you Hashimotos causes me alot of problems its just hard to regulate. At least for me.I dont think you posted your test results were they ok?? If you have any questions I would be happy to try to help you.

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