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amcdonald1114 07-18-2012 03:48 PM


I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 2 years ago... That is/ was the only appointment they checked my blood and levels although it was never explained to me what all of this meant. Aside, the fact that I was tired and sleepign all the time, gaining unknown weight, etc. were all being caused by my thyroid and not getting enough hormones that I need.

Basically, I am on here to find out if anyone else has had this same experience? I don't have periods aside from when I was 16 for about a year and for the last 11 yrs the only time I have had them is when on birth control. Now I am engaged and about to get married - I am desperately wanting to have a baby within the next 2-3 years but don't know if that is even possible...

I am hoping that will have insurance by November but seeing as how I haven't had insurance for the last 2 years and was unable to see anyone about my condition I fear that I may have waited too long?? If anyone can help put my mind at ease or let me know if you experience something similiar I would really appreciate!

- Confused and Depressed![/FONT]

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