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  • Would L-Tyrosine be a good option for me? I'm desperate.

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    Question Would L-Tyrosine be a good option for me? I'm desperate.

    I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism this year. I have been struggling with depression, brain fog, lack of concentration/focus/motivation, fatigue, and lethargy for a very long time. It even caused me to fail out of this entire year of university.

    I have been taking 50 mcg of Synthroid since March and my symptoms haven't improved at all. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and he told me that my levels were normal and that I should simply continue on my current dosage.

    I'm still struggling with all of the same problems though. I am even considering the idea that I may have A.D.D. because of my complete inability to concentrate, comprehend, or focus on material. I even tried 15 mg of Adderall to see what the effect would be and the day that I took it, it was like a lightbulb went on in my brain. I felt completely normal, my thoughts were not jumbled, I was talkative and energetic instead of lost in a fog, and it was an eye-opener for me. There were negative side effects though (a crash, irritability, dry mouth, lack of appetite) and I'm apprehensive about getting a prescription. I would never take it again without going to the doctor first - it was a one time experiment.

    Anyways, I'm desperate for a solution. My doctor does not seem to think there are any problems left with me after doing a blood test and Thyroid uptake scan, but I feel as awful as ever.

    I was doing research online and read about the supplement L-Tyrosine. I'm not even kidding when I say it's used to treat depression, A.D.D., fatigue, thyroid problems, and more. Why I didn't know about this before baffles me, but of course there's a catch. I read that you should never take an L-Tyrosine supplement when you're taking thyroid medication. It was like a had a beacon of hope for exactly five minutes before it all came crashing down.

    The Synthroid is not making me feel better. My physician may say that my TSH levels are normal, but I do not feel normal. I am considering stopping the Synthroid and taking L-Tyrosine instead. I know everyone is going to tell me to talk to my doctor first, but what doctor would ever approve of stopping thyroid treatment? I already know what the answer is going to be.

    My brain literally does not work anymore. My thoughts are disorganized, I'm restless, distracted, unfocused, and cannot remember or pay attention to simple things. I'm constantly tired and feeling down. This is ruining my life, from isolating myself socially to failing school. I just do not have the physical or mental energy to deal with life anymore.

    Last Fall, before I was diagnosed as Hypothyroid, I was put on Prozac for a few months and then Zoloft and neither of those helped me. In fact I felt even worse. So I have already considered anti-depressants. I would be open to trying Wellbutrin because I have heard that it's a stimulant but from what I read online, I'm much more hopeful about the L-Tyrosine.

    I know this is turning into a novel, so here is the question.

    Should I stop taking Synthroid and try the L-Tyrosine? How long do I need to be off of Synthroid before it is safe to start L-Tyrosine supplements? Has anybody had any success with L-Tyrosine?

    Has anybody taken L-Tyrosine while on a Levothyroxine medication? Also, if you have any other insight, general advice, tips, or feedback please help me. I'm in such a state of hopelessness, I will take any reassurance or suggestions I can get.

    Oh and here are my levels/information:

    T3 - 111
    T4 (Thyroxine) - 8.7

    Thyroglobulin AB - 134
    Thyroid Peroxidase AB - 186

    I'm 21 years old, 5'7" inches, and 120 pounds exactly.

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    Re: Would L-Tyrosine be a good option for me? I'm desperate.

    Adderal is a salt of amphetamine. It is no surprise that you had an improvement in your symptoms, but this will be short lived. A good family friend has been put on methylphenidate (ritalin) for her thyroid fatigue. But the issue with this drug is that it will only mask the disfunction. It might be in your best interest to delve further into your malady. The cocaine-like drug you are taking (under Rx?) will not be the long-term solution. Do you have an metal fillings in your mouth? How long have your thyroid symptoms been present?
    Do not accept advice from non-medical personnel, unless you want to accept the possible adverse results. I strongly suggest you keep plugging away. I would strongly dissuade you from gettng on the psychotropic merry-go-round.
    Free T3, T4, Free Thyroxine are also tests that you will want to keep track of.

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    Re: Would L-Tyrosine be a good option for me? I'm desperate.

    Sorry to hear of your struggles!

    I think you know that Synthroid is thyroid hormone.

    Unfortunately, based upon your symptoms and your labs, it's clear your doctor isn't prescribing an adequate amount. It would be much better to find a doctor who will medicate properly with thyroid hormone replacement than to take supplements/meds with side effects.

    Your doctor isn't even running the right labs. "Plain" T3 and T4 tests measure hormone that is bound to proteins and not usable by the body.

    Even though you didn't post the ranges for your results, I suspect they are near the bottom of their respective ranges.

    Thyroid-savvy doctors test the levels of hormone that are available for use by the body: FreeT4 and FreeT3.

    Those same doctors adjust the patient's dose until symptoms are eliminated. This will most often result in FreeT4/T3 levels around 60-80% of range (and sometimes higher).

    These are the suggestions I have to offer re finding a thyroid-savvy doctor:

    1. networking
    2. check the Top Thyroid Doctors site for a listing in your area
    3. ask local pharmacists (not the counter help) for names of doctors that prescribe either Armour or Cytomel. Doctors that Rx either of these tend to be more thyroid-savvy
    4. find a doctor that prescribes bioidentical hormones by contacting compounding pharmacies (they are likely to have names of doctors that prescribe Armour which usually means they're more thyroid-savvy)

    Idea #1 worked for me....the other ideas have worked for others. I hope one works for you.

    Best of luck to you moving forward!
    Graves' 2007...remission 2009....hypo 2010

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    Re: Would L-Tyrosine be a good option for me? I'm desperate.

    Do not stop your medication without the advice of an MD.

    Find a DR, or Endochronologys that will listen and help you. Remember, you pay the doctor for a service. if they are not willing to help you, find one that will. FIRE YOUR DR and be willing to Demand what you need. It is your job to take charge of your own health. These dr's dont know what your going through, and sometimes they dont even beleive it. Take your power and your money and find one that will listen.

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    Re: Would L-Tyrosine be a good option for me? I'm desperate.

    Hi Danioelle, I was searching for the effects of L tyrosine, and got to your thread...I am suffering the same as you describe ans was also hopefull to use l tyrosine until i read should not be taken with thyroid hormone..I know your post is for quite some time ago, but I am wondering how are you getting on, did you take L tyrosine, are you still on eltroxin? Have you found the light at the end of the tunnel??

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    Re: Would L-Tyrosine be a good option for me? I'm desperate.

    This post makes me so angry. It is not because of you. I am angry about the fact that your doctor is treating by labs and not your symptoms. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. You just described my story perfectly.

    Learn about natural desiccated thyroid and give it a try. Get your iron levels checked, reverse t3 and free t3, and also get a cortisol saliva test to rule out adrenal fatigue.

    It seems that you are the kind of person who has trouble converting t4 to t3 (just like me!). You may need to either be on NDT or cytomel only. Good luck. IMHO the best thing you can do is arm yourself with knowledge about this. I have been suffering EXACTLY like you for a little over a year (I'm 23).

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