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frisson 09-24-2012 12:59 PM

Assistance Reading Lab Work
Hello this is my first time here, but I have been following the forums for awhile. I've included symptoms, and lab results in this post and if anyone has any information to offer it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

For the last 2 years I have been getting progressively worse. Severe anxiety attacks at night inhibit sleep, increased allergies, developed asthma last July (had as a child, but asthma-free for the last 10+ years), hair loss, thinning outer third eyebrow hair (not complete loss, but a significant amount of thinning nonetheless), weight loss despite appetite/dietary increase (this includes difficulty gaining weight despite increased caloric intake), very dry skin, brittle hair, severe fatigue, increased headaches.. the list could go on forever. I already have a chart to take in with my doctor but my symptoms are very similar to both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid, I am not sure if it is possible to switch between hyper and hypo but the way my symptoms come and go throughout the day I feel like it is happening.

Recently I ordered a Thyroid blood lab package to see how my levels were doing, and I just received my results. I will be seeing my doctor on October 8th and I just wanted to have a little insight before hand. Any help is greatly appreciated, and thank you to everyone who has made this forum possible!! It really is nice to have so much information available.

Lab Results (with ref. range)

Free T4: 1.61 [Range: 0.82-1.77]
Free T3: 3.8 [Range: 2.0 - 4.4]
Reverse T3: 40.2 [Range: 13.5-34.2]
TSH: 0.671 [Range: 0.450-4.500]
TPO: 15 [Range: 0-34]
TgAb: <20 [Range: 0-40]

Not sure if it is pertinent to mention but these were some blood results the site recommended I follow-up with my doctor about.

Iron: 181 [35-155]
WBC: 4.7 [4.0-10.5]

Platelets: 175 [140-415]
WBC: 0 [0-5]

frisson 09-26-2012 09:48 AM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
Bump... anyone have any insight? Also.. I waited until at least 2 days passed before bumping, if I should have waited longer please let me know and I apologize for coming off impatient if I did bump too soon.

Givemeabreak79 09-26-2012 09:59 AM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
Hi there! I don't know how much help I can be as I just joined recently myself, but I have been hypothyroid and suffering from many of those symptoms for years now. As far as my knowledge extends all of your labs are within range, except for the reverse T3 of course. However many of your symptoms are very common with hypothyroidism and I've learned here that just because you are "in range" doesn't mean you aren't hypo! I'm fighting to get my levels optimized myself. Sometimes alot of doctor's only follow labs, not people! So please make sure they understand how you are feeling. I'm sorry im probably not much help, but wanted to bump you up again at least! Hang in there, there are alot of extremely knowledgeable people on these boards! Good luck and welcome :)

craigdog 09-26-2012 10:32 AM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
I can't be much help either. All I can say is if/when my frees and TSH get to your levels, I will likely be close to symptom free. As of today, my frees are still too low and my TSH is too high so I was recently bumped to .137 synthroid to try to get past my depression/anxiety. With your numbers that close to perfect, there's got to be some other explanation, and I sure hope you figure it out and get some relief. Good luck!

FinnMaid 09-26-2012 10:53 AM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
[QUOTE=frisson;5061263]Free T4: 1.61 [Range: 0.82-1.77]
Free T3: 3.8 [Range: 2.0 - 4.4]
Reverse T3: 40.2 [Range: 13.5-34.2]
TSH: 0.671 [Range: 0.450-4.500]
TPO: 15 [Range: 0-34][/QUOTE]These results are actually leaning towards hyperT, not hypoT. Sometimes symptoms overlap so they can be confusing. Maybe you should ask to have TSI (thyroid stimulating antibodies) tested, you seem to have some TPOAbs which would indicate thyroid autoimmunity.

frisson 09-26-2012 11:20 AM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
[QUOTE=FinnMaid;5062308]These results are actually leaning towards hyperT, not hypoT. Sometimes symptoms overlap so they can be confusing. Maybe you should ask to have TSI (thyroid stimulating antibodies) tested, you seem to have some TPOAbs which would indicate thyroid autoimmunity.[/QUOTE]

Yes I would say that given my weight issues I am leaning more towards hyperthyroid than anything. I have increased appetite and I increased my daily caloric intake and I am still losing weight. Currently 5'7" and 105 lbs. but I used to eat less and weigh 120lbs.

I will be seeing my doctor soon of course so hopefully she will have some insight for me. I am currently waiting to find out my ferritin and transferrin lab results (should get them today, or early tomorrow morning). Would those results be useful to post once I get them, or would it not matter given the symptoms I have been having.

FinnMaid 09-26-2012 12:24 PM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
[QUOTE=frisson;5062320]Would those results be useful to post once I get them, or would it not matter given the symptoms I have been having.[/QUOTE]I honestly have no idea but maybe someone with more expertise in such matters can give us their views :)

frisson 09-29-2012 09:31 AM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
Well my ferritin and transferrin levels came back flagged from the lab even though they were within range. I remember reading somewhere that sometimes low ferritin can be a cause for high rt3 so I expected a lower ferritin result (to explain the rt3) but really it seems like it is in the perfect range. I will post my iron results again (that way nobody has to hit the back button to view the results on the first page).

Iron: 181 H [ref. range 35-155]
WBC: 4.7 [ref. range 4-10.5]
Platelets: 175 [ref. range 140-415]
Ferritin: 65 [ref. range 13-150]
Transferrin: 237 [ref. range 200-370]

I will update this post once I see my doctor, I am sure she will be able to tell me a lot more.

Sidenote - My CBC shows that I have borderline macrocytic anemia so I think I will request a B12 workup when I see her. My grandfather has pernicious anemia and is required to take monthly B12 injections for as long as I can remember so it's possible that it is genetic. Some of the B12 symptoms of deficiency seem to overlap with a some of the hyperthyroid symptoms I have been experiencing so it's possible I have just been deficient for an extremely long time (although it doesn't explain the hypo symptoms I feel). If it turns out that is the case I apologize for wasting everyone's time on this forum. I am just at my wits end.. literally. I'm tired of feeling tired all of the time, I'm tired of my raccoon eyes and puffy eyelids, I'm tired of my hips feeling as if they are popping out of place all the time (very painful), my muscles feel like I lift 100+ lbs or more a day, and I am also very very jumpy. Not like I jump out of my seat or anything, but if I turn my head even slightly it feels the same as when you are driving and you want to get into the next lane and just before you do you turn and see someone and you have that jumpy anxious feeling. It's similar to that feeling but constant. Probably not the best way to describe it.. but it works.

I wish I had felt my throat when I didn't have symptoms because now that I have symptoms my neck appears swollen (but it could just be in my head). I have no way to verify if it is or not since I do not have a reference as to what my neck should feel like during a thyroid check. I have read things online but it really didn't help.. I have lumps in my neck but I think they are just swollen lymph nodes.

Is anyone else well versed in self-thyroid checks? How do you properly perform one, and exactly what am I looking for when I feel? I read online that you can hear a "trill" or something if the thyroid is receiving more blood than usual but I have a feeling that is something you can only hear with a stethoscope (but I am not a Dr. so again I have no true understanding).


Now back to my thyroid results really quick.. I won't pretend that I know anything about my gland (since I don't) but I have done a little bit of reading and online it says that high RT3 means your T4 isn't converting to T3 properly? Can anyone verify if this is accurate 100% of the time? Also, my T3 seems like it is in good shape so even if I have high RT3 does it not matter since my T3 looks like it is being converted properly?

If no one knows, would this be a good question to ask my doctor? I am trying to compile a list of things to inquire about with my doctor when I see her since I can only afford to see her 2x a year with the insurance I just bought. I'm afraid of wasting my visits and ending up with no assistance or prognosis.. back at square one with no money left over.

One more thing.. does anyone here with thyroid issues have problems with orthostatic hypotension? Every time I stand up my eyes black out for a minute, but I never completely faint (my head pounds with it and I lose some of my hearing duing the episodes as well). These are not random attacks, they literally happen every single time I sit up and sometimes when I am walking up stairs. I stay hydrated, and I do not drink alcohol so I know it is not a dehydration issue. It's something I have been dealing with for over 15 years. I had a tilt table test at 19 and failed that but nothing was ever done about it.. not really sure what tilt tests even signify.

Sorry for the long post :( if none of this sounds thyroid related feel free to tell me to get lost.

**EDITED -- When I say that I failed the tilt table test, I mean that it was positive (which is the same as saying I failed... my results would not happen with a healthy person).

FinnMaid 09-29-2012 09:56 AM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
[QUOTE=frisson;5064063]Also, my T3 seems like it is in good shape so even if I have high RT3 does it not matter since my T3 looks like it is being converted properly?[/QUOTE]Yes, I would think so too. There seems to be a lot of converting going on, maybe because there is a bit too much T4 :confused: (T3 has a shorter half life than T4 so this way the body gets rid of excess hormone more efficiently)

Heckofagal 09-29-2012 01:58 PM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
Are you currently taking thyroid meds? I think your FreeT's are at 83% and 75% which should be a good range. I have to admit, it's hard to learn anything about ReverseT3. Mine has been elevated as well and I just recently got it back in range , but still high in range. Many here say it does not matter, but perhaps it does not pertain to them? I concentrated on just getting my free's in the upper range but you are already there.

Do some research on Dysautonomia. I don't know much about it but some of my symptoms keep leading me there and if you failed the tilt table test I believe that means you have POTS which is a form of Dysautonomia.

frisson 09-29-2012 03:24 PM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
I have never taken thyroid medicine before and I know my free T's are in a good range which is what really confuses me (considering my symptoms). I know that symptoms can sometimes overlap with the different autoimmune diseases so it is starting to sound like I need to start investigating down an alternate route. Thank you for your input, my tilt test was awhile ago so I can't remember if anyone mentioned POTS to me (granted I was younger, so I didn't really pay that much attention either unfortunately). I remember having my heart tested and that coming out all right, and I also remember having some adrenal gland test and I was borderline for adrenal insufficiency but again nothing ever happened with that either. I have always had low DHEA-S as well, but I have no idea what that deals with. Ah well, thank you for the replies! My list of questions is coming out nicely, so I hope that I can get enough answers to move forward with returning my quality of life back to 100%.

frisson 10-04-2012 01:39 PM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
My appointment is Monday so I will update again after I find out what my doctor is considering.

I would like some opinions though on the health of my nails if anyone has any knowledge on the subject.

I have what appears to be Terry's nails (or Lindsay's nails.. they both look the same to me so I can't decide which ones my nails resemble more) which is mainly linked to Hep C and Cirrhosis of the liver but my liver labs were great, and I know I do not have Hep C. Hyperthyroidism and malnutrition are also linked to Terry's Nails... so the fact that I have symptoms of a thyroid issue despite my "normal" results, it falls in line with the health of my nails if it turns out I do have Terry's nails.

I have dents in some of my nails, and my moons have all but disappeared.

I also suspect that I have mild Onycholysis, because some of my nails are starting to separate at the corners.

Here is a pic:

Thanks for reading :)

frisson 10-08-2012 12:06 PM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
Saw my doctor today and she is running a bunch more tests to rule out possible causes. We talked about my thyroid values and she is running those tests again to see if there has been any change but she is considering starting me on Cytomel... or Cytomal at my next appointment, I am not sure how to spell it.

I was diagnosed today with Celiac's disease which I am about to go research in a minute since I do not know much about it. My iron levels worry her a bit as well, but she says I am not anemic (which is good).. but we do still need to figure out what is causing my iron levels to be the way they are because it is not normal.

I was given a prescription for Albuterol and an epi-pen to combat the asthma attacks I get after eating. Not sure what is causing those issues but my doctor seems to have a suspicion that there is something else along with Celiac's disease that is causing all of my problems. My doctor is looking more into autoimmune issues due to the Celiac's and my presenting symptoms, and all I can say is I am glad I have a great doctor. She listened to all my issues without neglecting any information I gave her, and she was very knowledgeable in explaining all the possible reasons behind the way I feel. I am not quite sure what she was explaining about celiac's disease.. either it causes a lot of autoimmune issues or you just can get a lot of autoimmune issues if you have at least one, but from everything I gathered at the doctors office it sounds like I have an autoimmune problem.

Well that is my update for now, I will probably update again after my lab results are in (especially if I start taking Cytomel/Cytomal because I will have a few questions about side effects and what not).

Thanks guys :)

Sidenote - I noticed on my lab work order she ordered "Ana, titer" but I have no idea what that is? Does anyone know what this is testing for?

mamaraven 10-28-2012 07:19 PM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
Your symptoms/lab results sound so much like mine. How were you diagnosed with Celiac Disease?

What rx have you tried/ how are you feeling? Update please!

frisson 10-28-2012 08:29 PM

Re: Assistance Reading Lab Work
[QUOTE=mamaraven;5080269]Your symptoms/lab results sound so much like mine. How were you diagnosed with Celiac Disease?

What rx have you tried/ how are you feeling? Update please!

Thorough evaluation of my symptoms, and medical history (plus some labs but I can't remember the names -- I can ask my doctor at my next appointment.. something with Iga, Igg, and maybe Ige? Just guesses, but once I know I can let you know). I have had my doctor for a few years now, and even though I haven't been able to afford a visit to her she keeps my files up-to-date and I keep a good record of any issues that come up since I have a hard time remembering this (plus... about done with feeling like this all of the time.. too many years wasted).

I plan on updating again tomorrow or Tuesday, I had a whole battery of tests my doctor ordered for me that I had drawn last Wednesday and its testing for autoimmune issues, thyroid, and to some extent adrenal as well.

I haven't tried any rx as of yet, my doctor is holistic so until she can get a confirmation of the issue she prefers not to medicate. Which is fine, I'd rather wait for the right medication than medicate for something I do not have. As for the Celiac's I haven't been eating gluten-free for very long so I can't say I feel much different, but one thing I have noticed is that I do not get the sick full feeling within 2 minutes of eating and I have stopped losing weight.. not gaining yet really but its an improvement nonetheless!

I'm sorry you are feeling so terrible, and I hope you feel better soon! What kind of tests has your doctor done (if any)? I will be back in a few days with my lab results, the place I had it drawn actually sends you a copy of the results when they are ready through their phone app.. it seems pretty sweet :)

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