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KP001 09-30-2012 01:32 AM

need help raising T3 only dose!

Right now i'm taking 100 mcg cytomel only, after trying t4 and t4/t3 combo neither of which worked for me. I had a really easy time raising the t3 gradually to get to this dose, but I am not better by far and any time I go above 100 mcg (25 mcg 4 x's a day) I get really bad anxiety and a little shaky etc. I have been taking iron in the form of Slow FE for the past 4 mos and notice that it does really help with being able to tolerate the t3.. when I went off iron i got VERY SHAKY so I need the iron. I've had low iron for about 10 years and any time I have tried to go off iron supplements I feel horrible even before thyroid meds. From what I am reading hypothyroidism makes it difficult to get your iron level up. Anyway, I didn't notice any changes in my hypo symptoms until I got to 85 mcg per day, and even now at 100 that dose it seems like half the day I feel a little bit awake and the other half of the day I feel like I can barely stay awake. About half of my days it is really difficult to even get anything done... cooking, cleaning, etc.. I have to take naps just to get energy to do things like shower, cook, go to the store... I was just reading about how low iron can cause t3 pooling?? Is it possible that even with the slow FE my iron is too low and after I get to 100 mcg the t3 is just kinda floating around in my blood making me shaky but not getting into the cells?

The other thing I am wondering about is adrenals, I thought mine were ok because I was able to raise the t3 pretty steadily with no it possible that your adrenals can be ok to tolerate a certain amount of t3 but not the amount that you need to make all your symptoms go away? Has anyone gotten to a pretty high amount of t3 and still feel like they have a really long way to go but can't tolerate more?? I thought my adrenals were doing better because the hypoglycemia I had for years is completely gone and the chemical sensitivities I had are also gone since going on thyroid meds.

I know the best thing to do is get my iron tested and do the adrenal test but I am worried that if my iron is already low and I get more blood taken then it will be even lower and make me even more intolerant to the medication and set me back even further to where I have difficulty getting simple things done during the day.. and I also have concerns about taking cortisol and then being stuck taking it forever, or getting better and stopping the cortisol and then being back to feeling terrible again.

I am interested to hear if anyone has had anything like this happen or can help.. i am starting to wonder if taking any thyroid medicine at all has just been a complete waste of time and its so depressing to have gotten my hopes up that I would get better yet at such a high dose I am still having such a hard time just getting thru the day.

lisa789 09-30-2012 03:17 AM

Re: need help raising T3 only dose!
I'm sorry you're struggling like this/

[I]t3 but not the amount that you need to make all your symptoms go away? [/I] for me this phrase says it all. T3 only will not make all your symptoms go away, in order to achieve that it's important that both free levels (FT4 and FT3) are at a good place, your setpoint that would be. T3 does nothing for your FT4 level. So far I haven't encountered a person who does well or achieves wellness on T3 only.

You mention you tried the combi T4 and T3, again in order to achieve wellness with thyroiddisorders it all boils down to the levels being at a good place, taking the right and sufficient medication in order to achieve that and restore the body in it's euthyroid state. People having symptoms does not necessary mean that the medication is not right for them, but that the dosage is not right (and levels are off)

Normal aka within ranges does not mean levels are in a good place. it's an individual thing, but as a general guideline they have to be at least midrange or higher 60-80% of the ranges in order to feel well.

ps: 100mcg Cytomel is that prescribed by a doctor? that's a very high dosage and not without risk.

hang in there

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