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lisa789 10-01-2012 10:24 AM

new labs, advice please (part 3)
:wave: hello!

New labs are in and since the other got quite long, I start a new topic (and letís hope it brings good luck or in other words wellness ;) ).

Last week still felt pretty hypo (and desperate - yet with my previous labs my fT3 had dropped till 30% so guess that explains it). Since last Thursday I guess,I feel something/things are changing. Iím not Ďoní it yet, but getting closer, the difference with a week before sure is very noticeable, feel like Iím climbing again (sure needed that). Start to feel more human again and less ghost.

my recent labs (now please do note that the last adjustment Ė increase 6 mcg T3 has only been 3 weeks)
TSH 0.08
FT4 1.05 (72%) (0.54-1.24)
FT3 3.3(57%) (2.50-3.90)
(75mcg PTU+162 mcg T4 + 18 mcgT3)

Wow! Now these are starting to look like something no? Might not be my optimal yet but itís a start, these are the best labs Iíve had so far! (thank you to everybody who helped me along the way). :angel::angel:

Currently main symptoms:
-Not much stamina (well at least seem to get some now and then so thatís an improvement) but still can feel pretty dragging.
-Everything and everybody seems to get on my nerves (thatís so not me)
-In general at this point since fatigue is less, think the mental part/symptoms seem to be the worst
- Still tired but that finally definitely is improving (these days no naps, yay yay and sometimes actually feel awake yay yay, on this one improvement is definitely noticeable Ė even more so since it was my worst symptom. )
-Trouble falling asleep, disturbed sleep
-Clammy hands and feet
-Bloated belly (really bad, 6 months pregnant belly, nope Iím not)
-Dry mouth, thirsty, metal taste
-Stuffed nose
-Heartrate seems a bit higher again (bloodpressure something quite low 8/4 but since the last couple of days seems better, that was mainly last week and before that- at the time felt hypo in general)
- Icecold chills again (so far, knock on wood not accompanied with feverish head)
And some others but stick to the main ones.
Most importantly Iím climbing againÖ

Any advice is dearly appreciated!


FinnMaid 10-01-2012 10:52 AM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)
:wave: So obviously some improvement lately. Maybe your FT3 could come up a bit :confused:

lisa789 10-01-2012 11:00 AM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)
thank you so much for all your help. :wave:

only since the last couple of days really, I remember last week I still felt very hypo and figured it would never get better (you know how it goes). still not there, but I'm glad things start to move. is about time I think. needed it bad!

you think FT3 still would have to go up? ow when it concerns myself I'm always, well have my nose to close on things.(is that even an expression in English)

I know I'm not 'on' it yet, well it's not my optimal yet, but maybe I should wait a bit and see how things evolve? I don't know (while writing this notice still have trouble finding my words ;) )

:wave: and hugs

FinnMaid 10-01-2012 01:09 PM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)
[QUOTE=lisa789;5065257]I know I'm not 'on' it yet, well it's not my optimal yet, but maybe I should wait a bit and see how things evolve?[/QUOTE]That could be a good idea - you know your body better than anyone else :) :wave:

lisa789 10-02-2012 03:25 AM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)
true, I know my body best, I know when it's off and I'm sure I'll know when it's on :-) but it's the getting there. ;) not sure what would be best on this one.


lisa789 10-22-2012 01:56 AM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)
so ... here I am again.

the lattest labs are
TSH 0.11 (so went a bit up)
FT4 1.12(0.54-1.24)
FT3 3.94 (2.50-3.90)

6 weeks 75 mcg ptu; 162 mcg T4 + 18 mcg T3

my mainsymptoms are:
- Physical fatigue does seem to be less intense, better even but it depends, can still feel pretty tired, mainly no stamina maybe, don't seem to get to anything some moments yes the other completely not. (also the reason why I cannot help out on the board as I would like to, sorry about that)
- mentally seems worse, draining, dragging, everything and everybody gets on my nerves, get on my own nerves, donít know how to keep myself. Dark thoughts even, that really so is not me. Cannot deal with things (and a lot is going on so thatís not helping,), normally Iím a good problem solver but now everything seems too much.
- Bloating (extreme, 6 months pregnant) abdominal cramping, constipation
- Tearing eye upon wakening
-Clammy moist hand and feet
- Trouble falling asleep (averagely around 3 a.m.; the other day at 6 a.m. even) needless to say this does not help with the fatigue;
-(cystic) Acne on chin
-Heartrate sometimes kinda normal (whatever that is for me;) but tendency to being elevated
- metal taste, dry mouth
-Stuffed nose
-Sometimes cold chills again, but not like a normal feeling of cold, itís something I would describe it as a feeling like my blood is frozen but it comes in shocks kinda; (cannot describe this properly)
-More easy warm too, too hot (for example at night in bed) or when I walk the stairs (the latter one also shortness of breath but not too bad, has been worse)
-Occasionally numb hand or feet but much better

I think it's important to give this symptoms since some appear to be uhm hypo. :dizzy: then again we know symptoms can be deceiving.

Also the previous labs (6 weeks prior)
TSh 0.09
FT4 1.13 (84 %) 0.54-1.24
FT3 2.92 (30%) 2.50-3.90

At the time went up with 6 mcg T3 and that makes me end up when I'm currently.

sigh this stuff is driving me crazy.

Anyway advice is appreciated, thank you in advance! :wave:

lisa789 11-26-2012 08:54 AM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)
new labs are in and
TSH 0.06
FT4 1.12 (83% 0.54-1.24)
FT3 3.69 (85 %) 2.50-3.90)

(last adjustment was 6 mcg T3 decreased 5 weeks ago)

I'm getting closer, just not 'on' it yet, so not sure which direction to go or to give it more time. I don't know, these days hving my periods agian too (quite heavy too for that matter) so I'm sure that also influences things and is influenced by things (always is in my case)

Good news:most days (but not all) I'm able to go for a little walk. might not sound much but considering from where I'm coming, it sure was out of the question before...

mainsymptoms at this point are:
- physical fatigue better but can still be very tired and draining/ need naps now and then; not much stamina don't get to much
- mentally better compaired to last time (fortunately) but can be feeling pretty blegh
- fortunately people get less on my nerves :-) but still have my moments
- Bloating, better but still can be quite extreme
-Clammy moist hand and feet (not constantly)
- Trouble falling asleep, figure this does not help with the fatigue;
-Acne better but still on chin
-Heartrate sometimes kinda normal
- metal taste, dry mouth but better, definitely less extreme
-Stuffed nose
-miserable cold chills again
-Occasionally numb hand or feet but still better, not too bad
- muscle pain neck region
- puffy under eyes
- hairloss (better compaired to last time but still) also dandruff
- shoulder nagging again

any advice, thank you!

FinnMaid 11-26-2012 11:13 AM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)
:wave: Ok, so these look pretty good. Glad to hear you're doing better - unfortunately I have no idea which of these needs adjustment (if any). Have you had any other labs run lately like blood iron, Vit B12 and D and such to see if there's something else going on too :confused:

ASDGRMama 11-26-2012 04:46 PM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)
Those are hyperT symptoms for me which I feel take longer to subside. My personal theory is that it's because of how taxing hyperT is on the adrenals.

Your levels look good but your body may need more time to adjust. I'd wait it out and have the labs repeated in 6wks if symptoms persist.

LPD 11-26-2012 05:41 PM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)
Hi Lisa, you're levels look good to me. But, obviously you're not feeling tip-top yet.

May I ask a selfish question? What meds are you taking? Name brand or synthetic? The reason I ask is my levels are improving too, but I'm still not feeling any improvement. I'm wondering if a change to something more natural-ish would help. (I'm on generics now)

Hang in there, :angel: we're all in this together.

lisa789 01-09-2013 12:00 PM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)
Hi everybody,

it probably will be a short post since I'm very tired but really want to update my latest labs so here they are (I also post the 2 labs before that since I think that might be important):

[I](November as posted above)
TSH 0.06
FT4 1.12 (83%)
FT3 3.69 (85%)

[I]3 weeks later (December) (also had a cold and stuff)
TSH 0.07
FT4 0.93 (56 %)[/I]
[I]FT3 2.86 (26 %)[/I]

2 weeks later (currently January) (in that time a lot has been going on so stress and also some virus)
TSH 0.07
FT4 1.16 (89 %)
FT3 3.35 (61%)

medicationwise nothing has changed. The thing is I don't feel like my latest labs, I'm pretty hypo really, symptomwise the labs from 2 weeks before would make more sense, maybe the labs still need to kick in? no idea.
I do know that I feel desperate ever getting them right. It does get at me that I felt like I was getting close, was trying to build up some walking and stuff, so enjoyed that, but it's gone I so want to get on with my life but ... ys do my best to remain positive ...(stupid hormones aren't helping either)


lisa789 01-30-2013 06:03 AM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)
same dosage and labs are...

TSH 0.05
FT4 1.09 (79 %)
FT3 2.9 (29%) -> no idea why it's that low all of a sudden, strange.

main symptoms
- shoulder bursitis playing up again
- emotional, easy cry, easy aggitated, people get on my nerves ...
- extremely bloated
- acne worse again
- Hair loss (a lot)
- easily numbs hands and feet
- stuffed nose
- painful muscles neck region
- moist clammy hands
- cold chills, feverish
- Heartrate slightly elevated (blood pressure not, sometimes even too low again)
- Dry thirsty mouth, dry lips (extremely flaky whatever moisturizer/lip balm I put on it)
- needing more naps again
- disturbed sleep/difficulty falling asleep
- want to do stuff mentally but don't get to it physically

what do you guys think?

FinnMaid 01-31-2013 08:25 AM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)
:wave: I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly :( Looks like you could use a higher dose of T3 (again) :confused: *hugs*

lisa789 02-24-2013 04:45 AM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)

thanks as always Finnmaid!.
I got new labs, feel less poorly then I did previously, definitely, I feel things are moving and getting closer again, but not on it yet. I seriously wonder whether I'll ever will, but it's improving and better and sure glad for that.

TSH 0.10
FT4 1.03 (70%)
FT3 3.64 (81 %)

- somehow dragging (not constantly and not very hypo dragging but can still be dragging regardless) but as I say not on it but definitely better.
- bloated belly (this is really a balloon)
- mentally not all that (the dragging again)
- stuffed nose
- acne but seems to improve (don't dare say for sure)
- disturbed sleep
- numbs hands and feet but better
- moist clammy hands
- feverish, icecold chills but not constantly
- dry mouth thirsty
- ...

:wave: and thank you in advance

FinnMaid 02-24-2013 08:36 AM

Re: new labs, advice please (part 3)
:wave: So your labs look pretty good. Was your T3 dose changed after those previous labs or have your labs changed on their own? Not sure what to tell you (again), hopefully things will continue improving. *hugs*

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