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  • My TSH levels are 24.50 help please need info.

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    Old 01-14-2013, 07:50 PM   #1
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    My TSH levels are 24.50 help please need info.

    I have been diagnosed with a over active thyroid a couple years ago the dr put me on 30 mg a day of Tapazole . About a month or two ago I had to call a ambulance to pick me up , I was having hot flashes and instantly had tingling throughout my arms and legs and head then I felt like I was loosing conscienceness I thought I was dying my blood pressure shot up and it felt like my head was goin to explode but there was no pain at all just like the weirdest feeling of the most intense adrenaline or anxious. Type feeling well since then I have been having severe lightheadedness weakness tiredness lethargy and feeling of doom like I'm gonna die from a stroke or heart attack or something I had three EKGs come back normal I had a cats can of my head done without contrast came back normal I had a ultrasound of my kidneys and carotid arteries come back normal but I still had severe symptoms of the same dizziness tired lethargic and just plain weird feelings in my head and chest scary feelings then I woke up with a big lump in my neck this was to the right of my Adam's apple and it felt like I had something. Stuck in my throat my dr did a ultrasound of my thyroid but for some reason he didn't get the lump which is why I was there but he said it was not my thyroid so I went to a different dr who did a cats can with and without contrast that came back as no mass found and my dr plus two different radiologists said it has to be part of my thyroid so they done blood work and my tsh levels were at 24.50 they instantly dropped my dose of Tapazole from 30mg a day to 5mg a day but these symptoms are just taking over my life it has consumed every part of me I'm terrified I don't kno what to do I'm so scared of how I'm feeling I'm always having some severe symptom that I listed my life and quality of life is ruined right now I'm sorry for how long this is but it is a lot going on here I'm having heart palp dizziness severe anxiety severe severe panic attacks now tiredness weakness constant fear can any one help

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    Re: My TSH levels are 24.50 help please need info.

    Welcome to the board although I'm sorry you're feeling that poorly.

    Next time would be please try to make some more paragraphs in the post since it makes reading it easier! thank you!

    how long has it been since your dosage tapazole was lowered?
    As long as levels aren't at a good place (too much or too little thyroid hormone available) symptoms will be there, unfortunately.
    Contrast is not recommended in case of Graves (hyperthyroid) since it can increase antibody production.

    You want to have tested: TSH, FT4 and FT3 and if possible the antibodies, relevant for graves are TSI or tshreceptor antibodies.

    hang in there

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    Re: My TSH levels are 24.50 help please need info.

    thanks for replying ......

    im sorry for the way i type i was in a hurry and im not used to using any punctuation when i do text or send messages so sorry for that . but i appreciate your response and i am trying to hang in there but , it is really hard it seems everytime one thing gets ruled out some other symptom pops up . im going to try and list all my symptoms here ........

    shortness of breath ...... this feels like even tho im breathing im not getting enough oxygen
    chest pains on both sides
    a overall just weird feeling thruout
    throat tightness
    feels like something caught in throat
    my eyes sometimes feel disconnected
    my head feels sometimes disconnected
    a drugged hollow weird feeling in my head
    a fear of losing consciencness
    hot flashes , pins and needle type feeling in arms and legs at onset of hot flashes
    usually the feeling of passing out follows the hot flashes
    and my mind is consumed with all this i constantly think about the next symptom when will it happen again or which symptom will be the next one

    i dont have all these symptoms together but some do happen together others are just what i have been going thru i cant get my mind to stop dwelling on this i have some good moments where i feel normal and good like it is all over but then i start in on the thinking of the issues and boom something will happen or something will happen first like a few symptoms then my mind is consumed it has been about 3 weeeks since my meds were lowered for my thhyroid but nothing has been done about my severe panick attacks i get, the dr gave me a prescript of xanax and sent me off and they do work but i can only take them at night after work i have nothing to fight it during work hours and there is no way that i can take that during work hours .

    the doctor i see is a good dr but he only treats one thing at a time he doesnt even listen when i tell him about the chest pains or panick attacks right now i have a lump in my neck he is only concerned about the lump and my thyroid but i need the rest of these symptoms dealt with too i am very scared in the last few months i went from being normal health to having really high blood pressure (apx on average 147/101 with a pulse rate of about 70-100) , also having high chlosterol and oh yea out of no where now i suffer from debilitating panick attacks , and then a lump develops on my neck my thyroid is all out of whack and i feel as though im at the end of my life it seems like a horrible disease or a heart attack , or a stroke or maybe even some sort of brain/ nervous system problems is around the corner which will either kill me or disable me . i just want my life back i have a 13 yr old son and a fiancee whom i love more than life and it scares me to think that i wont see my son grow into a man or finally marry my fiancee because i might be dead from this im just terrorfied and i needed a place to let this out so sorry for the long post ......

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    Re: My TSH levels are 24.50 help please need info.

    RJS35, My jaw dropped when I read your post because everything that you described and are going through I am going through as well. Every symptom and how you described it. The difference is that my TSH is 2.23 uIu/mL. I don't have any experience with thyroid issues as I am here too asking about it but I too take Xanax for panic attacks and until two months ago was being treated for high blood pressure.

    In June on 2012 I had a panic attack at the Dr's office and my heart rate and blood pressure were as high as yours. I was put on beta blockers to treat HBP. A few months after that I started with the symptoms that you described. I also have dizziness and vertigo. I blamed these symptoms on the beta blockers since it affects the adrenaline glands to control your heart. It also damaged my esophagus valve (LES) since it relaxes it just like it does your arteries and i am now suffering from gastritis and GERD. I am now two months off of the beta blockers and continue with the suffering of the symptoms. I was blaming the shortness of breath to acid reflux since it can burn your trachea and lungs but since you suffer from it I wonder if maybe it is a thyroid issue.

    I panic when I feel the chest pains or when I feel like I am going to faint or get dizzy and that's where the Xanax comes in. When I take it I get so sleepy that I can't function for about an hour. Have you considered breaking the Xanax in half or quarters to see if you can handle that much at work? You can try taking it on weekends and see how much you can handle. My doctor blames the aches, pains, and all else on Fibromyalgia which he thinks that I have. I refuse to agree with him and so here I am looking for answers just like you.

    The other things that I suffer from and maybe you don't or just forgot are: severe aversion to coldness, intimacy issues due to panic attacks, lost 20 lbs in less than two months, muscle cramps (specially in legs), arthritis-like symptoms in wrists, knees, and back, dry eyes and itching everywhere.

    I will continue to monitor your post and see if someone has a suggestion that helps both of us. Good luck with your health as I know exactly what you are going through.

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    Re: My TSH levels are 24.50 help please need info.

    Im so nervous i started having muscle twitches , it
    Has been in my bottom lip on the left side it has been
    bad enough that i can see it twitching and it happens every
    Few seconds it twitches then stops after a few seconds then
    It starts again a few seconds later it is really scaring the hell out of
    Me at the same time when i smile hard my facial muscles starts
    Trembling and when i release my facial muscles on the right side
    Slowly return to normal and my cheek bone muscles just feel sore

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    mayfliesmayfly (01-20-2013)
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    Re: My TSH levels are 24.50 help please need info.

    my facial muscles have been really really tense as of late even when i try and relax my face completely it still feels all tense up and sore around my brow bones and under my cheek bones i keep getting this tingle sensation on the left side of my head
    it is only a sensation it is not really strong but it is a tingling sensation and it feels as if at any moment my facial muscles will start spasming out of control ..........

    i wish someone could help me with information i am very nervous im only 35 and i fear the worse every day and everyday it seems something new develops i have a 13 yr old and im not ready to go yet he is my first and only kid and i made so many mistakes with him i wish i had it to do again i failed my son and it seems like my time is up , i concentrated too hard on not trying to be anything like my abusive father was with us that i forgot to actually raise my own son i just hope that my time is not up with this life ..........

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    dizziness, panic attack taking my life away, thyroid, thyroid blood test, thyroid disorder

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