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Sueb7 02-03-2013 12:56 PM

Thyroid problems
Im looking for answers. I supposively had my thyroid removed in 1991. This is after having two previous surgerys for having goiders removed. The third surgery was to completely remove it. After twenty two years of believing its been removed and taken synthyroid medication every day since the last surgery I was told my blood tests show something is in there. Ive done a sonogram to show there are ten tumors in my thyroid and that it is in tacted. How can this be. I have the pathology report showing they removed it and sent it to be tested. Im going for an uptake scan in March this should show if it yet again is there, would I have any credit to go after a the Dr. And hospital since that surgeon has since retired that someone other then me should be paying for these tests I'm going through after ive already paid to have it removed so long ago? Is it possible it grew back? My blood tests must have been ok up until this past year its the only time my regular Dr that has been doing the bloodwork yearly told me to go see an thyroid specialist. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

midwest1 02-04-2013 11:35 PM

Re: Thyroid problems
Even the most thorough thyroidectomy usually leaves bits of thyroid tissue behind. These bits can regrow and begin producing thyroid hormone again.

Are you having to constantly reduce your thyroid med dose? Having symptoms of hyperthyroidism? Unless your surgery was for thyroid cancer, it might be possible to manage any symptoms by adjusting your hormone dose.

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