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naenae80 09-24-2013 04:27 PM

Thyroid issues would account
Or every thing i have been feeling this last 8mos or so. My tsh is .99 but everything else seems normal. I wonder if I have thyroid cancer due to the nodules and the recently removed lymph nodes in neck. My gp would not entertain the idea of anything being wrong with the thyroid. So instead of settling for cfs I went to a new doc. She did an ultrasound right away of thyroid.

I basically thought I had lymphoma in the past. I felt that horrible... They removed my lymph node in my neck right side and I started to feel better for a few months and now it all seems to be coming back slowly. Basically right now besides being so tired; my neck hurts, right side, i itch a lot on my neck, right side...sometimes I get this odd pain in my throat or ear but it isn't my throat but is in that area... I sometimes have clicking in my throat when I swallow..(no joke)

Finally after the hardest year of my life... I got a ultrasound of my Thyroid and this is what it says:

PROCEDURE: Thyroid Ultrasound


INDICATIONS: Thyroid Nodule

TECHNIQUE; high-resolution was performed of the thyroid gland

FINDINGS: The right thyroid lobe measures 5.0 x 2.1 x 1.4cm. There is a 0.6 x 0.5cm cystic nodule at the upper pole. There is a 0.3 cm hypoechoic nodule at the lower pole.

The left thyroid lobe measures 4.4 x 2.1 x 1.3 cm. NO focal lesions are identified.

The thyroid isthmus measures 1.9mm in thickness. No focal lesions are identified.

1. 0.6 x 0.5 cm hypoechoic nodule at the upper pole of the right thyroid lobe. Follow-up imaging may be considered to assess stability of this finding, as clinically warranted.
2. Smaller 3 mm hypoechoic nodule at the lower pole of the right thyroid lobe.
3. No gross overall enlargement of the thyroid gland.

as odd as it may sound, I have been going through so much this last year tthat I am so happy there is something here...I am hoping this solves all of my trials... :-/[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][/FONT]

midwest1 09-26-2013 09:53 AM

Re: Thyroid issues would account
I'm no whiz at interpreting US reports. All I can make of it is that you have two very small nodules. They are worth watching, but are highly unlikely to be cancerous. They would not account for any symptoms you might be having.
There is no mention of textural changes that might be indicative of lymphocytic thyroiditis. In other words, autoimmune hypothyroid disease is probably not occurring.

Blood tests are needed to determine thyroid function. If you've only had TSH measured, it's not enough. You should insist on free T4 and free T3 testing. If those are below lab median, it might account for some symptoms. Otherwise, your symptoms are probably being caused by something else.

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